Hey this is my first Fan fiction. I have it labeled as Mature, but in all honesty most of this story will be rated T for language, violence, mature themes, use of tobacco/alcohol, and potential lemon (even though I have no confidence at this point to write a lemony scene.).

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This Fairy Tail fan fiction is set 5 years after the 7 year time skip so most of the main characters are in their early to mid twenties some the have matured (some more than others obviously. Looks at Natsu). Pairings set for this Fan Fic are Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia, Erza x Jellal, Gajeel x Levy. I know these are the more popular pairings so no real excitement there, but these are the parings that I like. Other pairings may/will be introduced later, and this fan fic will have original characters. I like to believe everything I put into this story leads up to a bigger picture,

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Chapter 1.

It Begins.

She began to wake up as the sun began to creep though her blinds making contact with her still shut eyes. She knew she had to wake up soon, but after the tough mission her team had just gotten home from the day prior all she wanted to do was continue to lie down and drift back to sleep. To get more of the sleep she desired she rolled over quickly so the sun coming though the blinds would be shinning on her blonde hair. Unfortunately for the man she was sharing a bed with was smacked on the face (not hard enough for it to hurt him though) effectively waking him up.

The said man who was woken us slowly sat up to look at the clock on the dresser and saw that it was a half an hour from noon. He wasn't shocked that it was so late in the day after all his team just got back from a rough S-class mission less than 24 hours ago. He was more so shocked that the two lying down on the bed had a lot of things to do that day with time continuing to disappear on them.

"Hey sleepy head time to wake up." Said the man as he gently shuck the blonde's shoulder.

"5 more minutes Natsu." Groaned the blonde attempting to cover herself with the blankets.

"Sorry Lucy, but we have a lot of things to do today." As he removed the blankets from over her face.

"No we don't, the rest of the guild can take care of the preparations." Failing to gain a grip on the blankets that where being taken away from her.

"Come on now ya know that we gotta help them out or else Mira will get upset, and then Erza will punish us."

"She'll punish you dummy after all the only reason we got volunteered in the first place is because of you." Said Lucy as he began to sit up, and rub her eyes. "Or do you not remember nearly burning down 7 Sakura trees at last years festival."

"Oh common Gray was the one who started that fight." Said Natsu while he was putting on his pants.

"Yeah well he wasn't the one DUMB enough to use magic that close to the trees." Said Lucy as she got out of bed grabbing a towel.

"Owe why don't you try taking my side." Said the now fully dressed Dragon Slayer (in his usual get-up).

"I would, but there was only fire damage after the flames were put out with no signs of ice. Plus I wasn't even there last year because of that high fever. By the way why are you getting dressed so quickly for?"

"I need to talk to Gramps, and the Stripper at the guild before we get things set up" said Natsu as he kissed Lucy on the forehead. "See ya at the guild." As he quickly headed out the door waving goodbye leaving the blonde alone in their rented house.

"Please don't let him start a fight today." Prayed the blonde as she began her morning rituals. After 20 minutes of doing various things she was dressed in a light blue mini-skirt with a white and blue stripped top. After grabbing her keys and the spirit whip Fleuve d'Etoile there was a knock at the door.

"Owe Nastu, Lucy you two better not be sleeping in" yelled Erza as she entered the front door.

"What's the point of knocking if you're going to just break-in" sighed Lucy as she met Erza in the living room.

"Are you ready to start helping out or to I have to drag you and Natsu back to the guild." Said Erza in one of her usual irritated voices.

"Natsu just left about 20 minutes ago to talk to Gray and Master Makarov. Say Erza can I talk to you about something before we go?"

"If you can make it fast." Said Erza who was already sitting on the couch.

"Thanks Gramps" grinned Natsu as he exited the old mans office. "Now I just have to find Gray" Natsu walked down to the main hall of the guild which wasn't as loud as it normally was. After all most of the guild was off doing something for tomorrows Sakura Festival. After a quick look around the hall Natsu saw what he was looking for. He saw Gray talking/laughing with Elfman, Macao, Wakaba, Alzack, and Warren at the table at the far end of the hall.

"Yo brain freeze nice to see you still fully clothed for once." Yelled Natsu as he walked towards his fellow male wizards while all but was laughing hard at the comment.

For the one that wasn't laughing he quickly turned around with one fist covered in ice as he jumped towards his rival. "What was that flame-brain?" Yelled Gray as his jacket and shirt somehow got removed.

