Ultimate X-Men:

Issue 46

The Tempest Part 1

Somewhere in the future:

The city was dark and noiseless. Alex was leaning against the side of a broken building, breathing hard. His messy blonde hair was slicked back and had tints of dark red to it. He had always been told that the red came from his mother, but Angel never really liked talking about Alex's parents.

The building that the young man was pressed up against was one of the tallest in the broken city and was once said to be one of the grandest as well. Alex thought about what his mentor and teacher told him about the building. Kingdom Square… Empire Sqaure… Kingdom State, Alex couldn't remember in the rush of images that crashed into his head.

That had just started happening a few days ago. Not the same images, but images none the less. Images of almost everything that he could thing of and some things he had no intention of thinking of… Some of the things that he saw mad him blush.

Alex couldn't make anything out of it at first, but he soon came to realize that the images were people's thoughts and emotions. The first thing that Alex wanted to do was run to Angel and talk to him about it, after understanding what was going on Alex thought that his powers very finally blossoming into something more, but… something stopped Alex from talking to Angel about.

Angel had been acting strange for the past couple of days and now that Alex finally had time to think about it, Alex realized that Angel starting acting oddly around the same time that he started developing new powers.

A crashed sounded in the distance and brought Alex back to what was happening at hand. He slightly cursed himself for letting him mind wondered at a time like this. Alex hadn't said a single word for over thirty minutes while roaming around this part of the city.

Alex was on a mission.

What kind of mission he wasn't really sure. Angel had briefly told Alex and his teammates that this object that they were looking for could possible change everything about their world, maybe even change time itself and fix what happened.

Angel had trained him and his team ever since Alex could remember. In short, Alex trusted Angel with his life. If Angel wanted this… thing, than Alex and his team were going to get it.

Taking a deep breath Alex pulled a mirror out of his black leather jacket and held it out at arm's length. The leather jacket was only one piece of Alex's battle suit. The shirt under his jacket was skin tight and showed off the many muscles that the almost sixteen-year old had developed over the years. The shirt itself was black and had white horizontal lines circling it. A faded yellow X inside an even lighter yellow circle was placed on the center of his chest. His dark leather pants had another faded yellow line that traced all the way down the outside of his pants legs. The entire outfit was finished off with a leather belt and a yellow X metal belt buckle. Angel had told him that this was one of the last team member uniforms that the professor made… before everything happened.

Alex hoped that with the mirror he could look around the building. He needed to know if they were following him. So far Alex and his team had managed not to arouse them, but it was only a matter of before they knew that Alex was in the city.

And if Alex was in the city, then she would want to try and capture him.

Alex wasn't afraid of capture, he was more afraid of what they would do to his friends if they managed to capture all of them. And maybe afraid of what would happen if Alex couldn't change what had happened.

The Present:

New York City, sunset.

A young man was standing on the roof of his high school building, Stuyesant High School. The young man looked out over the city and wondered where his life suddenly took a turn for the worse. The wind blew his dark green jacket away from him and he wrapped his arms around him, shivering in the cold.

His black shirt did nothing to warm him against the cold and he wished he had picked the woolen sweater that he had been eyes that morning, but also remembered the bitter memories that came with it. He had been crying for lord knows how long, he couldn't even remember how he managed to get to the roof, much less what he wanted to do.

The setting sun made his dark black hair glow. Some people said his hair was his best feature. The boy thought it was his smile, but his hair was so black that it sometimes looked blue and people found that fascinating. He thought it was a bother and wished he could dye it a different color. He tried blond once, and swore that he would never do it again.

He rubbed his face with his jacket sleeve and sniffed. Just then he heard something, what he couldn't describe, but only by one word: BAMP, then the smell of fire and brimstone.

"Who's there?" He almost whined looking down off the ledge he was standing on. Tears started to well up in his eyes and overflow down his cheeks. When no one answered the young man huffed and turned around. The sight before him almost made him jump off the roof.

Standing not ten feet away from the young man was a dark blue daemon creature looking right at him. The daemon had a yellowish orange smoke trailing around him and his eyes glowed the same color. He was wearing a skin tight suit with what looked like golden armor on his shoulders. The creature's battle suit looked something like a female bathing suit that ended in a V like shape to cover his stomach and groan area.

"Step avay from the ledge, Herr Beaubier." The creature said pointing a three finger hand at the young man.

