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Chapter 14



Over four hundred years ago

In a laboratory in Edolas

A fair skinned man with matted down spiky hair, dark brown eyes wearing a white lab coat with a white shirt underneath, and a pair of blue jeans was diligently working on his latest project. A project that was based around a special new Lacrima that only recently been discovered. Being the top scientist in Lacrima and its uses he was given the task of finding out its properties, and the best way to make use of it. The man had given his assistants the day off as he was on the verge of a break through. The lab was in complete silence sans for his pencil moving between his notes and blueprints for what he would be using the Lacrima for. So quiet the he just barely heard the footsteps of someone trying to sneak up behind him. "Don't even try it Seyru." The scientist warned his son before attempting to scare him.

"You're no fun Papa." Complained an eight-year-old Seyru whose hair was like his fathers, but wasn't matted down, also his skin was pale just like his dad. He wore a red long sleeve shirt and light blue pants.

"Being a scientist isn't supposed to be fun." Turning around in his chair to face his son. "But when I get to be dad outside the lab is when I'm fun." Ruffling up the child's hair.

"What'cha working on Papa?" Looking at a large chunk of black Lacrima on his father's desk. It had several wires attached to it leading to other smaller devices.

Turning back to his work. "This is a new type of Lacrima that was discovered about a month ago. Its nature is unlike the regular types of Lacrima that I usually work with."

"How so?"

"This black lacrima is capable of taking the magical energy stored within other lacrima."

"So it can recharge itself." Looking at the papers on his father's desk.

The scientist smiled at his son. "Yes it can, but only by draining the magical energy stored within other things."

Following the wires attached to the Lacrima the young boy spotted a set of large mechanical arm. "What's that Papa?" Pointing at the arms.

Zeref looking at what his son was pointing at. "That's part of my latest project. The Dorma Anim." His smile disappeared when he said the name.

"Dorma Anim." Seyru repeated. Looking at a set of blueprints tacked onto the wall beneath the arms the boy saw that once completely assembled it would look like a dragon from the stories his mother reads to him. "The Dragon Knight." Walking closer to the blueprints his father had drawn. After looking at them he turned to his father with concern on his face. "You're making a weapon, aren't you Papa?"

"Sadly yes I am making a weapon." He sighed


Walking up to the blueprints he had written he stood beside his son "In order to get funding for my other project every once in a while I have to make something I'm not so proud of." Knowing just what the Dorma Anim would be capable of on the battlefield once activated.

Looking back at the designs. "I wouldn't want to have to fight it."

"That's why I designed it to look like a dragon. My hopes are that the mer sight of the Dorma Anim will cause those standing before it to surrender in fear."

"What if they don't surrender?"

"Then whoever is piloting this machine will activate it." Turning his eyes to the black chunk of Lacrima on the table pointing at it so his son would look. "Then the Black Lacrima will drain the area of all its magic rendering all weapons besides itself useless."

"Would it drain the magic from Mama and me?" Looking up at his father worriedly.

'Hmm, I hadn't thought of that before.' Now worried about his wife and son who unlike most of the people in Edolas they could use magic. 'Would it put them in danger if activated?' He saw a look of fear in Seyru's eye. "Don't worry I'll make sure it only drains magic from the non living object before I finish it."

Relief spreading across the child's face. "Thank you Papa."

"Did Mama teach you anything new today." Trying to get the conversation away from the Dorm Anim.

"Mama taught me a new spell today. Wanna see it Papa?"

"I'd love to Seyru." Sitting down in a chair to watch his son.

"Watch this." Snapping his fingers the young boy created a flame in his bare hands. "Mama taught me how to create fire with magic outside today." Creating the fire caused the boy to become pale from using his magic.

"She took you outside." The smile he had on his face turned to an angry frown with voice following suit.

"Ops!" The small fire in Seyru's hand disappeared as he started to rub the back of his head guiltily.

"Zeref is Seyru in the lab with you?" Asked a female voice opening the lab doors.

"He's in here with me Ceandra!" Zeref answered his wife.

The young mother walked into the lab to see the two men in her life. She had fair skin like her husband, long flowing auburn(reddish brown) hair down to her waist, azure blue eyes that would make the skies jealous. She was wearing a simple white summer dress. From the way her body looked you never would have guessed she had a child. "There you are." Walking closer to the two. "You're not bothering your father now are you?"

"No. I know I'm not supposed to bother Papa or his assistants while they work." Seyru said.

"I was taking a break when he came in." Zeref lied. "Seyru was telling me how you taught him a new spell today."

"Did he show it to you?" Ceandra asked.

"He did." Shooting her a scowl telling her he knew something she didn't want him to know. "Do you think you could show it to me again?" Turning to his son.

"Sure!" Said the boy. He was about to snap his fingers together, but started to cough something fierce before he could get the snap off.

Ceandra rushed to her son gently patting/rubbing him on the back to help soothe the cough. After a minute Seyru had stopped coughing. After he had stopped relief swept over her face. When she looked at her husband she saw an angry glare in his eyes directed at her. "Why don't you head upstairs drink a class of water, go to your room, and I'll tuck you in, in a little bit." Speaking calmly to the boy.

"Okay Mama." The now paler looking boy walked up the stairs.

"You shouldn't be letting him go outside." Said Zeref his anger turning to concern. He could never stay angry with his wife for very long.

"I know I shouldn't, but it's so hard to keep a child his age locked up in the house or lab all day." Said Ceandra. The lab and house are connected together with the house being on top, while the lab though a couple stories itself was completely buried underground.

"He can't afford to get worse, or contract another illness." Scolding his wife. "He just barely started to get some color back from the last one."

"I'm sorry." Looking away guiltily. "It's just so hard to keep him inside all the time. Besides he's finally over that last illness."

"We both know it doesn't take anything for him to get sick again."

"I know." Now looking down at the floor. Ever since Seyru was born he had contracted one illness after another.

"I'm actually surprised his coughing attack was as tame as it was."

"He knows whenever he comes in here to distract you and your assistants as little as possible. Even going as far as surprising whatever was ailing him at the time. Despite of fragile Seyru is he has a strong will."

"Just like his mother." Sighed Zeref.

"What was that?" Pouted Ceandra

"Nothing dear." Turning his chair around so he was facing his work again

"I really wish you wouldn't make weapons." She spoke softly wrapping her arms around her husband shoulders.

"Same here." Sighing again. "But I have to so we can keep Seyru healthy."

"I know." Releasing her grip. "I just wish there was a better way."

"Me too." Activating the Black Lacrima once again moving a set of controls to move the arm it was connected to move.

Time skip

One week later.

Zeref and Ceandra where sitting down nervously and afraid waiting for the doctor to come out of their son's room. Two days ago the young boy had a nearly fatal coughing incident that nearly scared everyone to their own death. Since then Ceandra had been by her son's side doing her best to take care of him while one of her husband's assistant went to get a doctor. No one working at the lab had any real medical experience and convincing a doctor to stay at the lab at all times was a hard task to do with the budget they had was next to impossible.

Over those two days Seyru slipped in and out of conciseness. Waking only to cough something up, or whenever he needed to eat or drink. He would toss and turn in his sleep as a raging fever prevented him from getting comfortable. During these fits the blankets would get thrown off and would immediately shake from the sudden chills.

No work was done during those two days, as everyone feared for the young boys' life. Sure he had had scares like this before being born without an immune system, but never before had he seemed so close to deaths door than he was right then and there. Ever since the day Ceandra had announced she was pregnant everyone had high hopes for the child due to how special his parents were surely with the right guidance he would one day surpass both of them. Never did they imagine the child would be as frail as he was.

"Do you think he's going to be okay?" Asked a very worried mother.

"I don't know." Zeref answered her truthfully.

"This is all my fault. I should have never taken him outside…"

"Ceandra…" He was going to tell her she was wrong but a creaking noised silenced him.