Natsu was expecting this reaction as he caught Gray's hard punch in the palm of his hand. "Think I could talk to you alone?" asked Natsu with his trademark grin as he pointed over towards the bar. Before Natsu's words registered in Gray's ears he already threw his free hand at the fire wizards face connecting hard sending him through a table 6 feet away.

"Drinks on me." Said a vary dazed Natsu as he slowly got up from the wrecked furniture.

"Manly" explained Elfman. As the rest of the men at table were in shock that Natsu took the hit from Gray with no retaliation at all.

"If you say so." Said gray as he walked towards the bar that was being attended to by everyone's favorite barmaid. "The usual for both of us." As he pointed back towards Natsu as he took a seat at the bar.

"What are you doing here?" Asked an angry Mira. "you should be hauling all of this to the festival." As she pointed to 12 barrels of alcohol, 11 bundles of rolled up blankets, 10 boxes of fire-works, 9 folding tables, 8 crates of dishes, 7 books of Bingo sheets, 6 lacrime powered crock pots, 5 monstrous racks of ribs, 4 canopies, 3 basket filled with gifts, 2 dozen various rolls of streamers, and a giant bingo tumbler.

"Holly Shit!" said the fire wizard with his eyes popping out of socket.

"That's what you get for nearly burning down 8 Sakura trees last year."

"It was se."

"Were lucky the mayor is letting the guild still have our personal celebration in the park. Let alone our usual area." Interrupted Mira.

"Mira could you please give me 15 minutes to talk to Gray?" Yelled Natsu hoping the former she-devil wouldn't end up ending him.

"I'll give you 10 minutes." Said Mira as she angrily made four glasses of beer for the two elemental mages. "But after that you're going to be my slave for the rest of the day." Mira walked back into the kitchen behind the bar slamming the door hard.

"So." Said Gray as he took decent size gulp of his drink. "What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Erza what I'm about to tell you I haven't anyone else yet. Not even Natsu." Said Lucy as she set a tray of tea down on the coffee table between where the to two wizards sat down.

"What is it?" Asked Erza in her usual serious mode as she took a sip of the freshly made tea.

"I'm Pregnant." Said Lucy quietly as she looked into her cup of tea as if looking into her reflection.

Erza spat out half of the tea in her mouth while she choked on the rest of it. "What? How far?" Coughed the equip mage as she began to get her breathing back too normal.

"About three and a half weeks. The last time Natsu and I did it."

"Impossible!" Explained Erza. "Is that even far enough in to have morning sickness? How did you even find out so early?"

"I haven't had morning sickness yet." Said the blonde thankfully. " As for how I guess its an ability I've some how picked up over the last year or so."

"What kind of ability." Erza finally recomposed herself,

"Well as a celestial wizard I can tell whenever there is a spirit around. Apparently now that ability has somehow evolved to where I can detect a every person around me within a 20-50 foot radius depending on how I'm felling on that day without really trying. If I truly only focus on it the distance can be as high as 200-300 feet."

Erza was trapped in a trail of thoughts thinking about all the missions they had been over the last year. "So that's why we haven't been hit by any sneak attacks for such a long time. Why did you wait until now to reveal such a unique gift?"

"Honestly I thought you all would have thought I was crazy. After all I was still testing out its capabilities and range. But now I know for certain the nature of this gift." During the entire conversation Lucy never took her gaze off of her cup of tea which now felt cool to tough. " During the entire three weeks of our last mission I kept detecting some type of life vary close beneath us. Once I focused on it I felt it inside me" Lucy placed the still full cup of tea back on the tray then placed both hands over where she felt her baby growing as tears stated to build up in her eyes.

Erza was having a hard time trying to think of what to say next. She was a girl too but to be honest she was more like a guy in that she usually kept her emotions to herself or in quick outbursts, and didn't really know how to comfort someone who was about to become all emotional. The words finally escaped her mouth before her mind could tell her no. "Why did you tell me first before Natsu?"

"Because you're my best friend (female wise, sorry Levy my Fan Fic.). Plus I know with you there will be damage control compared to if I told Natsu first. If I told him first I know he'd scream it to the town that he was going to be a father. Then I wouldn't get to tell any of my friends the news"

"Yup! That's defiantly out Natsu."

"That and I'm hoping he asks me first before I tell him." Lucy buried her face between her legs

"Natsu would end up asking you why you got so fat somewhere around 6 months, before he asks you if you're pregnant."

