A/N: I want to thanks Spirit for being my beta! It's a hell of a job to work with someone from different country and someone that's not writing so good in English. I want to thanks littleellie30, Aussiepupluvr, spk, The Queen of Confusion, AstraLily and everyone who put this story at their alerts. AstraLily – you asked about a sequel. I don't think that it would be worth to write without motivation. So, enjoy the epilogue.



It was late at night when the BAU team, along with General O'Neill and Doctor Jackson, entered the plane. They were exhausted, but happy that this case was finally over. Daniel just fell on one of the nice and comfortable chairs, and just as his head rest on the headrest he was fast asleep. The rest took their seats, ready for the plane to take off. The team didn't notice when General O'Neill disappear in the cockpit and was back within the seconds.
"It's not the course to the DC." Reid noted looking by the window.
"No, it's not." Came the short answer from the General, who was smiling at them.

Just when Morgan and Hotch wanted to say something a sharp white beam of light showed up in the middle of them. Soon Garcia was standing in front of them with her coffee cup in her hand and with pencil tucked behind her left ear.
"Ok, well... hi... what's goin' on?" she asked looked at them confusion.
"General?" Hotch hissed, unsatisfied that someone was changing their plans without them knowing.
"Well..." Jack sends them his easy, childish smile like nothing serious happened here. "Oh, please don't fuss like kids about it. You wanna see 'it' or not?" He added.
"So we... like really?" Prentiss looked shocked, but interested.
"Why not? You already know about it." Jack shrugged his shoulders.
"Great." Even Rossi sounded interested in this opportunity.
"So, this Sleeping Beauty is our boy." Garcia took a seat beside Daniel's. "He's looking so damn innocent and helpless." She added.
"Yep, it's part of Danny's charm. Everyone falls for it." General chuckled, causing all BAU team to smile.

It was early in the morning when they entered the Gate Room.
"Oh my!" gasped Morgan, coming closer.
"Oh wow, oh boy... it's... it's..." Penelope was out of words just like the others.
"It's real." said Rossi, walking up the ramp and touching Stargate.
"Yes, yes it is." Daniel smiled and looked at Reid who stood beside him. They let the rest of the BAU team try to accept and get used to this view.
"Now I believe." said Prentiss. She knew that she looked stupid with the expression on her face, but she didn't let it bother because all of them looked just as stupid as her.
"Come here," Jackson asked them. "Walter, could you?" He asked, looking at the big window behind his back.
"Permission granted, I'm dialing our Alpha's Site, P4-650 number. First symbol in place..." Walter announced. After all symbols were placed, the Gate opened. The BAU team looked hypnotized at the sparkling blue surface of the weird substance.
"It's..." JJ gasped.
"Can we...?" Hotch looked expectantly at Jackson.
"Yes, we can." the archaeologist smiled and gave the three soldiers the signal. "Come on. It's time for new adventure and a new experience for you."

"The re is no easy way from the ear th to the stars" - Seneca