"Ahhh!" The teenager yelled stepping back from the blue daemon. Beaubier suddenly realized what he had done when his foot no longer touched anything solid and the boy felt gravity take effect as he started to fall back, off the ledge. His arms flung out in front of him as his scream of shock turned into a scream of terror and he fell to his death off the building.

"Noo!" The blue daemon yelled running towards the ledge.

The boy fell. He felt the wind rush past him and realized that it wasn't as cold as he had thought it was earlier, not that it mattered anymore. He was going to die and being cold seemed a little importance. He closed his eyes for a moment to try and think about his last moments on this ugly beautiful world, but a voice entered his head.

It was an angelic voice, something only a man of pure beauty could produce.

"Go limp."

The boy did as he was told and the awful feeling of falling stopped. The teenager opened his eyes to see one of the most beautiful creatures he had laid eyes on. A man of pure beauty was holding him. What made it even better in his eyes was that this man… if you could call him that, had wings. Not regular wings, but of course what human could have regular wings, but wings of an angel.

He was an Angel.

"It's all right Jean-Paul." The blonde winged teenager said to him as the two floated in the air. Jean-Paul smiled as he wrapped his arms around the angel's neck and felt warm, warmer than he had felt in a very long time.

The two teenagers flew back to the roof of the building. Jean-Paul looked out around him in pure amazement. Then the fury crossed his face. "This is your second chance." The winged teenager said as he landed on the roof.

"Let me go, freak!" Jean-Paul said jumping out of the blond man's arms and looking at the rather good looking man. Jean-Paul hated to do this to the man, but he was in no mood to be saved, especially by someone so… perfect.

"That's not a very nice way of saying thank you."

"Why on earth would I thank you! That thing… that thing made me fall!" Jean-Paul pointed at the blue daemon that had walked over to stand next to the blond man, arms folded.

"Vait, you were not committing suicide?" Nightcrawler said confused.

"Suicide?" Jean-Paul yelled his voice almost cracking. "I just came up here to think!" He said waving his arms in the air, clearly mad, but at what he couldn't say. He had just been saved by one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen, and here he was yelling at him.

"Our apologies. My name is Warren." Angel said placing a hand to his chest and then pointing at Nightcrawler. "Kurt and I are mutants, kids whose genetic makeup-"

"I know what a mutant is, tool! " Jean-Paul said cutting off the winged man. "But what do you want with me?" He yelled at them, looking at the blond guy, blushing slightly and then looking at the daemon teenager, or rather mutant.

"At yesterday's track and field invitational, you ran the mile in just under three minutes, ja?" Nightcrawler said, placing a hand on his hip.

Jean-Paul's eyes widen and he crossed his arms across his chest, taking a deep breath. And then he started to laugh.

"That's what this is about? I've already been kicked off the team! What more do you people want? I told them, I'm not on steroids!" Jean Paul paused as he looked at both mutants in front of him and shook his head.

"No…" Everything slammed into Jean-Paul's mind at once. These people… these mutants thought that he was… was…

"Actually, yes. Our Professor has this machine that can detect –"

"Great, last year I realize I'm gay, and now you're telling me I'm a mutie?" Jean-Paul turned away from them and looked out over the city. Life couldn't have made a better joke out of him.

Warren rubbed a hand through his thick blond hair as he shook his head at the negative comment that Jean-Paul threw at them.

Nightcrawler's eye's went wide when Jean-Paul told them that he was gay. He had tuned out Warren's lecture over the negative comment that Jean-Paul had made to digest what he had said.

"Gay?" Nightcrawler whispered.

"Jean-Paul, you will be safe with others like you. Our kind needs –" Angel began but was stopped when Jean-Paul almost spit at him.

"Our kind? God, you're worse than my mother." He paused to look at the two mutants standing in front of him. "Safe? Didn't one of you classmates just get murdered?"

"How did you…" Warren whispered.

"Hank" Nightcrawler said, sadness entering his voice.

The heat in Jean-Paul's eyes suddenly deemed when he realized what he had just done. Pity almost entered his voice. Almost.

"My father is the Canadian ambassador…"

"You're wrong." Angel said placing a hand on Jean-Paul's narrow shoulder. "When everyone else turned their backs on us, the X-Men took us in and –"

"Just. Leave me alone!" Jean-Paul said throwing his shoulder back to get Angel away from him and Jean-Paul took off at such a speed, Nightcrawler or Warren had no idea in which direction he went in.

Warren jumped into the air and floated there for a moment looking down at Nightcrawler.