The doctor finally opened the door. His head hung low. He saw the parents looking at him desperately in hopes of good new. The doctor let out a huge sigh. "I'm sorry Mr., and Mrs. Alabaster but your son has come down with a severe case of pneumonia."

"Can't you cure him?" Asked Ceandra

The doctor kneeled down placing a hand on Zeref and Ceandra's shoulders "I've treated your son the best I can, but with how weak the boy is I'm afraid all we can do now is pray that the medicine can compensate for his immune system, and hope he gets better." He released his grip. "From what you've told me about the boy I can tell you that his body is very weak from all the constant illness. Furthermore from what I could see his body has never had enough time to fully recover. It brings me no joy to deliver this kind of news, but at this rate it may only be a matter of time before he…"

"NO!" Trying not to hear what she already knew.

Zeref quickly hugged his wife into his chest so the doctor could finish. "You can help him cant you."

"As I was about to say he may recover this time." The doctor let at a sigh. "But it may only be a matter of time before his body just give in to the wear and tear these illnesses have put on it." Looking at Zeref he could see he could just as easily be crying like his wife. Fortunately he was being strong for the both of them. For now. "Why don't you two go in to see your son." Walking towards the kitchen to get something to eat.

Zeref and Ceandra walked into Seyru's room to see the young boy sleeping while they walked to his bedside. The boy looked as if he weren't breathing. To make sure he was Zeref put his hand hovering above his son's mouth and nose to feel for breath. He got some relief when he felt the cool breath touch his hand

Ceandra looked at her frail child on the edge of death's door. She couldn't stand to look at him knowing there was nothing she could do to help him. She felt her husband wrap his arms around her shoulders.

"We have to be strong for him honey." Fighting his own tears back.

Hearing his father's word Seyru opened his eyes a quarter of the way as that was all he could muster to keep his eyes open. "Mama, Papa." His words were only just audible to his parents.

"Yes son." Zeref answered voice shaking.

"Yes Seyru." Ceandra barely got the words out.

"I love you." Said Seyru even weaker than before. His barely open eyes shut. Again he looked like he had stopped breathing.

Zeref placed his hand over his son's airways again only this time he felt nothing. "DOCTOR!" Screamed a now desperate father running out the room the find the man who could save his son.

All the strength in Ceandra's body left her as she fell to her knees with her upper body landing on her son's bed. "NO, NO, No, No, no, no." Her pleading screams slowly turning to whispers hoping against all odds the doctor could save her son.

The doctor came running into the room with Zeref right behind him. The doctor felt the boy not breathing and quickly started to do CPR.

Zeref pulled his wife away from the bed so the doctor could work. In the process of moving her she clung herself to her husband, tears falling down her face like a running faucet, repeatedly saying 'this can't be happening.' Zeref matched his wife's hug as he watched the doctor doing his best to revive his son. He found himself repeating 'come on son, fight it.'

After the longest minute of their lives the doctor did everything in his powers to get the boy to breathe. Sadly though nothing he could do would bring the young boy back. A tear made its way down the doctor's face as he slowly turned towards the fearing parents. "I'm so sorry. I'm so very sorry, but there was nothing I could do." Looking sympathetically at Zeref and Ceandra.

Ceandra's legs gave out hearing the doctor's words dragging her husband down with her. She truly started to sob uncontrollably as her only son passed away at such a tender age. "M-m-my my ba-ba-ba-bab-baby."

Zeref could no longer keep his strong front on as he too cried his heart out with his wife over their son's death. "At least he won't be suffering anymore." Remembering every sickness the boy had suffered through throughout his short life. After saying what he said neither parent said a word as his assistants did the best they could to help the grieving parent knowing full well nothing they could do could ever ease a parents grief after losing a child.

Two weeks later.

The house and lab of the Alabaster's had become a cold and silent place since Zeref and Ceandra lost their son. Zeref did his best to comfort his wife, but she had shut herself off from the world never leaving her bed except to use the bathroom. Concerned for her with her current state of mind he made sure one of his four assistance kept an eye on her whenever he couldn't do so himself. It pained him to see her like this. He felt like he might lose Ceandra as well if she continued on like this for much longer.

Walking to the lowest room in his lab he walked into the freezer where his son's body was dressed in black funeral clothing. There had been a string of deaths recently and his funeral kept getting pushed back. He sat down next to the body gently stroking the frozen hair on the boys' head.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't save you." After the last two weeks he had he had cried all his tears so he was unable to at this moment of time. "I wish I had specialized in medicine instead of lacrima. I kept hoping I might be able to stumble onto something that could help you while Ceandra took care of you." Thinking of all the times he had seen her tend to the ill child. How she managed to keep her young looks after all the care she had provided for him was beyond him. Hell he had acquired several gray hairs from just watching her helping him back to health while keeping everything clean in attempt to prevent the next one that would be just around the corner.

He pulled out a small chunk of black lacrima in his coat pocket. "I really thought I'd find something for you. I'm sorry as I never did." Throwing the black lacrima at the wall. Hitting the wall somehow activated it as it momentarily killed all the power in the room. He stared at the object for nearly ten minutes. "It activated by itself." He grinned as he just got an idea. "Maybe I can save you after all." Getting up to go retrieve the black lacrima. "No!" Finding new hopes in the black stone in his hands. "I will save you, my son."

Later that day.

"Professor Zeref do you really think this plan will work?" His head assistant begging him to cease the mad idea of brining his son back to life through the black lacrima. "What you are attempting to do defies god himself."

Picking up a scalpel in one hand and the end of a small tube in the other. "God had over twenty chances to take my son from me and my wife." Placing the scalpel over the first cut mark on his son's body. "All I want is one chance to bring him back." Looking at his assistant. "You have a daughter don't you?"

"I do sir." He suddenly thought of what he would do to save his daughter if she was in any.

"Then you can understand why I'm doing this." Making the first of many incisions in order to coat the skeleton of the deceased child with the black lacrima. Even though he didn't have any medical experience he couldn't do anything to help his boy out when still alive. Now though that he was dead he saw his body as a machine that he could fix by coating it with the magic stealing black lacrima, and with that magic bring the boy back to life.

"May god have mercy on all of our souls." Preparing to do whatever his boss needed him to do over the long process to revive the boy.

"God has nothing to do with any of this. Not anymore." Pouring the first dose of the liquefied lacrima onto the boys' rib cage with the tube in his hand forever dyeing it black.

The next Day

Ceandra was sitting on her bed looking out the window just as she had ever since her son had died. The only difference is that her husband had yet to try to get her out of bed that day. 'Is he giving up on me?' She asked herself. 'Is he mad at me? I did let him out a couple of days before he came down with phenomena. Is it my fault he caught that illness? Is it my fault Seyru is no longer with us?' Those questions had been haunting her since his passing. She then heard someone knocking on the door. She remained response-less.

After a couple of moments the person knocking on the door let themselves in. It was one of Zeref's assistance. "Sorry ma'am. Just coming in to get the dishes." Walking over towards the woman's nightstand to grab the dirty dishes. He looked at the plate worriedly and then the woman with pity. The bowl of soup he had given her an hour ago went untouched save for maybe a few spoons of broth. "Mrs. Alabaster you really need to eat something." Picking up the full bowl. "You need cant just let yourself waste away. If you keep this up you may end up like…"

"Don't say his name." Shouting at the assistant, yet the volume only came out just about normal speaking levels. Tears began to cascade down her face.

Where she was getting the fluids to cry the assistant had no idea. Her words were like a slap on the face for the young man. Adverting his eyes from the woman. "I'm sorry ma'am. It's just that we're all worried about you. We already lost someone close. I don't know how much worse it would get around here if we lost you too."

She asked one of the questions that had been haunter to the assistant. "Does Zeref hate me?"

"Why would he hate you?"

"I let him outside two days before he caught that illness." Her voice was shaking with guilt.

