Entwined Hearts

Chapter 5: Hunting

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She could feel her blood rushing to her head. Her veins were tight from the tension. She won't give in. She won't give in! She refuses to give into this! Gritting her teeth, the corrupted chains locking into her elbow bones making her completely open. Trapped...like a bird in a cage.

Dead Master had lost her voice long ago. She twisted her body and bit her tongue fighting against the pleasure sensations sent up her body. Her light pink nipples were slightly erect by the forced pleasure brought upon her. Her dress was shredded to pieces all over the cell where she had been for the past few weeks. Her legs were straddled exposing her privates to the cold air that could make any poor soul shiver to the core.

"Hnnn!" Blood dripped down her mouth to her chin. Her chest rose up and down from the exhaustion of the continuous fighting. Beads of sweat adorned her pale figure giving her a certain glow. She knew she couldn't move. She knew she was broken. That's why...she was doing this to her...

"S...Stop.." a raspy voice was heard when the ruby eyes gazed up at her emerald goddess. She, deep in her mind, expected a melodious tone. But was disappointed hearing a croak instead. She was breaking and fast. Maybe she was being too rough. If only she was more cooperative.

She began working her fingers carefully into her once more and could feel, no, see her beautifully white curved stomach tighten at the intrusion. How many times has it been since she ravaged her body? She had lost count around eight. She didn't care. No, Black Gold Saw didn't care one bit. She had been wanting this for too long.

Her gauntlets lay nestled a bit of ways outside the cage's solid bars. She was not cruel enough to hurt her dear one's insides in such a way with those of course. Though she has been tempted to teach her a thing or two. The cage door was still open but she not worry. Like her damaged little bird could get anywhere far from this imprisonment.

The antagonist's eyes were fixated on the struggling face of her beloved princess. Her greatest pleasure was seeing her just letting out a simple breath when she has climaxed. Her eyebrows will grow soft and relieve from the inner workings of her troubled mind and body. Black Gold Saw's deepest wish was that she should just give in. To say she loves her, adores her, yearns for her more than anything in these worlds.

"Say it. And I will stop." Ah...her eyes opened and look at me. I could feel my cheeks redden from fascination. How beautiful...

Though sadly nothing was said to her. Black Gold Saw began feeling lonely. She was in pure bliss hearing her screams of horror earlier as she took her again, again, and again. She began wondering what she was doing wrong. She has certainly proven how much she loves her in so many ways. Gifts, songs, love poems, a beautiful home suiting to one such as herself, even the way she gazed at her. Surely she would have felt the same for her by now. Who can fight against such love such as hers?

The only thing she got in return was a spit in the face. She raised an eyebrow. How childish and unladylike. Raising her hand ready to backhand her to possibly leave her unconscious for several hours, something caught the red devil's eye. Black Gold Saw smiled broadly. Deep, deep in those dark green forest orbs she saw a certain passion. As if she was daring her with her entire being to hit her. In those eyes that stared so heatedly at her, were filled with nothing but hatred, pure hatred and disgust.

A laugh rose in her chest seeing her beautiful bird being so enraged at her. That passionate anger. In the cellar, her laugh was loud and bounced from wall to wall. The chains rattled in terror hearing such a sinister sound that awoke them from their deep slumber. Even the water that was dripping from the ceiling dared not make a sound.

Dead Master took this opportunity and fought to straighten herself out for a few moments. And with a hard tug the annoying burning chains collapsed around her making Black Gold Saw come to a halt. Spiraling her battered body Dead Master took the cursed chains and with quick speed she entangled them around Black Gold Saw's neck just to get a taste of her own medicine. Words gurgled out of the psychopath's mouth whispering 'why would you' and 'stop it my jewel' and so forth.

Dead didn't care. She wanted to kill the stupid bitch for everything she had did to her for the past few fucking hours. With the signal of her hand falling, Dead Master trashed the body and took a dash for it outside the metal bars that originally held her for too long.

Before she got too far she grabbed a simple black dress to cover the abuse that graced her figure. Stifling a small cry she took special notice of her arms. It hurt more than anything but she could do nothing to them now. What was once pearly flawless skin now was barely hanging onto the bone and muscle itself. She could actually see her own ulna, radius, and carpal under the layers of muscle that was torn with the chains Black Gold Saw kept binding her with.

Taking pieces of her original default dress that are now peasant's rags she wrapped her elbows and arms up the best she could. By the way she moved, you could tell she didn't want to be there any more than she should. Taking up her now nostalgic scythe she took off without looking back.

Her pace went from jogs, to long strides, and then from strides to a slow walk. Rock began to even wonder if this skull even knew where it was going. I mean, for heaven's sake we are in an empty prairie of nothing! Stabbing her katana in the earth from irritation it made the skull whirl sleepily back in her direction. They were both exhausted. They have been running for hours on end with no rest.