"This makes no sense, the city is dangerous. We should find him." Nightcrawler said.

Angel nodded and took higher into the sky to try and get a better look of the surrounding area. Nightcrawler jumped onto the ledge and huffed looking out in the opposite direction that Angel flew off in.

"Gay…" He repeated again and teleported in a flash of fire and brimstone.

The Future:

Somewhere in the dead city of New York, Warren Worthington the Third, was standing on top of one of the tallest buildings still standing. After the war, New York was almost destroyed, most of it, not all of it though, and this is where he decided to train his X-Men. Something behind him stirred and he turned around, his enormous bird feather wings swept in a huge arc, a few loose feathers came lose as he completed his turn.

"Is it time?" Angel asked. Angel did not need to see the person floating there to know that Angel was not alone. Angel never saw the person he talked to. The figure was always cloaked in darkness, but something felt familiar about the tall figure. He didn't quite know, but he felt… a closeness to him that he had felt to only a few others. Angel would have never dealt with this man; he thought it was a man, if he didn't need help.

"Is it time for everything to come full close?" The dark figure asked. His voice seemed to drip with power, almost the way that… No, Angel knew that was impossible.

"Yes." The dark figure said. Angel looked up from the ground he was staring out, not even realizing that he was looking down. Something about the figure's response worried Angel. Was he reading my mind?

The figure floated a few feet above the dark roof top. Angel turned at the sound of an explosion and walked over to the edge of the roof. A huge firebird erupted from somewhere in the downtown area. He was worried that it would be his team, but the figure always assured him that the team would be fine. He wanted to ask how this person knew, but never got around to it.

"Is that…" Angel began, but the dark figure interrupted him.

"There isn't much time." He said, something in his voice almost sounded like… excitement. "Take this." The figure said throwing a small bright blue orb at Angel. The mutant caught the blue orb and looked at it with confusion. "Just throw it at them when they are all gathered together. It will work when all six are together." The figure said and then disappeared before Angel could say anything.

Angel could do nothing but trust the dark figure. He had never let the group down before, so Angel would trust him till he couldn't trust him anymore. But the energy signature was something to worry about… the Phoenix was never something to not worry about.

"I think he went this way." Conner said bending down and moving some of the built up dust that was on the ground. Conner was a very tall black teenage boy. Tall and lanky with short-tight dreadlocks. Conner was wearing the same battle suit that his teammate, Alex, was wearing. Standing up from the footprint he was looking at, he turned to face the girl walking towards him.

The girl was of a medium build but slightly taller than the average girl of her age. She had long black hair that seemed to curl at her waist and two thick bone claws protruding from her knuckles. She was wearing a skin tight leather one piece that didn't make any noise when she moved and an over-sized leather jacket, the girls of the group had no yellowish coloring to them.

"That was him Conner, but from on our trip here two weeks ago." She said with a slight laugh and turned to look at her other teammates.

"Wild Child, why must you taunt me like that?" Conner said to the back of his friend's head.

Whenever possible, Angel had always taught the team to use their code names, not their civilian names, although there weren't many reasons to keep the code names anymore. Much of their old world had been destroyed during the event and the years after.

"Storm, she wasn't taunting you, she's trying to teach you how to track. We can't rely on her all the time." Charger said leaning against a wall. Charger was the smallest girl in the group. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her face and sharpened her features. She had bright green eyes that looked like someone put emeralds in the center of them. She wore the same outfit as her comrade, Wild Child.

Storm just growled at Charger's comment and turned to the only other guy with him, Colossus. The man that stood before all of them was big, well, big was an understatement. The man had muscles on top of muscles. He made his legendary name sake look small. The man just smiled, never one to speak in these kinds of "outings."

"What I mean to -" Storm said but stopped at the sound of an explosion. They all looked at each other and then ran out the only door to find the source of the noise.

The Present:

Wolverine and Colossus were in the danger room, training. Neither one of them said a word. The machines that charged at them didn't even have a chance against the huge metal mutant much less the small little Canadian. After a quick run through, everything was destroyed, sparks flew and the oil from the machines glinted off of heaving muscles.

Colossus stood a few feet away from Wolverine as he ripped one of the robots in two from the head, throwing it over his shoulder.

"Hn." He heaved as he let go of the other end of the robot.

"Not bad Russkie." Wolverine said, as he stood erect from his crouching position. "Wanna try expert level?" More sparks exploded has Wolverine made his way through the wreckage towards his much taller friend.