"Ceandra, believe me when I say this. None of us can or ever will hate you. We just want to help you." There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. "If you don't mind me asking ma'am why didn't you and professor Alabaster ever have a second child?"

"We thought about it." Silence. "But with me constantly having to take care of…him it wouldn't be good for me if I caught whatever he had while I could be pregnant."

"Zeref could have taken care of him while you…"

"Zeref had to keep up his work so we could pay the doctors. Besides it wouldn't have been good for the second child if it caught its brothers illness, or worse born with the same condition."

The assistant could make out the rest of the picture. Zeref's inventions brought in a lot of money when completed. Of course he had to pay all of his assistants. After that bills to keep the lab going and the people in it as well. Whatever they managed to keep for themselves must have went to doctor bills as Seyru was constantly coming down with new illnesses only after getting over the one prior. 'It would have put too much stress on the two of them to have a second child.' "I'm going to reheat this bowl of soup for you. After you finish it why don't you go see your husband. He's become overly obsessed with the black lacrima project. I'd really don't want to see what he may do if he lost you as well. We really can't afford to lose you."

"Thank you." Ceandra said watching the man exit the room. Suddenly she felt something draining her of what little energy her body had left and soon after passed out. When she woke up hours later she heard someone shouting 'Ceandra is up Zeref. She's up.'

"What's going on?" Asked the confused woman. Before she knew it her husband walked through the bedroom door. "Zeref!" Doing her best to smile at him

"Good you're awake Ceandra. How are you doing?" Asked the black-haired man whose face was unreadable.

"Alright I guess." Sitting up in her bed.

"Good." Looking away from her now.

"What is it?" Knowing he had something to say, but couldn't find a way to say it. "Does it have something to do with the black lacrima you're working on?"

"Yes it does."

"The weapon?"

"I've worked on something else for it to work on."

"Like what?"

A couple minutes of silence passed by before Zeref finally spoke. "Ceandra there is no easy way for me to say what I've done. It would be better if I just showed you." Opening the door. "Come on in." Motioning for someone to enter the room.

Ceandra looked at the open door way waiting for whatever Zeref was going to show her to walk in. What she saw when come to the door brought tears to her eyes while she jumped off her bed to hug the person. "Seyru!" Hugging her son. After a brief moment of joy she quickly separated herself from the boy now looking at her husband furiously. "What did you do?" Seeing that her son's body was covered in stitches all across his body looking deathly pale, and shivering as he looked at her.

"I coated his bones with the black lacrima." Pointing at the stitch work. "After that I had it activated to drain all the magic from all the lacrima in the lab to charge his which in turn brought Seyru back to life."

'Is that drain why I fell asleep a while ago?'

"Mama, why are you crying?" Asked Seyru looking at her.

"It's nothing Seyru. Don't worry about me." Seeing the boy hug himself continuing to shiver.

Zeref also saw his son shiver as well. 'Is he running out of magic already? No matter I know I can keep him alive this time' "Seyru why don't you go try to warm yourself up while your mother and I talk."

"Alright!" Seyru did as his father had asked him to do and left the two adults to talk alone while he went to go try to warm himself up. He heard one thing before walking away from the closed door. His mother shouting 'What did you do to him.' After that the boy just began to mindlessly walk eventually heading outside where he continued to walk until the coldness he was feeling became to much for him to handle making him lose consciousness.

Two Years Later.

Seyru woke up seeing his mother pinning him down with a knife in her hand ready to stab him.

"I'm So Sorry." tears trickling down Ceandra's cheeks as she began to stab down at the boy.

"Mama stop." Begged the very confused boy watching as his words stopped her.

"Seyru is that really you?" Stopping the knife just inches above the boys' face now looking confused herself.

"Who else would I be?" 'Why is Mama trying to kill me?'

'No you have to do this.' Raising the knife back over her head. "I'm sorry, but I have to do this after everything you have done these past two years."

'Two years?' "What are you talking bout two years?"

Ceandra saw the genuine confusion on the boys face. "You mean you really don't remember the last two years?"

"The last thing I remember was Papa asking me to leave your bedroom to go warm up." Staring at the knife threatening to kill him.

Putting the knife in its sheaf on her belt. Next she started to point all around them. "You mean you don't remember doing any of this?" Looking for any sign saying he didn't know.

Looking to where his mother was pointing he saw nearly ten lifeless bodies on the ground in bloody heaps. While looking at them he saw a trial of blood going down to his hands covered in the crimson liquid. He began to shake in fear. "Where did the blood come from." Freaked out more looking down at the rest of his body blood spattered all over it. While looking down he noticed that his body had grown from his last memory. 'Has it really been two year?'

With the boys squirming underneath her Ceandra got off the boy continuing to get freaked out seeing all the bodies, destroyed environment, his blood soaked body, yet not one mark on his own body. "What's happened to me Mama?" Looking at the only other living thing he could see.

'Please let this be the real Seyru.' Hoping that something else had controlled his body these past two years. "I'm not going to lie to you son. These past two years you have been used as a weapon to kill many people."

Memory not feeling like his own flashed through his head of many people dying before him. He knew it was his body doing it as he was all though his perspective and not another's. Still he had no recollection of doing any of it himself. "I would never kill anyone." Trying to suppress the images barraging him.

"Your father turned you into a weapon." Remembering what her son looked like only minutes ago killing all the men around her without any signs of remorse. The boy she saw now would never be capable of killing anyone.

"Papa would never do anything like that…"

"I don't know how or why but he did."


"Because you died…"

"But I'm alive right now."

"Because your father found a way to bring you back to life."


"With the black lacrima. Its ability to steal magic somehow brought you back to life and is also what is keeping you alive right now."

Only then did the now ten year old boy realize how heavy he was. "I died." Slowly beginning to believe what his mother told him.

"Know that everything I'm telling you is true." Said Ceandra placing her hand over her heart.

"Then why has Papa turned me into a weapon." Images his body had seen while he slept began to intertwine with his real memories.

"He's trying to create something to truly keep you alive. In order to create it he has been using you to get what he needs to build it."

"Something to keep me alive?" A cold feeling began to sweep over him.

"In order for you to stay alive the lacrima in your bones has to constantly absorb magic. Therefore your father is trying to create something that can create an unlimited amount of magic to this magically limited world."

"That's not a bad thing…"

"He's used you to kill countless people these past two years in hopes of creating it."

The coldness he was feeling now forced him to shiver.

"I've been trying to stop him, but I can't pull the trigger to really do it." Seeing her son shiver she knew that the magic stored in his body was about to run out. "But I can weaken his plans by taking you out of the equation." Leaning her head down as she stood up pulling out a key from box latched onto her belt.

Not able to see any expressions on his mothers' face from her long auburn hair covering it from sight. "Are you going to kill me?" All the images of the crimes his body had committed over the last two years had finished fusing with his real memories. He actually felt like he deserved it.

"No, but I am going to end your suffering." Lifting the silver looking key over her head. A golden light shoot out of the key and expanded over both of them.

Seyru looked at the magnificent light glowing over him in amazement. Somehow just looking at it he felt the coldness in his body begin to warm up.

"I'm going to send you to a world filled with magic." Face still hidden behind her hair. Looking up at the golden light that would take him to a New World. He looked back at his mother who looked exhausted now due to the light she had created. That's when it hit him. His mother was serious about sending him to another world. "Are you going to come too Mama?"

"Sorry Seyru." Ceandra answered wearily. "But I have to stop your father."

"Will I ever get to see you again?" He could feel tears dripping down his face.

"If not in the world I send you to, then the one after that."

Rushing to hug his mother. "You mean I might not see you until I die?"

"You truly did inherit your fathers intelligence." Hugging her son back. With the help of her son she stood up. "I'm sorry for what I'm about to do, but if you continue to live in this world you will know nothing but pain and suffering."

Seyru felt his body beginning to rise up off the ground "Mama!" Desperately trying to keep a hold of her.

