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I saw him, or rather I sat on him.

It was about a year or so ago, I was on the tube and the day was not going to plan at all.

I missed the train up into London and was an hour late, then I got lost in the underground, trying to figure out if it was the brown line I needed to take, or the red line. Maybe it was the blue line. But the point is that I was lost and I didn't like it one little bit.

I was wondering down one of the endless grimy used-to-be-white tunnels and I found the tube I was to be taking. I stepped towards the doors and SLAM, they closed on my face: just plain rude. I looked at the doors in dismay, I was already late and now I was going to be more so. I wanted to cry to be frank.

Then there was a small buzzing noise and I noticed this strange, screwdriver touch hybrid being zapped at the door, which then slide open for me and then closed behind me once I got on the carriage. I wanted to thank the mysterious person who used the even more mysterious tool to aid me.

Then I sat on him. Well, I fell on him; those blasted tubes are always overcrowded, no matter what time of day. I sprung up off him lap quicker than a 68 year old is able to. He let out a glorious laugh and then got off the seat and offered it to me. I didn't think twice about it. Once I was settled I began to ask about him and where he was going, small talk that was suitable to discuss on a tube.

He smiled and told me how he was trying to get a part for his machine, the TARDIS, which I presumed was some German car or something. He told me that it's been a few years since he was last in London and how last time he was here he met some rather odd people, so has been putting off visiting for some time, so he went travelling around the globe for a bit. He was an interesting kind chap. He pulled the hybrid machine thing out of his leather jacket as it was beeping. Now it had become a strange sat-nav. He said his goodbyes and wished me luck for the rest of my journey.

It was when I was at my daughter's apartment and asked her about this new car the TARDIS that she gave me a strange look and decided to google it.

It lead us to this website and you were laden with images of him, who I should call Doctor, seeing as just referring to him as 'him' constantly is just rude. However the Doctor did tell me him name was John.

It has taken me a while to decide whether or not my account was important enough or not, but it appears you people out there are quite enthralled by this man, or alien as some of you keep on insisting. Whatever you think he is, I stand by my judgement that I made when I first met him. He is a nice chap who likes to help old ladies on the tubes, even though he doesn't have to.

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