"No. I want a real workout." Colossus turned his head and looked down at his friend. "I want you to cut me." Colossus took a deffanisve stand against Wolverine, but the small man didn't move; he looked more confused than anything else.

"Say what?" Wolverine said putting his metal claws back into his hands.

"You heard me, Logan. I want you to come at me with your claws." Colossus said tightening his fist.

"Don't be dense, kid." Wolverine put his fist at the level of his face and popped his claws. "I'll poke through you like you're a big dumb voodoo doll. These things are made –" Wolverine never had a chance to finish his thought as Colossus sent one of his metal fist straight at the older man's face.

Wolverine felt pain shoot through his face as Colossus fist made contact. He flew back a dozen feet before he crashed into a group of the destroyed robots. He growled as he tried to make his way out of the wreckage.

"Have you lost it?" Wolverine yelled at the young man. As he stood and a robotic arm fell off his shoulder

"We have a word for men like you." Colossus said, his voice getting soft and dark. "Sobaka."

With a yell of pure fury, Wolverine lunged at Colossus, claws extended and slashing against Colossus hard metal skin. The claws scrapped off Colossus metal and ripped his uniform in two. Colossus stared at the man as his uniform fell off him in shreds, but he never fought back as Wolverine attacked him.

Above the fighting mutants in the observation tower, sat Professor Charles Xavier and Emma Frost, who did nothing but watched the two X-Men fighting each other. Emma was pure fury as she watched in disgust, but not watching the young men fighting, but rather watched her friend, and once lover, Xavier just stare his student while they tried to tear each other to pieces.

"Charles, stop this!" Emma yelled at the man. "This is just plain barbaric!"

"My students are merely dealing with the loss of their friend." Charles said. Both his hands were clasped together under his chin. He never once looking at Emma, but instead looked at the two mutants fighting each other. "After a tragedy, young people often… struggle for ways to feel…"

"Wolverine is not a "young person" Charles!" Emma yelled marching over to the glass and slamming her fist against it, but it was no use. She feared that the glass was so thick that the two mutants below probably didn't even realize she was there. She turned to look at the man who had not moved a muscle. "The Rasputin boy has no idea what he's –"

"Colossus. His mutant name is Colossus." Charles said, finally moving, but he just shifted to one side of his wheel chair. Resting his left elbow on the arm of the chair, he took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes at the two mutants.

"Mutant name?" Emma said looking at the man. "Charles, what is wrong with you. When you were my professor, you told me that mutants had to find ways to connect with humanity, not to distance ourselves from them!" Emma finally started to calm down and noticed at a lock of her platinum blonde hair had fallen out of her pulled back pony tail.

"Yes," Charles said, leaning on one hand placed under his chin. "Well, my curriculum had evolved of recent, Ms. Frost." Charles finally looked away from the mutants below him and stared into Emma's eyes. "As have I."

"Charles, you and I need some space, and your students need a more… healthy environment. I'm going back to Chicago for a few weeks, and I'm taking whichever children want to come with me." Emma scaled at the Professor when he didn't react they way she was hopping too and she turned away and marched herself towards the sliding doors. Emma stole a quick glance back to see if she could get any kind of reaction out of the man she loved once, long ago, but nothing was there… Emma was afraid that Xavier may have lost more than just a student this time… She feared Xavier might of lost a piece of himself.

"Good luck in your endeavors." Charles said as Emma walked through the open doors.

Before leaving the room, Emma took one final look at the man she once loved. "You said you weren't going to push me away again Charles, and I'm going to hold you to that. I will be back. All you have to do is wake up and start dreaming again." And with a slight sound of the door she was gone, leaving Charles alone in the dark to think, watching two of his students attack each other.

The Future:

Alex was running for his life now.

The X'ers had found him, the mutant traitors that forsake their own kind for a better chance at ruling some kind of future. Another explosion rocked the alley that Alex had run down, ruble from the buildings started to rain down on him.

Any of the big ruble that managed to near Alex quickly shattered or just bounced off him. Alex smiled when he thought about using his powers. Now it had become so second nature that he hardly even realized that he was using his telekinesis in such a way.

Alex ran out of the alley and ran towards another alley across the desert street. Dust and ruble quickly followed him out into the empty street and he ducked behind another building, breathing hard. He heard something down the alley that he had hidden in and narrowed his eyes to get a better look.