Ceandra loosened one of her arms away from the hug on her son. With that arm she reached for a dark red box attached to her belt, and removed it before handed it to her son. "Use what I give you in the box to protect yourself. Know that I have and always will love you no matter what Seyru." Ceandra knew what she had to do. She had to let go of her son, but she had already lost him once before. At least this time it wouldn't be through death. Doing the hardest thing she had ever done since burying the boy two years ago Ceandra let go of the hug and watched as her son was pulled through the light to the world known as Earthland.

"MAMA!" Seyru screamed for his mother as he got closer to the light. Soon the light engulfed him. "MAMA!" Letting out one last scream as he was transported to another world

Ceandra fell to her knees as she saw her son disappear from Edolas. Tears fell uncontrollably just like they had for her son when he died. "That's the second time I've lost my son." Her words just audible. Looking up at the stars trying to imagine the world Seyru had gone to. "May you find piece, and may you never be broken again."


"MAMA!" Seyru screamed reaching out for someone no longer there. "Why?" Falling to his knees. "Why did you make me leave?" He continued to cry for several minutes until he needed to take in what happened as well as his surroundings.

All around the boy were trees. Trees he had never seen before, but then again that could just be due to his lack of ever really going outside in the first place. The sun was directly over head. For the first time in his life he felt its warmth. "So this is what the sun feels like?" Right then he noticed something. "I don't feel cold anymore." Looking up at the clear blue skies. "You did what you said you'd do Mama. I don't feel the cold pain anymore. That can only mean one thing." Snapping his fingers together to create fire, only this time it felt effortless compared to before."

'Your father coated your bones with that cursed black lacrima. Because of that you will always feed off the magic around you. In order for you to live free of that painful cold I must send you to a world were magic is abundant.' Somehow hearing his mother speak to him

"You did what you said you were going to do Mama. You found me a world were the cold doesn't hurt me." Loneliness made its presence known as it joined its body sorrow. Only then did he realize he knew no one of this new world. "Please find your way here. I don't want to be alone."

'May you find piece, and may you never be broken again.' Somehow hearing his mother's words from Edolas.

"I will find peace, and I will never be broken again. I promise you Mama." Placing his hand over his heart while he made the promise. Wiping the tears from his eyes. "Just don't make me wait till I die to see you."

End Flashback.

Authors note for the remainder of this chapter in regards to whenever Phoenix talks.

'As we know by now Phoenix is speaking telepathically to Natsu.' feminine voice in singsong tone.

"Phoenix is talking through Natsu to everyone." Again a feminine singsong voice.

"Natsu and Phoenix are speaking in unison." Both voices being spoken at the same time.

One more thing. I'd recommend getting up to stretch for a minute, as you are not even halfway through this chapter yet. Again I'm sorry for making this chapter so long. I'll point out the irony in a couple of chapters.

"That is how I came to Earthland." Seyru finished answering Natsu's last question with his story.

Natsu store at the black-haired wizard as he finished telling his story. Part of him felt sorry for the man. Another part of him wanted to know more as his tale still left holes on what he did in Earthland after he arrived. The final part wanted to get back to the fight. "What do you have planned for Lucy?" Natsu asked knowing that the answer to that question could fill in some of those gaps.

"I've answered your last two questions." Seyru answered taking a battle stance. In process of telling his story the magic gathered by the black lacrima had healed all his wounds. "If you want more answers then survive long enough, or beat me." Clapping his hands together. "Earth-Magic: Gathering Armor." Various objects came out of the ground clinging themselves to the man from Edolas. Slowly the earthen materials became transparent. Snapping his fingers the chains that bound Natsu turned to dust. "If you thought I was made of steal before you're in for a lot of trouble now that I'm wearing armor."

Natsu stood up off the ground. Every part of his body was aching, sore, or bloody. In the fifteen minutes he was chained down the affects of his own adrenaline had run out. 'Damn I feel beat up.' Trying to ball his hands into a fist but he couldn't due to the soreness from the volume of punches he had thrown earlier. His legs were supporting him felt fine at the moment, but again all the kicks he had landed added into how fast paced the fight was he could feel he no longer had a spring to his step. Plus he was cut above the left eyebrow allowing blood to flow down into his eye effectively blinding it.

'Now is the time.' Phoenix's emerald eyes on the tattoo on Natsu's arms began to glimmer.

"You look pretty beat up there Natsu." Seyru said in a mocking tone looking up and down Natsu's beaten body. "To bad for you all fire magic can do is destroy and increase ones strength. Because of that you have no hopes of beating me in a long drawn out fight." Now laughing that he already had a huge advantage as the second part of the fight was about to begin.

"Its true all fire magic can do is destroy." Natsu was admitting his elements only purpose. "However." Lifting up his right arm covered by the Phoenix tattoo. "This here is going to throw that book right out the window." Painfully balling up his right hand only to open it.

"White Flame of the Phoenix."(White Flame = Phoenix Fire.) Spoke Natsu with a female voice singing the same words he spoke. From his right hand a white flame began to engulf the casters body.

'What was with his voice right there.' "White Flames of the Phoenix?" The flame intrigued Seyru. "I've never heard of such a thing."

"You're about to see a lot of thing you've never seen before Seyru." Now grinning, and this time Natsu's voice was pure female singing voice. "Like for starters this flame you see is unique to all other fires known to you humans."

'His voice changed again. What did he mean to you humans.' "Like?"

"This flame has the ability to heal." At that Natsu's cuts began to heal themselves, his aches and pains slowly began vanish. From this looks Natsu soon appeared to be back near 100%

"How?" Looking on in astonishment at he saw a fire that was actually capable of healing. In his entire four hundred plus year life he truly believed he would never see such a thing. Yet right before him it was happening.

'Don't forget you'll only be able to do that one more time?' Phoenix warned Natsu.

'I know.' "What do you think? Never seen a flame do that before have ya?" Natsu grinned.

"No, no I haven't. However this isn't about showing off. This is about a fight to the death." Clapping his hands together. "Earth-Magic: Spears." Casting the first offensive spell between the two of them.

Natsu had no time to react as the earthen spears laughed out of the ground at him. Five of them going through his chest. "Ughhhh!"

"How disappointing." Looking at the impaled fire wizard. "I was hoping for a challenge." Taking out a cigarette lighting it quickly. "But just like last time I got to serious too quick for you." Taking in a puff of smoke turning around to walk away.

"Hehehehehehehe!" Natsu began to laugh.

"What the?" Turning back around after hearing his opponent laugh after getting impaled.

"Like we said this flame is unique to all other fires." The pink-haired man walked through the spears sticking out from the earth.

'How is this possible?'

"The second power of the White Flame: Body of Fire." His body was completely free of harm, but he now had five holes in his white vest where he should have gotten stabbed.

"Wind-Slice!" Swiping a wave of high-pressured wind at his adversary.

"Body of Fire." He whispered as the winds went through him. After phasing through Natsu making his body flicker the wind spell continued on to cut a building in half horizontally.

'Healing and the ability to change your body into your own element. That's two abilities a fire specialist should never have.' "What are you?"

"I'm Natsu Dragneel."

"Master of the Phoenix." Sliding his left arm down the right tattooed one.

"And I'm all fired up now!"

"Master of the Phoenix huh?" Taking a puff of his cigarette. "So you gave up your dragon slayer magic to become a Phoenix Slayer?"

"Phoenix Slayer!" Natsu said looking at the markings on his arm. "I like the sound of that."

'I don't.' Talking only to Natsu this time. 'That would imply there are more of me when I'm one of a kind.'

'Relax it's just a name for others to call us.'

'I still don't like it.' Pouting

'It also appears that that marking put another mind in his body. This truly is a unique fire.' Spitting out the cigarette. "I'm looking forward to seeing all of what you can do Phoenix Slayer Natsu. "

'Be careful. Just because he want to…'

'Doesn't mean he won't kill me if he get the chance.' Natsu took a battle stance.