"Not that question." Said Lucy as she looked out the front window seeing how gorgeous the day truly was and then into her friends eyes tears still forming in her eyes threatening to fall down her face. "I saw that he spent a huge chunk of money about two months ago, and has been checking his pockets ever 10-15 minutes."

"You mean Natsu's going to pop the question?" Erza's head began to spin. 'When did Natsu decide to grow up.'

On the counter of Mira's clean bar laid a small hinged box opened up revealing the ring inside of it. The ring was made of a fine mixture of gold and silver blended together with a design of a golden dragon head with its mouth opened which was silver on the inside holding the diamond tightly between the dragon's mouth. The Diamond had a faint red sparkle coming from the center making it appear as the dragon could truly cast a flame. The ring stayed on the table for a couple of minutes after Natsu had removed it form his pocket to show Gray who was entirely speechless not even bothering to lift up his drink as he stared at it.

"So you're going to propose to Lucy finally?" Asked Gray as he finally found the words to break the silence.

"Planning on asking her tomorrow while those make their last explosions." Said the fire wizard pointing at the fireworks he would soon be moving to the park. "Gramp's agreed to have someone fire them off so they end up saying Lucy Will You Marry Me."

"Well at least you're asking her to marry you before you get her pregnant." Said Gray as he thought of his Girlfriend/soon to be Wife Juvia. Juvia made it clear to him, and everyone in the guild that day that was there she wouldn't marry him until after the baby was born. Not wanting the walk the aisle with a pregnant belly.

"How's Juvia doing by the way?"

"She's 5 months along now. Unfortunately she's having complications with her being a water-woman and all. Poluchka has put her on bed-rest until the child is born to minimize any complications that may occur." Said Gray in a solemn voice as he pushed both of his beers away from himself.

"Sorry about that."

"It's okay. Thanks to those last couple of missions I have enough money put away to stay afloat for six months. I don't want to leave her alone for too long in case something happens." Gray was thinking of his childhood, and how he lost his family at such a tender age. "I really don't want to miss my child being born, and eventually growing up."

"That's fine you deserve a break after those last few jobs." Said Natsu trying to cheer his friend/rival up without offending him.

"When are you planning of having the wedding?"

"I was planning on getting it rushed so we could tie the knot in about a month or two, but after hearing about Juvia we'll try for a couple of months after the baby is born."

"Thanks, but you don't have to hold it off for Juvia, and myself."

"Gray it's a celebration. You can't have a celebration without all of your Nakama being there. Besides I don't want my best-man being all distracted the entire day of the wedding."

"Thank you, Natsu." Said the ice wizard who finally smiled his first real smile since Juvia's first complication occurred.

"NATSU!" Yelled Mira as she walked from the kitchen back into the Bar. "Times Up."

"Aye!" Yelled Natsu back as he quickly put the ring back into his pocket.

"What was that?" Asked Mira as all her anger turned to joy when she saw Natsu put the small box into his pocket.


"Was it what I think it was?"


"Yes it was." Yelled Warren over to the Bar who was all smiles.

"Damn you Warren." Who soon felt a hard punch hitting him in the face by Natsu.

Everyone at the table did their best to try to restrain Natsu, but ended up getting struck by him a well. With how Fairy tail is a brawl soon broke out between all the men. Mira who saw the whole thing still had her mind wrapped around the box she saw not caring that her hall/bar was being destroyed again without her defending it.

"ENOUTH!" Yelled Erza fairy tails most frightening member. "Natsu why has none of the supplies been moved to the park." Not even giving him the change to explain himself Erza quickly dealt out his punishment. "Not only do you have to move all the supplies now you have to help set them up as Mira sees fit.

"Aye!. Wait What? I thought Lucy had to help set it up."

"The supplies where supposed to be there two hours ago." Threatened Erza. "Your original punishment was just to move the supplies. Now you have to set them up."

Knowing there was nothing that could change Erza's mind Natsu quickly got to work loading the cart he would be dragging to move the supplies. While the rest of the men involved in the brawl where forced to clean up the mess.

"Stupid Erza making me have to move and set up." Complained Natsu as he loaded the tenth barrel of booze onto the cart. Who stopped as he turned around to see his girlfriend sitting on the next barrel.

"Don't worry about it I'll still have Taurus give you" said Lucy as she smiled at her boyfriend.

"Thanks Lucy." He said while he picked up and loaded the barrel right next to her onto the cart, which was now half way filled with tomorrow's supplies.