"Alex, you don't have to run. I want to help." The familiar female voice said. Alex balled both his hands into fists and hissed.

"Jubilee!" The girl walked out of the shadows and Alex took a step back. Jubilee was wearing something along the lines of Alex, but the color of blood replaced the light yellows. There was no X on her chest. Her shoulder length black hair was loose and wavy as she walked closer to the younger man. She smiled as light start to crackly at her fingertips.

Never before had he hated someone of his own kind before. "You are disgusting, girl!" He said taking another step back. Jubilee just smiled and walked a little closer. Alex stopped when he heard another sound from behind him.

"M. Stop, he's mine." Jubilee said. The glow in Jubilee's hand stared to intensify with bright lights as she charged her mutant ability and pulled her hand up to her face, the lights making dark areas around her eyes. "I think I may have lied." She said with a laugh.

Alex felt something growing within him, something powerful. He saw Jubilee point her glowing hand at him, but he felt no fear. Something told him that he would be okay.

You will be okay, my son.

Something within him spoke and fire burst out of his body, consuming the entire street.

Blink was standing on top of a building in Times Square looking for any sign that she was needed. Anything would be better than just standing here waiting for Alex to find what he was sent after. Blink's long pink hair was pulled behind her back and tied towards the end of a pony tail.

Blink tried to calm herself, thinking about her past and everything that had happened to her to this point. Her past was filled with mysteries and holes in her memory. She hoped somewhere down the line she could find some answers. Out of the uniforms that Angel had signed to the team she was the only one that was allowed to keep her original uniform. That is the one that she was found in.

To be more part of the team, Blink had altered her uniform to combine it with the team's and what she came up with was her one piece green suit with black pants and a black jacket. She was rather proud of it and it did make her feel more part of a team, which was fitting since she really didn't feel anything nowadays.

While standing at the top of the building her mind began to wonder to the most recent events in her life. Angel had found her on the shores of the beach that ringed Manhattan Island. She couldn't remember anything at first, but after a few weeks some of her memories came back to her, much to her horror. But the main reason why she was thinking about Angel now was because the man was acting… strange.

I wonder what could... She couldn't finish her thought. Towards the downtown area she saw a huge ball of flame come up from the buildings. But the ball of flame was turning into something...

"What is that...?" She said as she waved her hand and a pink/purple ring of light blinked around her and she blinked to the closest area that was not set on fire.

"Phoenix! Phoenix!" Storm called as he flew through the smoke looking though the rubble. Strom landed on the ground and more dust and smoke bellowed up around him. Putting a hand in front of him he summoned the elements of the world and the wind started to blow away from, clearing out much of the dust.

Looking behind him he saw Colossus emerging out of the dust and rush over to a pile of rocks which he quickly began to throw huge pieces of the broken building away from a pile. Charger quickly ran to another pile and began to dig through it, tears beginning to fill her eyes. Alex should have been around here somewhere! Storm floated into the air and thought about what had just happened… All the fire and… and that huge bird made of flame. Never before had he seen anything like that.

It felt… wrong.

Wild Child sniffed the air but there was too much smoke to find anybody. She quickly ran over to Colossus and began to help him dig through the ruble.

"I found something!" Charger yelled as another piece of rock flew away from her. Colossus ran over and started to through huge chunks of the building away. Wild Child ran over to help as Storm landed and began to walk around the area putting out the rest of the fires.

"Damn!" Charger hissed backing away and Wild Child popped her bone claws out.

"It's Jubilee!" Wild Child said taking a step closer, clearly knowing what she wanted to do. Colossus pushed out his thick metal arm to stop the teenage girl. "She is unconscious and most likely not going to bother us for quite some time." Wild Child just huffed and retracted her claws.

"All the better to finally get rid of her." Wild Child said as she walked away from the woman and towards Storm.

Charger, rolling her eyes, looked at Colossus and sighed. "What should we do with her?" Colossus just smiled and placed the rock back over her.

"Better safe than sorry."

Charger just smiled and turned to catch up with Wild Child and Storm.

"Ah!" Storm jumped back as a pink energy ring appeared and a purple skinned woman jumped out. Blink looked around the area and sniffed the air. She hadn't even noticed her teammates.

"Blink! You almost took off my head!" Storm yelled pushing himself off the ground. Blink wasn't saying anything, she was looking… looking for him.

"We haven't found–" Wild Child stopped as she heard a moan. She ran a little ways up and started to dig. "He's here!" She yelled as the rest of the group ran up to her. They all dug as Alex fell out of the rubble that he was stuck in.