Seyru clapped his hands together. "Earth Magic:…"

So focused on what was going to happen Natsu didn't notice the ground break apart around him. Thinking it was more earth magic like he heard he activated body of fire one more. Only this time it wouldn't be the earth being used. Instead.

"Ops I meant Water Magic: Geyser." Smiling once again

Water shot out of the ground all around the two wizards washing away all the bodies of the councils army. Soon the stream died down until it turned the sunny day into a rainy one for the two. With all the water that came out of the earth the ground was now flooded in a several inches of water.

Looking furiously at Seyru who tricked him. "Damn it." Dropping down to one knee in pain. Though no force was behind the water touching him the water it did more damage to him than he had taken to this point in the fight.

"Don't tell me simply toughing water hurts you. If it does then I won't even have to use any other magic than water from here on out." Smiling cockily as the water floated around him.

"But you didn't have any contact with water."

"So you know my weakness then. Honestly though don't tell me you didn't think I'd know how to work around such an exposable weakness." Pointing at the ground around them there were holes around the part of Hargeon they were in with water continuing to flow out of them. "Using my earth magic I dug tunnels underneath the entire town while I told my story. I now have complete access to Earth, Water(both below him.), Wind(all around him.), and Fire(his two gloved hands.). You have no idea the trouble you've truly in."

'What's your next move Natsu?'

Natsu cracked his knuckles. 'You know what my next move is.'

"Water-Magic: Twin Stream." Two powerful jets of water went straight for the fire wizard.

Not taking a step back. Scratch that taking a step forward Natsu stretched both arm out in front to catch the two streams of water in his bear hands while activating the White Flame again.




"Third power of the White Flame: Heat absorption." Almost instantly the two streams of water froze up all the way back to its master who got out of the way before he became frozen as well.

"A fire that can turn water into ice?" Taking out his pack of cigarettes to smell them. "Nope defiantly tobacco." Thinking someone replaced the tobacco with a something else.

"Don't ignore me!" Natsu appearing right before his confused foe preparing for a punch.

"Go ahead you can't hurt me with your fists." Giving him a free shot thinking his armor and black lacrima would protect him from any harm.

Flattening his hand out to turn the punch into a palm strike he hit Seyru on the chest. "Who said I was going to try to hurt you?"

Once the palm strike hit his chest he felt as though he was plunged into a bath of ice water. 'So cold.' Thinking of his last few memories of Edolas. "Water-Magic: Twin Stream." This time casting the spell at point blank range.

Just catching sight of the twin streams Natsu did three backward flips to create distance before catching the water spell in his hands again. Just like before he turned the water into ice using Heat Absorption.

"Water Magic: Geyser." More water shot out from the ground just like before.

Natsu realized that this attack had a wide enough spread it could douse the flame putting him in a world of pain. Closing his eyes he also knew this could lead to his win as well. The new batch of water readying to touch down. "Heat Absorption Wave."

The Water that covered the streets of Hargeon immediately froze making the city one giant skating rink. This reduced the size of the hole in the ground greatly making the water come out as a rain. Well calling it rain at this point would be incorrect. The fire wizard's new found magic turned the imitation rain into snow. That's right Natsu just turned Hargeon into a winter wonder land.

No words could express the confusion going though the elemental mage's mind as the fire wizard before him turned the once gorgeous sunny day into a full-blown winter storm. He then took out his pack of cigarettes from his pocket. "You are just full of surprises Natsu." Throwing his addiction away cold turkey style. "I just wonder how long can you keep this up? After all we both know you'll be the one to run out of magic first."

"I'll beat you before I run out of magic." Speaking with confidence. "That and I can fight you without magic as well." Peeling off his shredded white vest before dropping it on the frozen ground.

"I doubt that."

When the vest hit the ground it cracked the ice around it

'Weights?' Thought Seyru 'How basic.' "That won't help you."

Unbuckling his belt Natsu removed his white waistcoat leaving him dressed in only his black sorts. He lifted it to eye level before dropping them having the same result as the vest.

Taking a big gulp. 'Those were rubbing his legs the entire time.' "That might help…"

Natsu charged with a serious of punches that his opponent wasn't able to keep up with. Only this time instead of only using strength he was allowing the speed to do the damage as chunks of armor started to fly off of his transparent armor. Next he launched a vicious head kick.

Just getting his arms up in time he blocked the head kick and then quickly jumped off the ice to avoid getting his legs swept out from under him from a follow-up low kick. 'He's actually pushing me to my limits.' At that moment he shed his armor allowing him to now match Natsu's speed. Blocking a right hook he fired a straight right only for Natsu to dodge. 'Not going to dodge me this time.' Spinning around quickly with his left hand extended at full reach(Spinning Back-Fist). Natsu having to use both hands stopped the attack "Wind-Magic: Breathless!" Hitting Natsu with the palm of his right hand on the chest.

Natsu jumped back not in pain, but to create distance to catch his breath as the spell he was hit by was quite literally did as it was named. Panting heavily. Unluckily for him he would get no rest as he was now put on the defense managing to block a few shots before getting hit by Breathless for a second time. Only this time he took two palms to the chest instead of one with enough force to send him though a house behind him.

Ceasing the assault for now the black-haired man walked to the now destroyed house to find he pink-haired man. "I'll admit this to you Natsu it's been a long time since someone forced me to take off my armor to keep up with them." Now standing before the man trying to catch his breath on all fours. The two were now in someone's now destroyed home. "Most people wear armor to protect themselves from pain." Picking up the fire wizard by his neck. "I myself on the other hand use it to limit myself from going all out. With you I no longer need to hold myself back.

'Natsu you need to…"

'I know.' Activating the counter half of Heat Absorption.

Feeling a burning sensation on his hand around Natsu's neck Seyru released his grip.

With the grip around his neck gone the fire wizard could know call out his next spell. Before that a massive amount of heat erupted from the Phoenix Slayer. "Now I'm really fired up! Phoenix Art: Blazing Tempest." From that release the house burst into flames.

Quickly before the house turned to ash the man from Edolas jumped out the window. Looking at his partially burnt hand. "How many time am I going to get caught by surprise?" He then felt more heat coming from above, and the once icy ground not even melting, but turning straight into its gas from. The heat was so great that he could feel himself sweat only for it to evaporate immediately. Looking up he saw a flaming ball of white, yellow, orange, red, and green flame. Though the fire he could see the source of the heat spinning in a flipping motion at neck-breaking speeds.

"Phoenix Art: Exploding Dragon Blade!" Now falling down to the ground to strike his foe.

"I see!" Thinking of when Natsu first began using the third phoenix power. 'First you steal all heat from whatever you touch and store it for later. Next you unleash all that heat to create those blazing flames. Finally you use those flames for an ultimate attack.' Making sense of how the entire third power worked. Taking off one of the gloves he stretched out all four of his limbs at full extent. On his hands and feet a kanji symbol appeared on each body part. "Tsuchi(Earth, right foot.), Mizu(Water, left foot.), Kaze(Wind, glove free left hand.), Kasai(Fire, gloved right hand.). Four Shield." The four Kanji symbols shot from his hands and feet in front of him growing in size right between him and Natsu.

The blazing fire met the shield with an earth shattering downward kick creating a massive explosion on contact. The shock waves coming from the opposing forces leveled all the buildings around them leaving nothing but a crater with a nearly hundred foot radius. Once the smoke cleared Natsu saw that the shield had stopped his attack.

The pink-haired man couldn't believe it. Looking at the shield he hadn't even put a scratch on it. "Damn it." Jumping off the shield. 'Gildarts couldn't stop that attack.' Thinking back to his training.

"Nice attack you had there Natsu." Seyru complemented him. "But that showed the difference in our powers."

Natsu looked confused. "What do you mean Seyru?"

