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Dirty Games

I just sat there in my incredibly boring Chemistry lesson, well the whole lesson got brighter on so many different levels since he decided to swap to our class. He with his beautiful smile, adorable laugh and of course his amazing blue eyes. And lte's not even start on his figure, seriously he was the definition of sex! I'm not kidding and it's frustrating as hell that I don't dare to play on my emotions for him. Seriously I've liked the guy since he moved here in year 12 and my friends says that he likes me too, well at least if they're anything to go by. But I can't say that I haven't noticed his eyes on me, but sure enough he didn't dare to put his emotions into action either and that was just so frustrating! The way he makes sitting in a school desk sexy is beyond my understanding, and I'm pretty clever! He just screamed to be fucked over that table like nothing else, he practically begs for it...

"Mr Payn! Pay attention!" I bolted straight up in my chair at Mrs Corwin's harsh voice. "And stop staring at Mr Tomlinson like he's some sort of object! It's infact very rude!" She continued as I sunk lower and lower down on my chair, trying to hide away from all the other students staring eyes as I blushed deep red. Had se really said that! And was my stolen glanses at him not as discrete as I thought? I sent a harsh glare Mrs Corwin's way as she turned and continued with the boring lesson, talking about some hideous formula. I turned away from her round figure and of courdse my gaze landed on him. I watched as he blew a few strands of his bangs out of his eyes, those magnificent blue eyes that anyone would happily die looking into, those magnificent blue eyes that were as fierce as the ocean, those magnificent blue eyes that were dangerous to look into, you would most definitely get stuck and then be unable to tear your own eyes away from them as you just sunk deeper and deeper. Those magnificent blue eyes that were staring right back at you! Oh gosh! Snap away! Snap out of it you look like a tool! My mind began to panic but I wasn't able to tear my gaze away from him as he eyed me curiously. I watched as the corners of his mouth curled upwards and soon a small but incredibly cute smile lit up his face before he turned around and focused on whatever boring stuff Mrs Corwin was talking ab out now. Fuck! I ran a frystrated hand through the short strands of my brown hair and then a small sigh slipped through my lips. Why did everything have to be so damn complicated?

To: Dumbass Styles

"Fucking hell! Pleese come and hlep me Hazza! This is bloody killin me!"

I pressed the send button, not even bothering to spell check. I never did so why start now. I watched the clock tick by slowly as I waited for my best friend to reply to the desperate text which I sent five minutes ago, longing for a funny reply that never arrived. Not in that way at least. Soon I found my gaze placed on Louis again, I couldn't help it. Seriously I was addicted to his brown hair, his pale but still tan skin, the way he would wrinkle his nose when he tried to work out some especially hard formula. I found myself leaning furter and further towards the fron of the classroom where his desk was placed, I have grown to hate him during the time he's been in this class. During all the time I've spend staring at him, I have not been able to find one single flaw on him whatsoever!

The soft knock on the door brought me back to the real world and sadly out from my little Louis world where I could hold and manhandle him all I wanted. The knock on the door also got the attention of everyone else in the room along with Mrs Corwins' who sighed but interrupted the lesson to go and answer the door to who ever angel that was standing on the other side of it.

"Hi Beatrice." A sweet and a bit husky Cheshire accent filled the otherwise silent classroom. My head snapped up fpr the second time that lesson ans was met by a pair of musky green and unbeliaveably mischevious eyes. I stared in horror at my curly haired friend who were staring back with a devilish grin curling his lips before winking at me then turning his attention back at Mrs Corwin, or Beatrice..? I knew what he was about to do so I glared down at my desk, groaning loudly. "You wouldn't mind if borrowed Liam for a little while, would you?" He asked sickenly sweet and lay his hand lightly at the blushing womans shoulder. "It's very urgent." He assured then gave her one of his irresistible smiles, you could actually see the harshness in her eyes melt away and get replaced by a sick longing after the much younger student. He played his part all too well.

"It's 20 minutes left of this class, can't it wait?" She asked softly, trying to hide that she would do anything for Harry what ever he asked for. I looked at my best friend with a mused smile while shaking my head at the two of them. All the teachers had a soft spot for the curly lad. I bet that it is because of the curls, but he insists that it's a natrual gift that he "sadly" enough can't learn other people, apparently you've gotta be born with it.

"No, I'm sorry but I really need him right now." He answered softly, shuffling a little closer to the smaller women. I snickered lowly at the poorly disguised double meaning of his words.

"Alright, just hurry back please." She sighed and turned to me. Just as she was about to speak Harry interrupted her with a comment.

"Oh it'll only be a quicky." He assured her and then took his hand of off her shoulder. That was so not nessecary! Though I couldn't help the small snort that slipped out through my lips or the way my lips turned into a small smile. I heard the snickering from my other classmates as they probably understood Harry's real meanings of the words that left his mouth. A few of the turned to study me closly, of course I blushed badly. It was no secret that I was gay, had never been really and a few people had started to question if Harry and I were a couple since we were around one another at all times, except when we had different classes. Anyway when Louis arrived to this schoolI kind of fell for him, I fell for him pretty hard. Harry though who had to watch me stare at this magical boy day in and day out finally couldn't take it, so he came up with this idea to make Louis jealous. So since a few weeks back I've officially had a gorgeous boyfriend, Mr Harry Styles who otherwise is a straight as a stick. Though he claimed to whoever that asked that he was gay for me, and me only! I looked over at the gorgeous blue eyed boy who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat, glaring daggers at the oblivious Harry.

"Fine, Mr Payne." She called and motioned at Harry. "Go and help Har- Mr Styles with his urgent situation." Mrs Corwin exclaimed, blushing slightly at the slip of Harry's name. While I tried not to burst out laughing at her rather convenient choice of words, biting my lip hard not to do so but the curly haired lad at the door couldn't keep his face straight, so he burst out laughing. It wasnt a small chuckle either, it was a full blown stupidly loud, red in the face, tear prickling, going out of breath laugh attac. I hurriedly got to my feet and almost ran to the door where the laughing mess were trying to collect himself. Surprisingly he did a good job and by the time I reached him he was standing up straight and were wiping at his eyes. Only a sly smile was playing upon his pink full lips.

"I am so sorry, that was really rude of me. But thank you so much Beatrice for letting me barge in like this, errupting your exelent teaching and stealing one of your students." Harry smiled warmly towards Mrs' Corwin and had a fake "I'm truly heart broken to do this, but it's really important" expression plastered on his flawless face. Which of course the much older women bought.

"Not at all dear." Sometimes I think that the female teachers on this school, no matter what age, forgets that Harry is a regular student just like the rest of us. But since I'm his best friend I'm in no place to complain as he actually gets me out of boring classes, whitout it effecting my grades.

"Sorry for interrupting!" Harry turned to the class with an apologetical smile on his lips. They were all staring back at him like he was one hell of an odd prick, which he of course was. But there was one person who wasn't only staring, no he was full on glaring at Harry angrily. The one person with amazing blue eyes and an incredible sweet smile. Harry grinned to the person in question and even dared to wink at him before taking my hand firmly and dragging me out of the room. If looks could kill, the poor Haz wouldn't stand a chanse.

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