"Why do you keep on breaking things, and here I thought you where getting better about damage control." She complained as she got off the final barrel of alcohol.

"I know I promised you I'd try harder not to, but it's a hard habit to break."

"I know it is for you, but we can't keep on paying so much of the reward money for missions. Other wise we won't be able to move forward with the thing we haven't done yet." Lucy stood behind Natsu as he wrapped both of her arms around his chest.

Natsu turned himself around, and hugged the girl back. "Don't worry." He said as he kissed her forehead "You've seen me on the last couple of missions. I didn't even have to payback more than 5% (My guess is that he has to end up giving back 20-40% back on most missions he ends up doing, and that might be generous) back for collateral in what we got out of the share." He gave her another kiss this time on the lips.

"I know you've been doing better. It's just that you can't just be so reckless." She started to tear up.

"Is something else wrong Lucy?" He asked while grabbing hold of her shoulders to make the distance so he could see her more clearly.

"Natsu Those Supplies aren't going to move themselves." Barked Erza. Before Lucy could say anything else.

Natsu Got back to work loading the cart up while Lucy, Mira, and most of the Fairy tail girl's who had just arrived started to head towards the Park to set things up for tomorrow. It took Natsu 3 trips to get everything to the park. Each time Taurus and Natsu made the drops he saw the park slowly getting set up by the girls. By the time they brought the last load there was a handful of men helping the ladies with the final preparations. With everyone focused and working together it only took twenty minutes to unload and set up everything that was in the final cart. They all said their good-byes for the night, as they would all be seeing each other again before noon tomorrow.

Little did they know that that would be the last day of their carefree happiness. Little did they know how long it would be until they would all smile the way they did that day again. Little did they know how the true feeling of loss would end up hitting them. Little did they know that soon Fairy Tail would soon face its greatest enemy. No how little did they know how huge this loss would truly be.

The next day. The day of the Sakura Festival.

"Hurry up Natsu." Said Lucy as she was pulling on her boyfriend's arm.

"Relax will ya. Its not like were going to be going anywhere else today." Sighed Natsu trying to free his arm as they arrived at the outskirts of Magnolia Park.

"You know I still haven't had a change to celebrate the festival with the rest of the guild since I joined." Frowned the Blonde. "Something always comes up that prevents me from enjoying the event with the rest of the guild.

"What about the time I dug up the Sakura tree, and floated it down the river for you during your first year here in Magnolia." Said Natsu as both wizards remembered how beautiful the sight truly was.

"I remember." She smiled. "How could I forget it was one of the best gifts you ever gave me. "

"Say does something seem off to you?" Asked the fire mage as he stopped walking.

"What do you mean?"

"It's too quite." The fire mage was getting serious.

Lucy began to use her ability to feel what was going on around them. She felt the rest of the guild, but there was no movement going on at all. "Natsu you're right something is off." Replied the stellar mage.

"Let's hurry." Both mages ran towards the party grounds that should have been filled with joy and laughter of nearly a hundred guild members. Instead when they got there they saw the sight of a massacre. All the tables broken. Barrels smashed to pieces with puddles of alcohol waiting to be absorbed in to the ground. Blankets torn. Plates and utensils broken/scattered all over the ground. Food to be seen covering practically any and everything. The trees though were somehow left unharmed.

To their greatest horror every member of the guild who had arrived before them which was nearly everyone. lying on the ground beaten and unconscious. Only one person was left standing. The figure was dressed in a long, black cloak facing away from them looking at the sun through the Sakura trees.

"Oh my God." Said a fearful Lucy covering her vision from the sight that lay before. Try as she might though she couldn't look away.

"Who the hell are you, and what have you done to our Nakame?" Demanded Natsu as he was preparing himself for battle.

"Good that wasn't everyone." Said the clocked figure as he turned to face his new adversaries. "And here I thought I had taken on another easy mission." The figure grabbed at the chest area of his cloak and quickly took it off. "You look strong. Maybe you can give me what I want." Once the clock was removed it revealed a man dressed in white pant that had red sewing where the leggings were sown together. He wore an equally white long-sleeved shirt that was tight with blue linings all over the shirt showing where the muscles would be. By the looks of his face he couldn't be any older than thirty. He had shoulder length black hair that was as dark as a starless night. His eyes were as blue as the azure sky. "Please don't disappoint me like the rest of your guild did." Smiled the mystery man.

"YOU BASTARD!" Shouted Natsu as the charged the Black haired man.


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