"First off I assume you gave that last attack of yours your best shot?"


"The same can be said for my shield as it is tied directly to my magic."


"If you ever manage to destroy it that means I'm out of magic." Calling the elemental kanji symbols back into his hands and feet, but leaving them visible in case he needed to call it out again. "But like I said before you will run out of magic before I ever do." Laughing maniacally.

'Damn it.' Thought Natsu. 'Phoenix magic doesn't have nearly the punch Dragon Slayer magic does.'

'If you'd used that from the beginning you'd be out of magic right now.' Phoenix informed him.

'I know.' Knowing her healing abilities already extended this battle for him. 'I just didn't think the guy would have a nearly limitless amount of magic.'

'He has a limit.'


'All the spells he's used thus far require large amounts of magic to perform. Furthermore his range of magic absorption was larger than he'd like to admit.'

'How is that a bad thing?'

'He's already taken all the magic he can from a large area.' Phoenix revealed

Natsu let out a huge grin. 'Meaning if we can keep him in Hargeon he'll eventually run out of magic.'

'We just have to make sure we don't take any major damage before that happens.'

"Done game planning with your partner?" Asked Seyru

"Huh?" Both Natsu and Phoenix were caught off guard by the question.

"So I'm right there is a second mind in there." Looking at the tattoo on Natsu's right arm.

Rubbing the arm. "How did you find out."

"One your voice has changed several times since we started using magic. Two when I killed all those night you looked like you were in a conversation. three just a moment ago you were in too deep of thought for someone like you being in a fight."

"So we both know each others weaknesses." Phoenix spoke out loud.

Loosening up. "Not all of them."

"I know so long as we keep this fight within Hargeon you will run out of magic."

Looking shocked at his foe. "You must be the brains of the operation?" Silently asking for the mysterious voice's name.

"Just call me Phoenix."

"Hey did you just call me stupid, Seyru?" Natsu asked furiously.

"You wouldn't have figured out two of my weaknesses without Phoenix's help." Seyru answered honestly. Before Natsu could speak again Seyru continued to speak while continuing to loosen up. "No matter who's doing the game planning I have to admit the two of you have given me a tough physical fight, as well as continuously catching me off guard with your unique abilities." Some how his expression more serious than it previously had so far. "But I'm tired of being put on the defense. Not only am I going to take the offense. Plus I'm going to test your mental strength."

(Authors Note: Hello Rellek.)

Seyru clapping his hands together. "Earth-Magic: Living-Doll." His magic pulling and shaping something out of the earth right before him

Natsu saw something raising out of the ground. Whatever it was it he knew he had to keep the offensive charging in readying a flaming fist he charged the man. Natsu had thought the thing would be to slow to stop him, but it had taken form just before he was about to pass it. What he saw made him slam on the brakes. "N-N-No W-W-Way." Saying in disbelief at what stood only inches away from him.

What stood before Natsu was a boy who looked to two years old. He had blonde spiky hair, brown eyes, a grin that you couldn't help but grin or smile back at, most importantly his face looked just like a younger Natsu. The toddler was wearing a blue one piece pajamas. The boy looked up at Natsu and said something that pulled heavily at his heart. "Papa!" The blonde haired baby then latched itself to Natsu's leg

"What the…" Natsu had no idea how to respond to what was happening.

"Let me introduce you Natsu." Seyru began before giving a dramatic pause. "To one of the many possibilities that could have been your child with Lucy." He now had a sadistic smile plastered on his face as he saw the reaction he was hoping to get from Natsu.

Natsu wanted to drop down and give the boy a hug, but he knew that the boy wasn't real. "How dare you!" His whole body began to shake in emotional confusion. "Don't screw with me Seyru!" Raising his right hand up gathering up a ball of white flames. Before he could throw the ball something took a hold of his right arm.

"Hi Papa." Said a second toddler hanging from his arm only this time it was a little girl with long pink hair, onyx eyes, her face looked just like a younger Lucy. She wore a navy blue dress coming down halfway to her knees. The smile she was giving him could have melted an iceberg

'Natsu don't fall for this. You know it's a fake.'

"This isn't real." Natsu whispered to himself.

"What's not real Papa?" The little girl asked.

"You're not." Re-gathering the fire in his hand as he threw it and the girl holding his arm

Seyru stopped the fire with a wind-cushion before it got close to him. The girl on the other hand was thrown a good six feet before skidding on the ground. After stopping on the ground the girl began to cry in pain again pulling at Natsu heart.

"Nii-Chan." Screamed the blonde toddler still latched to Natsu's leg.

"How could you be so mean to your own child Natsu?" Seyru asked in a mocking tone.

"Don't think you can trick me." Anger was starting to build up within Natsu.

The girl began to get back up. Her clothing was covered in dirt. She turned to her father teary-eyed. "Why would you do that to me Papa?" She wailed with tears cascading down her cute little face.

"You're not my daughter." Even though Natsu knew it to be true it also hurt him to say those words. "My child is dead." Lowering his head so his bangs covered his eyes. "It's my fault you were never born." Looking down at the boy who still clung to his leg. "Both of you."

"What are you talking about Natsu?" Asked an all too familiar voice.

"Lucy?" Natsu looked up to see that another doll had been made in Lucy's image. Still knowing it wasn't real he couldn't help but become emotional seeing his love again.

Looking at him worriedly Lucy began to walk towards the crying girl. "Don't tell me you got hit on the head during your last mission." Hugging her daughter to comfort her she looked at Natsu. "Don't tell me you forgot about Natsuki?" Fear in her eyes as she had never seen Natsu do such a thing to a child before let alone their own.

"Natsuki?" That was a name he and Lucy had discussed about using when they talked about having kids one day. He looked down at the boy. "Then you must be Lucas."

"Aye!" Lucas looking up with worry filled eyes at how his father was acting.

'How did he know about those names.' Looking past Lucy and Natsuki he stared at Seyru with hate filled eyes. "How did you learn those names." He yelled furiously.

"I've been alone with Lucy on my island for over two years now." Walking up towards the clone he had created. "That's quite a long time to not get to know someone." Smiling at the clone who was unaware of his presence. "I probably know her just as well as you do."

'Don't…For…tricks.' Phoenix pleaded

His left arm started to look like it was covered in scales. Natsu then charged Seyru with pure killing intent. In process of getting to him the boy was knocked down to the ground while the two girls shoved out of the way. The closer Natsu got to him the more control over his body he felt slipping away.

"You truly are an animal." Seyru said dodging the strikes. "After all what kind of man would hurt his own family."

Natsu connected with a huge kick to the chest of his opponent sending him over the clones he made. He went to follow the flying body until a forth clone appeared before him stopping his charge.

"What did you do to my family?" Asked an angered clone version of Natsu.

Without a seconds hesitation Natsu struck the clone knocking it down to the ground. With no other obstacles in his way he went after Seyru once more only to see he was no longer there. "Where are you?" Natsu growled.

"Papa!" Said a worried Natsuki

"Papa!" This one coming from Lucas.

"Natsu are you okay?" Asked Lucy propping the clone Natsu up.

"I'm fine." He replied standing back up. He looked at the real Natsu. "No one gets away with hurting my family." Flames were engulfing his hands.

Those words snapped Natsu out of his rage like trance. "Family?" Looking at his clone standing ready to fight to defend his terrified family. Looking at the family of four he knew instantly if he had only listened to Lucy that day that that really could have been real. "I'm sorry." Dropping down onto his rear end.

"What?" asked a now confused Natsu clone.

"I'm Sorry." Tears falling down his face. "If it weren't for me you two could be real." Looking at Lucas and Natsuki. "Please know I never meant to hurt you." Looking at Lucy. "If only I could have kept control." Finally looking at his clone. "I wish I never became a dragon slayer." He saw the scale like marks on his left arm beginning to fade away.

