Pirates in Love 2: Love on the Tides

A/N: I swear on my life, this app is EPIC! If you don't know what this is about, then I'll tell you. If you do know...don't spoil it! It's gonna be here in this little guide-ish chapter.

What you SHOULD know about Pirates in Love:

- The app is from Voltage inc.

- It's free, but the routes/stories for the pirates are $4.00! (Yes, I know. But I did buy one and it's EPIC!)

- It has a prologue, which I suggest you play first so you won't get lost.
- And the pirates are SUPER HOT!

I'm still telling myself that this is an Otome (It's like anime but it's one of those Japanese romance apps. This is a romance sim, so it'll be the same thing) app, but it just feels so real!


There are many characters, so I'm giving 'em to you:

Captain Morgan (Age 32):
- Loves to drink; is a womanizer
- Has a twin (I'm being nice, so SPOILER ALERT!)
- Known to all as the Pirate King
- Counterpart in this sequel: Captain Meygan

Eduardo (Age 25):
- The first mate/navigator of the Sirius (that's the ship's name)
- A loner sometimes
- May have a bad attitude
- Counterpart: Eve

Nathan (Age 26):
- The chef
- He's boring, but cares about his crew
- He hates it when people go into the kitchen without his permission
- Counterpart: Nevaeh

Christopher (Age 29):
- The brotherly doctor
- He's like the leader...besides Morgan
- He usually is very spacey
- Counterpart: Christina

Russell (Age 21):
- The swordsman
- Joined the Sirius for the legend of the Legendary Swordsman
- Short tempered and arrogant
- Counterpart: Rani

Thomas (Age 17):
- The apprentice
- Very mild-mannered
- Gets overexcited, yet very polite
- Counterpart: Thalia

Captain Alan (Age UNKNOWN):
- The loner pirate
- Captain Morgan's rival
- Tends to really turn off some women
- Counterpart: Captain Alanna

Captain Cecil(Age unknown):
-Representative of the northern seas
- A former aristocrat
- Tried to use the Rain Stone to declare war on the navy
- Counterpart: Captain Cecilia

Captain Van (Age UNKNOWN):
- Representative of the eastern seas
- Past is unknown, but is said to have a lot of connections
- Counterpart: Captain Vanna

Captain Lee (Age UNKNOWN):
- Former Naval Officer
- Representative of the western seas
- Counterpart: Captain LeeLee

Tom (Age UNKNOWN):
- Works on the Rika
- Has a twin (Colin)
- Counterpart: Tessa

Colin (Age UNKNOWN):
- Works on the Rika
- Has a twin (Tom)
- Counterpart: Colleen

Fuzzy (Age UNKNOWN):
- The 'She-Gorilla' of the Rika
- Counterpart: Feo

Soria (Age UNKNOWN):
- Nathan's childhood friend, whom Nevaeh gets jealous of
- Counterpart: Sora (No, not Kingdom Hearts Sora and yes, it's a dude.)

Leon (Age UNKNOWN):
- The Prince of Moldor
- Thomas's long lost brother
- Finds Thalia 'adorable', much to Thomas's dismay
- Counterpart: Leona


Captain Meygan (Age 20):
- Very high maintenance personality
- Is one of three identical triplets
- Known to all as the Pirate Queen, and former princess of the Island of Loval
- Male Counterpart: Captain Morgan

Eve (Age 23):
- Meygan's first mate/best friend/navigator
- Loves charting stars
- M/C: Eduardo

Nevaeh (Age 24):
- The girls' chef
- Tackles anyone who goes into the kitchen secretively
- The chatterbox; usually the first to strike up a conversation
- M/C: Nathan

Christina (Age 26):
- The big sister/doctor of the ship
- The one who absolutely cares
- Almost always the last to follow
- M/C: Christopher

Rani (Age 20):
- The swordswoman
- Very hot-tempered personality
- Likes a hard bed
- M/C: Russell

Thalia (Age 16):
- The youngest apprentice aboard the Sirius
- Very 'delicate' and shy
- The most vulnerable one (besides Scarlet and Auden)
- M/C: Thomas

Captain Alanna (Age UNKNOWN):
- Meygan's rival/sister
- Captains the Rika
- Alan's devoted comrade turned lover
- M/C: Captain Alan

Captain Cecilia (Age UNKNOWN):
- Representative of the northern seas
- Doesn't usually like Cecil's plans, but loves him in her own way
- M/C: Captain Cecil

Captain Vanna (Age UNKNOWN):
- The wisest of the female Captains
- Can even tell Meygan's rights from wrongs
- Has a lot of connections, like Van
- M/C: Captain Van

Captain LeeLee (Age UNKNOWN):
- Very hyper personality
- She may have a temper around Lee, but she still loves him
- She is sometimes very emotional
- M/C: Captain Lee

Tessa (Age UNKNOWN):
- Works on the Rika
- Has a twin (Colleen)
- M/C: Tom

Colleen (Age UNKNOWN):
- Works on the Rika
- Has a twin (Tessa)
- M/C: Colin

Feo (Age UNKNOWN):
- Self proclaimed 'He-Beast' of the Rika
- Mostly scares the wits out of Rani, although she hates to admit it
- Female Counterpart: Fuzzy

Leona (Age UNKNOWN):
- Thalia's long lost sister
- Betrothed to Leon
- M/C: Leon

Sora (Age UNKNOWN):
- Nevaeh's childhood friend whom Nathan disapproves of
- Has a thing for Soria
- F/C: Soria

WELL, you all should know that I made up the counterparts. Voltage owns the ones at the top.

- The port of Laon
- The port of Aqua
- The port of Orca
- The port of Yamato

- Moldor
- Teria
- Loval (the island that Meygan and Alanna are from)
- The Magic Islands

- The Sirius: Morgan, Meygan, Eduardo, Scarlet, Christopher, Christina, Russell, Rani, Nathan, Nevaeh, Thomas, and Thalia
- The Rika: Alan, Alanna, Tom, Tessa, Colin, Colleen, Fuzzy, Feo

Time placement: A year after the first Pirates in Love

Anything Else to Know?
- This first part will be kind of confusing, so listen to me on this one: Since Morgan has an identical twin brother, that twin brother is the REAL Pirate King Morgan. But the REAL Morgan died! So, in this case, we're switching it up a bit. The REAL Pirate King Morgan is alive, while the Morgan in the actual game has kicked the bucket!
- Meygan's identical triplet sisters are Alanna and Amethyst, the princess whom Morgan plans to elope with, but moves on from her to Meygan.
- Eduardo has heterochromia. It's when one eye has one color and another eye doesn't have the same color (But the eyepatch he has is super sexy!)
- Meygan's and Morgan's past lives are connected in a way, so I'm not gonna give anything else away right now.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this before story guide. I made up some of the characters, Voltage inc. owns the rest.