"Phoenix!" Blink gasped as she pulled him out the rest of the way. The group all stood up as Colossus picked up the limp man. Cradling the smaller man in his arms, Colossus noticed that his teammate was stirring.

"Michael, I'm okay..." Alex said weakly as they all began to walk away. Colossus just smiled down at him, but didn't say anything. Blink hovered over him, or tried to hover over him and Colossus, bombarding him with questions.

"Is he okay? What can we do? What should I do?"

"Open a portal to Angel." Wild Child said and Blink nodded.

Angel waited, looking out over the skyline of the broken city. That energy signature was… no. He wouldn't think about it. It was impossible… or was it?

Angel shook his head, his greying hair waving back and forth and he watched a light appear at the horizon. Dawn already. His team should be coming back soon. He just hoped that none of them knew what he was planning. In fact, he really didn't know what was going to happen, except this dark figure told him that it would change this future, forever.

A snap in the air and Angel turned around to see his team of six X-Men emerge from a pink energy field. His team looked beaten, worse they looked defeated.

"We couldn't find anything, Angel." Wild Child said taking a few steps forward. Angel noticed Phoenix struggling in the arms of Colossus and had to suppress a smile. Colossus always was over protective. Angel held out his hand and the light blue orb that he clutched glowed brighter.

"What's that?" Storm said, looking at it oddly. Angel just nodded, his face looking grave.

"This is for our future." He said, throwing the ball of energy at the six. The glow split into six individual balls of energy and circled around the group.

"What are you doing?" Phoenix said, trying to struggle out of Colossus's huge arms, but something was blocking him.

"I'm sorry." Angel said as the little pieces of energy swirled faster around them and then they were gone.

"You did the right thing, Warren." The dark figure reappeared. His face covered in shadows, but Angel could see the whites of his teeth and he didn't feel very good about himself.

"There was nothing out there to find was there?" Angel asked.

"Of course there was."


"He found it."

The Present:

Bobby and Rogue were in the inside swimming pool area trying to ice skate. Well, Bobby was trying to teach Rogue how to skate.

"Did you hear what happen on the front lawn earlier today?" Bobby asked as he spun around Rogue twice and flew off in another direction. Rogue was trying to stay on her own two feet while Bobby was shouting instructions at her in-between talking about the news that happened.

"Yeah, it seems that the guy is fine." Rogue said getting back to her feet and holding her hands out to keep her balance. "The others don't wanna talk till they can see him though…" Rogue said almost slipping, but catching herself before she hit her backside.

"Keep your knees under your hips." Bobby said as he did another rush past her.

"I think they might be in trouble." Bobby said.

"Really… I wonder what give ya that idea." Rogue said as she slipped and fell on her backside, eyes closing in pain.

"Well, I mean, it's just… strange. Having six teenage mutants pop up on the lawn like that?" Bobby said, skating up to the fallen Rogue and holding out a hand. Rogue looked at the hand and then back at Bobby, his smile was genuine and she smiled back at him, taking it and being pulled up by the young man.

"Bobby DRAKE!"

Bobby and Rogue both turned to see Kitty standing in her bathing suit next to the pool, looking a little irate.

"I can't believe you did this… AGAIN!" Kitty said shaking her towel at the other two.

The two teenagers tried to say something, but Kitty just screamed at the two. "Whatever! I'm so over it." Kitty said as she started to phase through the floor. "I got some eye candy I can be looking at."

After phasing through the floor and landing in the hall beneath the pool Kitty started walking down the hall thinking about what she would wear to meet these new mutants that she was talking about. As Kitty approached her door she heard a crash and without thinking she ran through the door into the dark room is was going to.

"Ororo? Storm? Are you okay?" Kitty asked as she made her way into her room that she shared with Strom. She stepped on a picture and looked down at it. The picture was of Hank and Ororo, before he had… She looked away from the picture and whipped a tear away from her eyes.

"Storm? Are you okay?" She asked as she looked in the dark room. She almost screamed when she saw her friend.

The woman was holding on to herself. Her long white hair had been cut, but looked like a drunk lawnmower had done it and not the scissors she was holding. She was wearing a lace net shirt and a dark bra under it. A black leather skirt had been torn all the way up to her waist and you could see the dark panties that she was wearing. She had found a matching pair of black leather ankle boots that were laced up as well.

