Guten tag everyone! This is the first Doctor Who Fanfic I've done and reviews are extremely welcome! So please, sit back, kick up your feet and let yourself be lost in words for a few moment...

Ok, this is the first time I've ever told anyone about what happened. And I'm not really verbally voicing this- a bit of a copout really; just typing this on the internet to a website full of weirdos like me who society views as sociopaths.

Well. I may as well spit it out. Here it goes. Deep breathe in and deep breathe out.

No one will believe me.

No one does. No one ever believes anything I say. No one listens. Maybe this website will listen to my story. It's not that interesting. I'm not that interesting really.

Well, I am, but no one cares to get to know me and to know my interesting-ness.

Ok, I'm stalling now. Just get on with it!

I'm Lottie. Charlotte Vixen. An unfortunate name, but at least I'm a girl. My brother has the surname Vixen. That a moment to think about him. But this is not his story is it? No it is not. It's my story and so we will be leaving my brother out of this.

Anyway. Where was I? Ah yes, introductions. I'm Lottie and this is the story of my encounter with the Doctor.

I was five and lost. In London. Which I do not recommend to any five year old. You will have nightmares for at least three months afterwards. I was in London and lost. I was snotty, crying and had hiccups. Not the best combination. And so on my little five year old feet I walked through the crowds crying out for mummy. To which every business man and woman alike stared at me for a brief few seconds and quickly trotted away- scared I was some secret scam of distracting them whilst my mother mugged them. This was obviously not the case, but no one helped me. A five year old in London, not helped by a single person.

It was dangerous. I could be kidnapped or worse trampled on by the shiny banker's shoes. Just as I was walking down a side street, I heard a strange noise. A sort of...whooing noise. I'm not sure how to describe it, but if you had heard it you would remember it for the rest of your life.

I couldn't stop my legs from walking towards the noise which turned out to be coming from a large blue police box. A square police box which lingers in the corners of my dreams to this day. Then the noise stopped and the door swung open and out stepped a woman. She was one of the most beautiful women I have seen. She had messy blonde hair and was wearing jeans and a hoodie. Yet she was stunning as she smiled and laughed at someone who was still in the box. I stood rooted on the spot- like as if I hoped that if I was still enough I would turn invisible. She stood out of the way and then a man stepped out of the box.

He was tall, had a shaven head and a long nose. But something about him drew you to him. Something made you want to know more about him. He smiled at the woman and then turned on his heel, only to lock eyes on me. He nudged the girl and then pointed at me. She gasped and rushed over to me and asked me a bunched of questions which I can't remember. The thing that I remember the most is that fact I went into the police box.

It was bigger on the inside.

And it took me home.

The Doctor took me home, just in time for my mum to be getting out of the car and for me to slip out and run to the front door to pretend as if she hadn't forgotten me and left be to be lost in London.

It was magical how quickly we got there and how well timed the doctor had got it.

It is only know that I realised that I had timed travelled. Only by an hour, but an hour more than most people.

Then I heard them leave.

I still hear that whooing noise. I always get excited. Always. Just another ride in that blue box. Just another glance of the beautiful and the interesting man.