E/O Challenge: Flu (I am adding "hold" since I left it out of the last drabble…oops!)

A/N: A note for all of the folks who have been waiting for me to post more from Insomnia. I am diligently working on the next chapter! FFdotnet has not been letting me do much the past few days. I was lucky to be able to post Thanks a Million correctly. I will have that up soon for your enjoyment. Thanks for your patienice!

Sam stood in the doorway of his motel room, gaping at the state it was in. It was spotless when he'd left to get coffee and supplies. Used tissue was scattered all over the floor, surrounding his brother's bed. One of the duffels was on its side, and there were clothes all over the place. A hacking cough brought Sam's eyes to the bed. Dean lay under the covers, holding a copy of Busty Asian Beauties.

"Dean, what the hell, man?"

"Got the flu."

"Yeah, I can see it hasn't affected your housekeeping skills."

Sam did not duck in time to miss the pillow flying into his face.