"What do you think?" She said, the whites of her eyes completely destroying what color she had in the iris.

The sun was beginning to set and Scott watched as his brother was loading Ms. Frost car with her luggage and his. Ms. Frost leaving didn't really bother him, it was his brother. The fall air was cool, but it was nothing compared to what he was feeling at the moment. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even notice the girl that was approaching him.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye Scott?" Jean asked as she walked up to her boyfriend. Her shoulder length hair was shining brightly in the fading sunlight, it almost looked like it was set aflame, but that was impossible.

Scott was standing by a tree at the center of the front yard. It was a perfect place to watch people coming and going from the house. Scott almost smiled at the thought of hitting the car with Ms. Frost and Alex in it with his laser beams, but he also knew everyone would be disappointed in him for that too.

"Why should I? Professor X and I welcomed Alex with open arms, but he'd rather run off and play teacher's pet." Scott didn't even look down at Jean's hand when she placed it on his arm. He was fuming with rage.

"Hey, come on. Do you want to go on a walk?" Jean asked grabbing Scotts chin and pulling it down so he could look her in the eyes. She could have looked into his eyes forever… red or not.

"What did you have in mind?" He finally said, smiling.

Jean smiled back at him, but she felt something… from outside and within. Something was happening.

Scott looked down at his girlfriend with a frown appearing. "Jean… what's wrong?" Scott thought he saw something in her eyes, something red, almost a flame.

"Scott!" She said pointing at something from behind him.

Scott turned around expecting to see Ms. Frost and Alex leaving, but they had already pulled out and seemed to be long gone. Instead Scott saw something that he couldn't really explain, except to say that six tiny blue dots of light twirling around in place. He took a protective stance in front of the woman he loved as the blue points of light started to form figures.

"Jean…I think we should get the professor." She nodded, but didn't move.

"Jean…" Scott said with a growl.

Jean was about to turn around and run when she saw the figures that were coming from the light.

"Wait, Scott. Look." She pointed at the figures as they formed six human beings. Well, six teenagers in fact. They couldn't be much older than Scott or herself.

"Who are you?" Scott said pointing at the six teenagers.

The six teenagers took defensive stands as soon as Scott spoke to them. They looked like they had been trained for war and were prepared for anything. Jean noticed that they looked like Wolverine… well their fighting stance, but one of the girls in the group. She did look like Wolverine, almost like a younger sister, or daughter. Jean also noticed that one of the males, a very big and metal looking male was holding someone.

There were three males and three females.

"Who the hell are you?" The girl that looked like Wolverine said.

Jean ignored everyone and concentrated on the teenager that was being held. The blond boy looked to be hurt, badly.

"Scott. He's hurt!" Jean said and with that, everyone seemed to have forgotten what had happened. Jean rushed over to the teenagers and spoke quickly.

"Come on! We can help him."

Without thinking the others rushed after her. Jean was shouting orders at everyone. She finally noticed that Scott had rushed right behind her, his leader instinct taking over right away.

"Scott. I need you to go get the Professor.

Scott nodded and ran in a different direction as the group of teenagers entered the doorway to the main hall of the mansion.

Jean-Paul was walking the dark streets by himself, thinking about everything that had happened to him. He didn't know how it could have gone so wrong. He shook his head and put his hands in his jean pockets, as he passed an open ally way he heard a noise.

"Wo…" He said taking a stand back as a huge man walked out of the shadows. The man was a very powerfully built man. Jean-Paul had never seen someone with so many muscles, not even the gym he went to on a regular basis. Jean-Paul thought the man would have been extremely attractive, if he wasn't so old.

"C'mere." The man said in a very ruff and deep voice.

Jean-Paul smiled at him and shook his hands at the older man. "Sorry, not into older dudes."

The tall man's eyes flashed red and a diamond shaped object on his forehead flashed the same color.

"I said, come here." This time it was'tn a request, it was a command and Jean-Paul seemed to have to follow it. He didn't know why, but he started to walk closer to the man.

The man smiled and pointed deeper into the ally. "That's a good boy, Now get up against that…"

Jean-Paul swallowed as he did what the man said. He noticed something on his huge forearm and the man smiled.

"What? You like my ink?"

"Sinister?" Jean-Paul asked.

The man huffed as he pulled something out from behind him. "Careful, son…" The man pointed a gun at Jean-Paul who screamed.

"It's Mr. Sinister, to you."

A bang filled the air as Mr. Sinister shot the young mutant.