"But you are one." Said Seyru standing behind the clone family. "Your emotions tie directly into your dragon slayer magic. Stay in control and you have nothing to fear. Let your anger consume you however." He stopped talking as he looked at clone Natsu.

"AGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" The clone Natsu grabbed its head in pain dropping him down to all fours.

"Papa/Natsu?" The family began to surround him.

"Get away from him/me!" Both real and clone Natsu ordered the three, but it was too late. Uncontrollable fires came out of the clone and began to burn the family of four.

"AAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" All the clones began to scream in pain.

"No!" Real Natsu ran towards the flames. Before he could get to them a wall of earth halted his approach. Try as hard as he could he couldn't break through the wall to save the clones. "I'm so sorry." Tears continuing to drip down his face

"You yourself said they weren't real." Said Seyru. "So why cry over something you know to be fake?

"You bastard." Natsu immediately charged him again throwing fiery punches with bad intentions. "I know they weren't real, but that was too close to what really happened."

"You mean what I stopped." Blocking all the attacks with his left arm. "After all if it weren't for me what you just saw there would have been Fairy Tail's fate that day." Hitting the fire mage with a knee to the solarplexus that dropped him.

Now on all fours Natsu gasped for air as the knee he took drove the air right out of him as well as causing immense pain. While trying to catch his breath he got hit by an uppercut sending him crashing into a flower shop wall cracking it on impact

"All you had to do was listen to Lucy and you two could have had that family I showed you. Instead." Snapping his fingers the earthen wall went back into the ground leaving four piles of ashes. "Your child died still in the womb due to your actions, and Lucy hates you because of it."

Natsu remained silent while pushing up off the destroyed wall to stand up. Having already accepted what happened was his fault. 'She really does hate me.' Believing what he was told

"Now your guilt will become my weapon." The four piles of aches began to fly towards Seyru's left arm. "Earth-Magic: Gathering-Weapon: Quake Gauntlet" His entire left arm up to the elbow was now covered by a shiny metallic substance. "This is your end." Taking the offence himself this time throwing a punch with his now covered left hand.

Natsu put his hand up to block the punch only to feel his entire body begin to violently shake. The shaking made the bones in his arm feel as if they would crumble to dust so he jumped away from his foe. "What the hell is that thing?" His arms continued to shake.

The man from Edolas hovered the new piece of armor over the flower shop wall. "This is my personal favorite weapon to use." Placing the gauntlet on the wall that just like Natsu's arm shook violently before the building collapsed. "Quake Gauntlet." Now moving it in front of his face looking at it with admiration. "This weapon is going to shatter your vary bones to dust." Charging Natsu but unlike all the other times he threw a looping right hook instead of a straight punch.

Seeing the punch coming the mage of Earthland ducked under the punch only to see a follow up uppercut from the left. Having just seen the incoming blow he moved his head to the right in attempt to dodge, but the fist just managed to glance his ear causing his whole head to shake. "AGGHHHH!" Jumping back holding his head to help stop the ringing noises in his head.

"I'm not done with you!" Again charging his foe only throwing punches with his left arm.

Having a difficult time finding his balance due to his head still shaking the fire mage did his best to avoid all attacks, but simply couldn't dodge them all. Each time he got hit his body would uncontrollably shake violently from Quake Gauntlet's touch. "Body of Fire!" Hoping that turning his physical body into a flaming one could counter his current problem

Seeing the white flame reappear he put the palm of his hand into Natsu's chest gladly letting his hand get burnt in the process to do more in return.

"AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Again Natsu screamed, as the white flame couldn't retain his form properly making it look like he had a hole in his chest. Jumping back the white flame gathered into his hands as he threw two flaming balls at Seyru.

Seyru simply put the gauntlet up as a shield to stop the fire. "Doesn't look like you're too fired up now." Mocking the fire wizard's catch phrase.

'What are you going to do Natsu?' Phoenix asked worriedly. 'Fire won't work on that thing, and there is no way you can destroy that thing physically.'

Watching as the elemental mage slowly made his way towards him. 'I still have one more heal right?'

'Yes you do, but…'

'I'm going to use that spell.' Weakly taking a fighting stance.

'What Spell?'

'His Spell!'

'But you never used it properly before….'

'What better way to use something right the first time than in the heat of battle?' Jogging at the black-haired man reactivating the white flame.

"You got a death wish?" 'You got a death wish?' Both Phoenix and Seyru criticized the headstrong Natsu.

Both men threw a left punch colliding with the other. The impact caused a shock wave of magical energy shattering everything made of glass in a hundred-yard radius. Both men nearly fell forward as the ground gave way beneath them creating another crater in Hargeon. Both men staring fiercely into the others eyes as they kept the contact with the other fighting for dominance.

Seyru could see the fires around Natsu begin to die down. "You know I'll crumble your bones to dust if you don't let go right?"

'Imagine a grid below and underneath the surface of the target.' Natsu closed his eyes repeating instructions in his head struggling to keep focus from the earthquake threatening to destroy him from the inside. 'Next focus your magic into those to grids.'

Seyru looked at his arm as white lines making numerous squares on his gauntlet. 'That looks familiar.'

'Next make the two grids one.' Now feeling his bones reading to be pulverized into dust in the matter of seconds. "Phoenix fire: the Healing Flame." Now feeling the pain somewhat going away regaining new life pushing back the lethal weapon. For a brief second he thought of the man who taught him the spell he was about to cast for the first time in real combat. 'This one goes out to you Gildarts.' "Shatter!" At his command the deadly piece of armor shattered into cubed pieces before turning back to the dust used to create it

Seyru's eyes opened wide with disbelief that his quake-gauntlet had been shattered, more so that he recognized the spell used to destroy it. "I see." He whispered as Natsu's attack continued on hitting him in the face, sending him crashing through a steak house.

Natsu's body was still shaking from the extended contact with the gauntlet. So much that he had to hug his left hand to his chest so it would stop shaking. He wasn't tired, but his body felt like it could collapse at any moment from the abuse he willingly went through.

'Good job Natsu.' Phoenix congratulated him

'Thanks, but this is far from over.' Natsu's vision blurred and remained that way for nearly seven seconds. "Shit!" Grabbing his forehead. Even though he had healed himself using the healing powers of the white flame he just knew he took more damage than the flame could heal.

*Clap, Clap, Clap* The sounds coming from the destroyed steak house. Slowly Seyru walked out of the whole created when he went into the building. "This fight is turning out to be better than I ever could have hopped." He smiled sadistically blood now running down his face from a cut over his entire left eyebrow.

The duel slayer only watched as his enemy took his time walking towards him. 'Shit! I'm almost out of Magic.' Both legs gave out on him. 'And I'm still feeling the effect of that last attack.'

Stopping ten feet in front of who he felt had given him the toughest fight he'd been in in a long time. "You've done vary well up to this point Natsu. You are only one of five men I have fought were I've ever used the black lacrima the way that I have today. Three of them were members of the Ten Saint Wizards, and the fourth one was the one who taught you that last spell of yours."

Taking a big gulp the duel Slayer thought himself to be in major trouble as the man before him looked as though he could still go on.

"So tell me how it Gildarts doing? After all he's the only man alive who could have taught you that spell you used last." Wiping the blood out of his eyes.

"Just fine."

"Have you managed to surpass him?" Remembering the epic fight they once had decades ago while he cauterized the cut on his eyebrow

"Hard to say." Answering honestly. "You never know who's stronger when sparring."

"True." Knowing that fact first hand having trained Samuel, Samara, Saiga, and Shoka first hand. He often wondered if they would surpass him someday. "I'm going to cut straight to the point. Does he still have my Platinum Key?"

Thinking of how Gildarts opened the cave where the Phoenix once lay, as well as their last conversation he knew he did. "I don't know." Doing his best to lie.

"You are a horrible liar." Calling out the lie.

"What do you want with it anyway?"

