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(Author's note: The first chapter is not as good as the later stuff, but is important to the overall plot. If you can make it to chapter 2, I promise my writing will get much better.)

It was a not-so-normal day in Titans tower. First off, everyone slept late. Usually, Robin would be up at dawn to watch the sunrise, Starfire would be taking Silky on a walk, and Raven would be having her morning meditation. But last night had been Raven's birthday, and what with Slade being back from the dead and the extra -late-night party they'd thrown, everyone was making Z's in their various beds. So no one was around to see the guy materialize on their couch, or see the slight distortion in the air outside, which then turned and disappeared.

So when a bleary-eyed Starfire stumbled into the kitchen, she didn't notice the intruder who was sprawled on the couch, sound asleep, but started making Zrokamas, her planets version of coffee. Neither did Robin, Raven, or Cyborg, when they wandered in looking for Coffee, Tea, and Bacon, respectively. Finally, Beast Boy noticed their unexpected squatter, but only once he accidentally sat on him after booting up the gamestation.

Beast Boy: "Dude, what the—Guys, look at this!"

The other Titans got up sluggishly, and half-walked, half-stumbled over to the couch. Once they saw their visitor, however, they instantly woke up.

Cyborg: "Yo, BB, is this some kind of joke?"

Raven: "I don't think so. Beast Boy's not bright enough to come up with something this complicated."

Beast Boy: "Hey!"

Robin: "How about we wake him up and ask him what he's doing here?"

Raven: "He's already awake."

At that point, the guy sat up. (I'm only describing him once, so pay attention!) His hair was buzz cut, and a deep bear brown. Below that was a mostly clear, pale forehead, followed by straight, thick eyebrows, a fairly large, triangle shaped nose, an under grown moustache, and a slightly pronounced chin. His eyes were the most unusual part of him. They had three rings of color. The first was wedged against the pupil, and a standard clay brown. The second was circling the first, and forest green. The third was the farthest out, and a grey-blue that darkened where it met the whites of the eyes. What the Titans noticed immediately, however, was that he was wearing only a pair of worn out gym shorts. He was super pale, of the kind that means a lot of time spent indoors. While he looked pretty dumpy at first, when he stretched, hidden muscles rippled to the surface, then sank out of sight again. Basically, he looked a little like Control Freak before he got fat.

After gaping at the Titans for what seemed like an eternity, He shook himself and said:

The Mysterious Person: "Okay, this proves it. I am completely crazy."

Whatever the Titans were expecting him to say, that wasn't it.

Robin: "Um, who are you?"

The Mysterious Person: "Ah, straight to the point, Robin. My name is ZYX." (Pronounced 'Zikes')

Robin: "That's not your real name."

ZYX: "And Robin's not yours."

Robin: "Okay. ZYX, then. For now. I have some questions here and the first one is—"

Beast Boy: "Dude, why aren't you wearing a shirt?"

ZYX glanced down and blushed.

ZYX: "I sleep like this. Can I borrow a shirt please? It's kind of embarrassing."

Robin: "Ooookaay, sure. I'll bring you one. Now, getting back on track, my real first question is—"

Cyborg: "How did you get past my security!"

Robin turned red for a moment before he composed himself.

Robin: "Right, Cyborg. How did you get in here?"

ZYX: "I have no idea. I went to bed last night, same as always, and today I woke up in another place entirely. But if you really want to know, why don't you check the security cameras?"

He pointed at the camera fastened to the ceiling.

Robin: "Good, point. We'll go check it out. Raven you stay here and keep an eye on him."

Raven: "(sigh) All right."

Everyone expect Raven and ZYX filed out of the living room and went down to the security center. Once they had left, ZYX turned to Raven.

ZYX: "I was hoping to get to talk to you. You'll have an easier time understanding where I came from than your friends would."

Raven: "Oh? And why might that be?"

ZYX: "Because I'm from another dimension. Like you came from Azarath, I came from another earth."

Raven: "And why would I believe that?"

ZYX: "Because an inter-dimensional portal is about the only way into this place. If I had my glasses, I bet I could count at least half a dozen cameras. And I think that outline in the back wall hides an incinerator."

Raven: "Close, but it's a laser blaster. Now give me a reason to believe your story before I get you committed to a mental institution."

ZYX leaned back against the couch, and put his hands behind his head, showing off his biceps. Then he started to recite.

ZYX: "The Gem was born of evil's fire; the Gem shall be His portal. He comes to claim, He comes to sire, the end of all things mortal."

With each line he spoke, Raven grew paler until she was so white she looked like she had been dunked in a bucket of paint. (Think of the time Cyborg beat her at chess.)

Raven: "How do you know about that?"

ZYX: "You guys have your own TV show where I come from: and comic: AND movie coming out. But because none of you actually exists in my world except in the media, we don't have to worry as much about something called privacy. So I know all about your little prophecy. Anyway, I'm gonna need to stay here for a few days, at least until I can come up with a way to get home."

She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, the rest of the team walked in. Robin was carrying a shirt in one hand. He tossed it to ZYX, saying, "Here, put this on. You look silly without it."

ZYX: "Thanks. What did you find?"

Robin: "I'll show you."

He brought the file up.

Robin: "This is the view from the camera that controls the blaster in the back wall."

It showed an empty room silhouetted by the sunrise. Then the distortion swooped in from the skies and came to a hover right outside the window. It flexed a little, and ZYX appeared in a small shaft of blue light. Then the distortion turned around and flew away.

Robin: "Does this looking familiar to anyone?"

ZYX: "Play it again."

Robin did. At the point where ZYX teleported into the room, he said, "Freeze it." He hit the pause button. ZYX got up and studied it. As he did, a crazy smile appeared on his face, and he started laughing.

