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Part 2

"What the hell Harry!" I exclaimed once the door had closed behind us and Harry had managed to drag me half way through the deserted hallways before he stopped in his tracks and turned around to face me. He had a mocking smile playing on his lips before he parted them and begun to speak.

"You want to make Louis jealous, yeah?" He asked seriously, his beautiful green eyes boring deeply into my dull brown ones.

"Yeah?" I said, well rather questioned.

"Of course you want to!" He threw his arms up into the air as if he was talking to someone utterly daft, which he probably was seeing that I didn't understand what he was talking about. "Just trust me on this man." He said softer and then pushed me roughly backwards. A loud bang rang through the silent corridors when my back slammed hard against the blue metal lockers. I winced in pain and Harry sent me an apologetic smile before stalking forward and slamming his hands against the lockers on either side of my head. I had never seen him like this before, and quite frankly it was a bit scary. But before I could even muster up a protest or another question his lips were pressed roughly on mine. His soft determitioned lips covered mine a bit too much for my liking, it all just screamed wrong. We were best friends for god sake! Sure we had kissed before, but he sure as hell hadn't kissed me like this. I managed to gasp, but that was probably stupid if I didn't want this to get more fucked up than it already was. Because he used my parted lips and began sucking harshly on my bottom lip.

"What the fuck was that Harry!" I shouted shocked and more confused than ever once I'd managed to push my eager best friend of off me, but not before he'd managed to bite down pretty hard on my violated bottom lip. I stared down at my pretty scared though still best friend, he had seriously lost it.

"Please Liam, Louis isn't stupid." Harry begun, looking at me as if I was the daft one in this encounter. "He understood what happened in the classroom earlier. He definitely knows that the two of us are dating and let's just say that it's nothing he's overly joyed with." I looked down at the curly haired boy for a second, and actually seeing his reasonably thought through plan. Though it still had loads of cracks, what if Louis' actually didn't like me at all, just though I was annoying the living hell out of him. But if he did in fact like me, what if he got hurt when we got through with Harry's "genious" plan. "I feel like I'm loosing you here." Harry stepped in and pulled me away from my thoughts about this not being a good plan, he knew I had my doubts.

"What if it doesn't work, what if he gets hurt?" I voiced my concerns. My eyes flicked over his impatient face as he sighed deeply shaking his head, the movement made his curls dance around his angelic baby face.

"It will work, and he won't get hurt." Harry explained slowly and convincingly. "I've talked to Zay and Niall about this, you know, your boy's friends," I blushed deeply at that, my boy's. "and they say that Louis is ready to rip me to pieces if I pull another stunt like the one last week. And that time I only kissed you and held your hand in public." I chuckled at the memory, remembering just how incredibly pissed Louis' had looked when I spared him a glance. "So to push him over the edge it must look as if you've just been fucked. And seing that I got the lovely part to play your boyfriend it's my duty to make you look as if you've just had the best fuck of you life when you enter that door again."

"But you're not really going to fuck me right? I know that we're best friends and all, but don't you think it'll be at least a little awkward afterwards?" I asked nervously, afraid of what his answer might be, because you never knew with Harry. He could do whatever and still not find it weird. Like the time I found him and our young and too hot stand in teacher Miss Smith in a pretty quizzical position over her desk last term. If I hadn't walked in a bit too early and stopped them in.. what ever they were doing, I'm trying to forget about it. Then the entire class would've seen them, and let's just say that I've still got nightmares of naked bodies entwined over the desk in a too hot and stuffed classroom and loud panting marrying the air. Since then I've been very careful not to touch that desk.

"Oh God NO! That's just gross!" This time it was Harry's time to almost shout out in shock. His eyes wide in fear. "Gosh, I'm straighter than your dick when you're hard!" He always used sexual reffarences when explaining just how straight he was.

"Charming." I muttered. " So you're straight and still you're manhandeling your gay best friend in school, where everyone can see. I'm starting to believe that you're only straight in the bends mate." I grinned.

"Yeah well I - do you want my help or not?" He asked grumpily but were blushing deeply.

"Sorry Haz, thank you o great lord for helping me, a poor cock sucker with my petty ass problems." I bowed deeply to him. "Now make me look fucked!" I laughed at the last words that slipped off my tongue before Harry sucked it into his own mouth. I let him do all the hard work, it was just entirely wrong to get kissed by my best friend like this. So I just relaxed and let him do the kissing part. To be fair he did a seriously good job with what little he had. When he pulled away I took a look in the glass window on the door next to us and my usually soft, pink lips were now red and swollen fromhs rough sucking. "I'm sorry but that was so disgusting." I chuckled, trying to laugh it off.

"Tell me about it." He spat. "You could at least have kissed me back." He muttered before taking a swig out of the waterbottle he carried with him then handing it to me. "But that was only the start."


About six minutes later I stood outside the classroom door. "Thank you Haz." I said sincerely.

"Anything for you." He smiled. "Now go and get him tiger." He grinned before slapping me hard on my bum and then walking away. I opened the door with a sheepish look on my face as I limped over the tresholdin the style Harry had thought me, though how he knew about the way you walked when your bum was hurting was beyond my knowledge. To say that Harry had done a good job was an understatment, he had done an exelent job with me. Not just by kissing me until my lips hurt and felt as if they were going to fall off. He had also given me a very visible lovebite on the side of mt throat that were now turning into a purplish bruise which was probably going to be visible for the next couple of days, he had also unbuttoned my shirt and rebuttoned it the wrong way, hed also left a few of the top buttons open so that another red/purple bruise was showing gloriously on my collarbone. Last but not least he'd messed up my hair, to an after-sex state. To say that it was a plesant experience would be the biggest lie of the century, but I really have to thank Hazza because it seemed as if our plan was working.

Louis' was full on glaring at me as I limped closer to him, his seat was on the way to mine. He wasn't even trying to cover it up for the class and Mrs Corwin who were all staring at the two of us, but I couldn't care less. I had my eyes trained on his as I only got closer. Louis pushed away his desk a little so that he was able to move better and just as I limped past his desk a hand shot out to grasp my wrist. The hand yanked me down and I fell. Only seconds later I was stradeling the blue eyed gorgeous boy and then I was snogging the living daylight out of him.

"Fuck you." He muttered breathlessly as I ground down onto his croch area.

"Please do." I managed through parted lips. We both ignored the fact that everyone was silently staring at us even though the bell had rung a few minutes ago.

"Gonna, ugh fuck. Get back at you for playing dirty." He groaned loudly and again I rolled our hips together.

"Punish me." I breathed and then started to suck on his jaw, feeling like the luckiest guy on earth, and the horniest too for that matter.

The End

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