Entwined Hearts

Chapter One: Confession

Lately ever since the new Anime I have been obsessed with the coupling of Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master or Yomi Takanashi and Mato Kuroi. So yes, this story will have some mild to possibly heavy yuri action down the line. Don't like, don't read. Also might contain blood and gore and violence as well possible language too.

Please be nice to a semi new writer who is also very rusty in her writing skills as of late. I haven't written a story in who knows when. So please, be gentle ^^;;;;

Special Note: All characters belong to huke , I do not own any of these characters whatsoever even though I wish to XD. Thanks and enjoy! :D

How long have I been here? It's been days, no, weeks since she has been here like this. The chains groaned in protest whenever she tried to move. She wanted to see her...she wanted to see-


Tears ran down her cold cheeks, mouthing the word of her beloved. She wanted to see her, she wanted to see her smile again, to hear her laugh. Her body screamed in agony but there was nothing she could do. She was trapped. These chains were not her own, they did not bend to her will at all no matter how she tried.

Her heart was crying

'Help Me'

The voice that once chuckled darkly was now gone

'Help Me'

Every muscle, every vessel, every fiber of her being refuse to move

'Help Me'

Her skull familiars would not come to her call

'Help me'

She could feel her spirit slowly dieing, what will become of her?

'Help me!'

Red glowing orbs stared at the helpless small form of the one that was called "Dead Master". A small smirk rose on pale lips, "Soon...do not fret my little bird. Your 'knight and shining armor' shall be here soon.".

-4 weeks ago-

Clapping hands together over her head she shouted out, "I'm sorry Yomi! But the boss says she is really going to shape me up for the next game that's next week! I'm sorry but I won't be going home with you for a while." Yomi Takanashi looked into those blue orbs of her best friend noticing the cute puppy dog eyed look of apology as she giggled.

"Eh? Is there something on my face?" Mato scrambled and started touching around her cheeks and mouth. "Ahahaha no no," waving a hand in front of her face, " it's all right there is nothing on your face. It can't be helped. Do your best, okay?" Yomi smiled as much as she could holding the bit of disappointment that might appear somewhere on her face.

"Will you be okay walking home by yourself?" the young pig tailed girl asked staring at her friend in wonder. Yomi nodded and reassured her that she will be just fine. "Mm! Okay! Well, I have to get to practice now! Bye Yomi!" With a bolt, she hurried back to the gym with her other team mates doing their drills like usual.

Yomi's smile faded slowly watching the very back of her short dear friend Mato Kuroi. With a sigh, she took up her bag and headed her way to the train station.

She stood in silence watching the scenery go by seeing the same sights every day when she returned home. 'Am I always a burden to you? Mato..? Will you always be there for me when I need you?' She looked down at her small hand, curling her fingers into her palm as she closed her eyes, 'Will you hold my hand like you always do?'.

Tears began stinging her eyes in the thought of Mato ever leaving her alone. She sighed and inhaled some air slowly to not let the tears escape her eyes. Fixing her glasses she cleaned them while waiting for her next stop.

The train paused as people were getting off, someone bumped into Yomi making her lose her glasses. "Ah!" Dropping to her knees she began feeling the ground for her spectacles. "My glasses!" She kept looking being blind as can be but soon felt a soft hand grab her hand.

"Eh?" Looking and squinting up at the figure, she felt her glasses being returned in her hand. "Oh!" And with that, she placed them back on her face to look and thank the person who found her missing glasses. What she saw she was in awe of, a beautiful middle aged lady with short cut black hair nicely framing her face and gorgeous, generous ruby eyes staring back into her emerald ones. "T-Thank you.." At loss of words the two stared at each other as the doors shut and the train still continuing on it's journey.

"It's no problem," she smiled kindly at the young girl before her, " you are very welcome. My name is Saya Irino. What is yours if you don't mind me asking?"

Taking a moment, Yomi adjusted herself and straightened her plaid skirt nervously, "M-My name is Yomi T-Takanashi. It is a pleasure meeting you." She respectfully bowed to the lady making her raise her eye brows.

"Oh...a young one with manners. How rare these days." Yomi looked up with a pink hue to her fair cheeks then looked away shyly. "If you would like, and if you have time, would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?" Emerald eyes met Ruby as the young regal girl nodded, "O-Of course! It's the least I can do for you helping me." Saya smiled more, "I'm glad. I know a good place at the next stop."

"Mou...I hope she isn't mad at me." Mato whined walking home with Yuu from practice. "Hm? I'm surprised your not complaining about what the boss did to us today." Mato made a disapproving noise making Yuu turn her head to watch her.

"Ugh. I am sooo dead. But I'm really worried Yuu! What if she's mad at me! I-I can never tell with Yomi!" Yuu smirked evily, "You sound like a boy friend fussing over his girl friend." Mato jumped and waved her hand around while her face burned bright red, " Oh no no no! I-It's not like that!"

Yuu smirked, dropping her bag for a few moments and reached up with her hands, " Matttooo you have a crush on the little bird don't youuu?". Mato began running with flushed face of embarrassment, "I-I'm not telling!". Yuu began chase as she harassed her child hood friend of hers, "You do, don't you?". Like a predator running after it's prey, Yuu finally caught her friend and began a tickle attack.

"Ahhhh! No! No Yuu! Stop! Ahahaha! AHAHAHA! OKAY! Fine! Yes I Like Yomi!" After her confession Yuu let her go and did a dark chuckle, "I thought as much," she looked at the breathless blue eyed girl as she wondered out loud, "then why haven't you told her?".

Mato froze and pouted sitting Indian style on the ground as if a kid who just got scolded for doing something bad. "Well...I-I'm scared she won't feel the same. We have been together for a few years now." She looked down with a sad expression as the thought of Yomi being disgusted of her declaration of love.

Picking up her abandoned bag, Yuu walked to her sulking friend and helped her up from her earlier childish attack. "Don't worry. I don't think Yomi is the type of person to do that. Besides I think she will like you telling you that you love her." Scratching her cheek with her index finger, "Well, more than a friend anyways." And with a grin she smiled at Mato to reassure her that everything will be all right.

Tears swelled up in Mato's eyes as her heart was touched at Yuu's encouragement, "Yuu...!" Grabbing her child hood friend she exclaimed, "Your so nice Yuu! Your the coolest!" Embarrassed of the sudden attack Yuu began wiggling in the arms of the sobbing girl, "Ack! N-Not in public! People will start thinking your asking ME out!"

After a few moments of the wiggling and laughter, the two continued their walk home while the sun set quietly behind the beautiful mountains of Japan. Little did they know, the laughter will not last long. The gears were turning as things were slowly being put into place. Their little bird will soon be in deep trouble.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Oh I dunno, I have considered this a mix of the OVA and Anime. I kinda consider this maybe a year or so after Yomi was in the checkered world when she got saved by Black Rock Shooter. Still haven't decided yet. If I get enough reviews for the first chapter I will keep writing.

Tehe! I love calling Yomi "little bird" it fits her SO well in my opinion. And if you don't understand where that comes from, it has something to do with her last name - hint hint-.

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