Looking up at the sky he took a deep breath. "Along time ago I started a massive project with the leader of Shadow Angel. We managed to complete the body, but we were missing one vital key at the time as I still had the platinum key at the time.

'Layla!' Natsu remembering that Gildarts said he saved her from him over thirty years ago.

"A powerful celestial mage capable of using the key to its full potential."

"What make the platinum key so special, and why did you need a celestial mage to use it?"

"A celestial mage is the only thing capable of using the key to its full power. A power allowing it to open anything."

"Is that why you took Lucy from me?"

"It's also why I've been training her these past two years." Answered Seyru. "That's enough talking about my project for now."

"The hell it is…"

"What I really want to talk to you about now is Lucy."

"You need her for your former project don't you."

"I want to talk about the time we've spent together."

"You said you trained her." Natsu felt anger building up in his chest from were he believed this conversation to be going.

"You can't just train for two years without doing something to relax your mind and body along the way."

Natsu knew it to be true knowing that he had several days were all he did was sleep off the harsh training the day prior.

"Like I said earlier the two of us have been alone these past two years on a remote tropical island with only the others company."

Trying to stand up only for his legs to give out. All he could do was listen at this point.

"There were several nights were we simply talked to each other. That's how I knew about the names Natsuki and Lucas.

'Don't listen to him.' Phoenix advised

'I can't do anything else.' His body more damaged than it was before they started using magic.

"I know that she's the author of seven books based off the adventures she's had with you and the rest of your guild. Her mother died when she was only seven, and her father couldn't handle it or her so he become a cold-hearted businessman. The two of you had been living with each other for over four years, four of them in which you two officially were a couple, and consummated your love for each other only a year prior to my kidnapping of her."

"Shut up!" Natsu growled at what he was hearing.

"I've got to say I'm jealous that you somehow managed to make that girl fall in love with you."

"Rrrrrrrr!" Again growling

"I mean the girl can cook, clean, keep a conversation going, ext. Not to mention how exquisite her body is. Honestly she could have any man she wanted."

"Shut up!" Failing to stand back up. His left arm started to look as though it was covered in scales again. In this process the colors of the phoenix tattoo began to dull "Are you implying Lucy could fall for you."

'His inner dragon is starting to wake up. Good if I can push him further it will activate, and that sloppy technique will be mine to counter. Once it activates your life will soon end.' In truth not only was he reaching his limits like Natsu he was also tired of the Phoenix Slayer abilities and believed he could defeat Natsu's Dragon Slayer magic much easier.

'Natsu … have … Calm ….' Phoenix now pleading with some of her words getting blocked.

"Lucy would never fall for a guy like you." Natsu nearly screaming. "Not after what you've done."

"Maybe not the persona you see before you, but how about the man you thought I was before my seal was broken." Seyru tapped his temple. "A man who showed such remorse for killing an unborn child, a man who could have killed everyone she loved to make his job easier, a man who would save an enemy from being killed even though he was hired to destroy them, a man who enjoys peace and silence. A persona that is pretty much the exact opposite of what you are."

"Lucy would never fall for a murdering bastard like you."

"You think she could only fall for a guy who constantly gets into fights, makes some of the densest decisions ever, goes so over board on missions that he doesn't even bring back half the reward money. Someone who nearly ruined what they had for…"

"Shut the fuck up!" This time finally being able to stand up, but no more strength to take a step.

"She actually told me she was afraid of how your lives would change when she found out she was pregnant. Did you know she actual cried one time after looking over the budget the two of you had one time realizing that it would barely just get the two of you by. Now imagine her fear when she realized she would have to worry about another person with that same budget you two managed to live on. All that fear coming from her love's destructive habits. Habits one would expect from a careless child and not one from a man about to become a father."

That last comment silenced Natsu. 'Have I really made Lucy feel that way all this time?' Remembering back to the day before the attack


"Why do you keep on breaking things, and here I thought you where getting better about damage control." She complained as she got off the final barrel of alcohol.

"I know I promised you I'd try harder not to, but it's a hard habit to break."

"I know it is for you, but we can't keep on paying so much of the reward money for missions. Other wise we won't be able to move forward with the thing we haven't done yet." Lucy stood behind Natsu as he wrapped both of her arms around his chest.

Natsu turned himself around, and hugged the girl back. "Don't worry." He said as he kissed her forehead "You've seen me on the last couple of missions. I didn't even have to payback more than 5% back for collateral in what we got out of the share." He gave her another kiss this time on the lips.

"I know you've been doing better. It's just that you can't just be so reckless." She started to tear up.

"Is something else wrong Lucy?" He asked while grabbing hold of her shoulders to make the distance so he could see her more clearly.

End Flashback.

'I have!'

Seyru could see he was really starting to get to Natsu with his words. 'Right on the edge of an emotional collapse. One more nail and its all over.' "Whether you like it or not the two of us did get to know each other over the last couple years. We've even come to enjoy the others company as well as other things."

Natsu looked up trying to think of something to silence Seyru, but he couldn't think fast enough.

"Of all the things I've enjoyed the most over the last two and a half years Lucy and I had was the night we shared." Seyru smiled as he cast Living-Doll once more to create a clone of an unclothed Lucy. Once its form was taken Seyru wrapped his arms around Lucy.

Natsu felt his blood boil beyond anything he had ever felt before. What he had just heard and saw pissed him off so bad he couldn't see straight.

'Natsu…don't…listen…to…him.' Begged Phoenix.

Its words fell on death ears though. "You lie." Teeth grinding against each other.

"Do I?" He smile only grew as he placed his hand under her chin while beginning to lean down. She moved her head so that their lips met half way.

'Natsu…' the phoenix tried to warn him, but she was shut down as Natsu's Dragon Slayer magic fully activated(I'm not allowing him to use both Phoenix Slayer magic, and Dragon Slayer magic at the same time.). The bright colors of the tattoo fully faded as it was only left a heavy black outline of the once glorious tattoo it was only a second ago.

Natsu's breathing became more rapid as the weakened white flames died down being replaced by an angered crimson flame. His entire upper body looked like it was covered in scales while the skin started to turn red. All of his teeth grew sharp, just like his facial features

The sight of Natsu's transformation caught Seyru attention while releasing his kiss on the doll. "Got you" Looking at Natsu's eyes that now glew crimson red like the flames surrounding him. "As much fun I had fighting your Phoenix Magic I'd rather fight something more predictable." Taking a battle stance. "And with that predictability will come your death." Charging his adversary throwing a strong straight right as the naked Lucy doll faded back into the earth.

Natsu caught the incoming punch with ease as he began to squeeze down on the caught fist like a vise.

Seyru felt his hand getting crushed under Natsu's grip. 'What raw power.' Dropping down to one knee from the pressure being applied to his hand. 'How does he have this kind of power after everything I hit him with?' "Wind-Scar." Slapping his free left hand onto Natsu's ribcage. He felt hot blood beginning to cover his hand, but Natsu showed no signs of being hurt by the spell. "What the?" Looking up into Natsu's eyes he saw nothing but pure murderous intent.

Natsu let go of Seyru as he threw a right uppercut.

'Fast.' Freeing his right hand now moving both hands up to block the punch. Even though he got both hand up the force of the punch sent Seyru flying backwards straight through three buildings, demolishing them in the process. With the use of several Wind-Cushions he was able to minimize the damage he would have taken otherwise, but still. "What power." Looking at his hands shaking violently. Soon his whole body began to tremble. "What's happening to my body? What is this strange thing I'm feeling right now?"

Looking at Natsu through the three destroyed buildings he saw a murderous dragon trapped in a man's body. He was hoping that by breaking Natsu mentally he would have to revert back to his dragon slayer magic in his weakened state. He was right about reverting him back to his former magic. Only it didn't weaken him, as a matter of fact it made him much stronger than he would have ever imagined. He then realized what he was feeling now still looking at the transformed Natsu "This is fear!"

End Chapter 14.

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