Robin: "Do you recognize it?"

ZYX: "You bet I do. That's a Protoss craft. What's more, I think I recognize this particular one. It called the Void Seeker."

Starfire: "My people have traveled all over the stars, yet we have not heard of these 'Protoss.'"

ZYX: "That's because they don't exist. Or at least they shouldn't. They were created as characters for a video game."

Raven: "Well, they obviously exist. Now what did they want with you?"

ZYX: "I don't know. As a race, Protoss are intelligent, wise, and very methodical. If they put me here, there's a very, very, very, good reason for it. Particularly the owner of that ship."

Robin: "And he is?"

ZYX: "Zeratul, one of their leaders. He everything I described them as, times 10, and a hero in his own right."

ZYX pondered for a moment, then turned walked back to the couch, and started shifting through the cushions.

Beast Boy: "Dude, what are you doing? I had those set up just so!"

Raven: "You arrange couch cushions?"

Beast Boy (pouting): "It's more comfy that way."

ZYX: "I'm looking for any clues our visitor may have left behind."

Cyborg: "Like what?"

He gave up on the cushions, and crouched down to peer underneath. Then he rummaged around a bit more.

He pulled out a pair of glasses.

ZYX: "Sweet, my glasses!"

He wiped the lenses on the edge of his shirt and put them on, then reached down again.

ZYX: "And to answer your question, Cyborg, like this."

He produced a strange, 3-pointed-star-shaped device. It flexed and expanded, then projected a holo-image of a roughly cut, upside down teardrop shaped gem.

ZYX: "It's an Ihan memory crystal, a form of recorded message. Zeratul left it for us to find. Now let's see, I think you push here, pull here, and-."

The holo-image surrounded itself in a glowing, green mist, and ZYX froze. Starfire walked up and waved a hand in front of his face. He didn't react. Beast Boy poked him, then made a few funny faces. He still didn't respond. Cyborg gave him a loogie. Nothing.

Beast Boy: "Dude, what's wrong with him?"

Starfire: "I believe the device has, 'paralyzed' him."

Raven: "So, now what?"

Robin: "We take him down to interrogation, and wake for him to wake up."

So Cyborg picked him up; or tried to, anyway. ZYX was totally immobile, and as such highly awkward to carry. Since slinging him over the shoulder was out, he got tucked under Cybrog's arm for the short trip. About half an hour later, ZYX snapped out of whatever trance he had been in.

ZYX: "Wow! That was vivid."

Then he noticed his surroundings.

ZYX: "Where- Oh, Interrogation. Hey, Robin, I know you're listening. Sorry about the freeze up. I should have warned you that you zone-out when viewing the contents of an Ihan crystal. Anyway, you need to see this, too."

The door opened, and Robin came in.

Robin: "Make it quick. And 'zone-out' is something of an understatement."

ZYX: "Sure. All the answers are on the crystal. Just hold it like so, then push here, and pull here to start the recall. Also, it's all true, since you can't lie when you're sharing memories."

Robin: "Good- Is this thing dangerous?"

ZYX: "Yes, if you don't know what you're doing."

Robin: "Wonderful."

He activated it, then froze, just like ZYX had a half-hour before.

Cyborg (over the intercom): "What did you DO to him?"

ZYX: "Relax, he's okay. He'll snap out of it shortly."

Raven: "He'd better. We need him."

Best Boy: "Not that much. How about we just leave him like that?"

Raven, Cyborg, and Starfire: "BEAST BOY!"

Beast Boy: "Sorry!"

Beast Boy gave them the Face to avoid a beating. A few minutes later, Robin woke up and shook himself.

Robin: "How long did it take?"

ZYX: "Only five minutes. Odd."

Robin: "So Zeratul wants us to train you to be a hero, because he had a fragment of a prophecy about the end of the world that he thinks concerns you?"

ZYX: "Pretty much. It sounds ridiculous, but it must have been pretty solid evidence to convince him to track me down across half a galaxy."

Robin: "I hope so, but is he sane? Normal people don't really do this. And is your name really-"

ZYX: "Don't say it out loud. And to answer your question, he's quite sane. His mind way be a little, well, alien, but by Protoss standards, which are stricter than ours, he's sane."

Robin: "And how do I know you're trustworthy?"

ZYX: "You don't, since you don't know me. The only real way to check is to have someone read my mind."

Robin: "Good idea. Could you come in, Raven?"

Raven: "You really want me to read his mind?

Robin: "Yes, I do."

Raven: "I can't read minds in the usual sense. At best I can sense emotions, and get a general feel for their personality."

Robin: "That'll do. I just need to know—"

Raven: "if he's trustworthy, I know.

Robin (red faced): "Stop interrupting me!"

Raven: "Fine. And ZYX, this will hurt less if you don't resist."

ZYX: "Okay."

Raven got into her lotus position. After a quick chant, her soul self lifted out of her body and phased into ZYX's. To her surprise, he didn't resist at all. After getting a good feel for him, (no lewd comments) she pulled out of his skull and returned to her own body.

Robin: "Well?"

Raven: "He's clean."

Robin: "Okay, I guess that means we can start training. But if you put one foot out of line. . ."

ZYX: "Understood, 'sir'."

Robin: "Don't call me sir."

ZYX: "All right, Robin. I'll do my best."

Robin: "For your sake, I hope you do. Raven, show him to his room. Then have him report to the gym. We start immediately. We'll see what he's made of."

Raven: "Follow me."

ZYX: "Coming. And Raven?"

Raven: "Yes?"

ZYX: "Is there something in my ear?"

Raven: "Cyborg gave a loogie."

ZYX: "Eeeewww."

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