Setting her trust worthy canon on the stricken earth, Rock placed her energy drained body onto it staring up at the brisk clouds above her. The air was thick almost hard to breathe for Rock's lungs. Just hearing nothing but the empty wind made Rock uneasy. This was definitely not an area Rock would have chosen to travel again for sure.

Upon arriving the skull took it's place at her lap and rubbed itself against her stitched stomach smelling a brief whiff of it's master. Grunting she clutched the skull through it's eye sockets tossing it in the air like a young bored kid would do with a baseball. With a simple catch she peered at it with a hard gaze making the poor skull sweat with unease.

"Are you sure your taking me the right way?" her voice darkened when her gaze soon became an insensitive glare. The skull was stunned into silence then began nervously chattering as if it could talk. Rock inhaled and deeply sighed feeling like a robber who had just told a careless citizen to stick their hands up and give them their money. The skull began doing a frantic bobbing of it's head.

"That better be a yes otherwise," with a flick of her wrist her katana's sharp edge was pressed against the defenseless skull's nose making it creak with terror, "you will be facing a very unpleasant end."

The skull floated upwards and began glowing a light green color. A light hum resonated off almost like it was becoming some sort of sonar detector. The wind howled around them furiously making Rock heave up her canon and take refuge behind it. The force of the impact of the gusts were knocking her off imbalance unsure of what the stupid thing is doing.

A high pitch sound came out from it's jaw making Rock place her hands over her ears. She swore she was gonna kill it if it didn't cut out whatever it was doing. She could feel her head almost splitting in two while the sound even got higher.

"Damn it!" taking up her katana she raised it to strike the stupid thing down before she lost her insanity. When she was about to strike it down from the sky a large ripple of a shock wave sent her flying. Like a trash bag in the wind she thrashed in the air. With some what difficulty she regained her balance digging her heels on the surface of the ground. Taking in a sharp breath of air she stood just to get her bearings.

What she saw she could not believe, she had to blink her eyes a few times making sure she wasn't seeing some illusion. They were in a city of some sort yet the buildings didn't look too bad like others she had seen. A scrap of paper danced across the street being played with by the mischievous wind that also lightly rustled with the leaves on trees close by. This area, this location, felt refreshing to Black Rock Shooter. Dare she say? She could smell... "Life".

What had happened to the prairie or plain or where ever they were just in? Did it disappear? The young baby skull hovered close to her and only made one distinct click of it's jaws and things around them began breaking sending Rock into a scurry for shelter.

"What the hell?!" She took cover of a piece of concrete she had to punch the ground to get. Dust and pieces of buildings rained around her making her curse under her breath even more. Seconds went by idly and hearing the quiet sound that followed made Rock restless.

Throwing aside the concrete shield she made moments before Rock stood and waited for the dust to completely settle. From the dense fog she could see big, small, and medium shadows looming over her. Bodily instinct took over getting herself ready for a battle. Armed with both her canon and katana Black Rock Shooter went to her defensive stance to wait for the army's sudden ambush.

Nothing had yet come her way, but she waited not letting her guard down until she could see what all her opponents are. The first that was shown was the irritating baby skull that had made such a mess of everything. Digging her heel in the ground she charged forward then caught herself unsure what was before her eyes.

"What..." Hundreds upon thousands of Dead Master's skull army was covering every nook and cranny of the entire area. The streets, the sky, every window of every building were bright neon eyes staring directly at her. Loss of words at first Black Rock Shooter gulped down her saliva that had built up in her mouth.

All this time they must have been lying in wait. Maybe waiting for her to come this far to find them and help them find their beloved master. Her left glove tightened. She WILL find her. Even if she will have to tear all these worlds apart to get to her.

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

Dead Master's heels resonated in the devoid of Black Gold Saw's world. She never knew she had set it up like this. She would have remembered clearly if she was awake when she was first brought here to this hell.

She wanted to be far from this place already. Yet she is still here! WHY is she still here? She ran and ran and ran but nothing was around but darkness. The dead air was her only company it seemed for hours on end.

"Tch" trying not to lose her patience Dead Master had wished she would abandon her heels but she never knew what was outside. She was quite beaten up already and didn't want any more wounds than already needed.

Her urgent speed was soon followed by an anxious stroll as she continued to walk into what seemed like nothing. Her eyes focused and soon saw a pathway. It was far but it was certainly hopeful looking or some would say ' a light at the end of the tunnel '.

She wanted to see her. She wanted to see her precious Black Rock Shooter. The last time she saw her was when she was taken. She could still remember the blurry vision of Rock reaching out her hand towards her in a desperate attempt to save her. Tears began stinging her eyes when the memories rushed back to her.

Her eyes opened and found where she was. Someone...was holding her? Taking a peek up she warmly smiled at the peaceful expression of her breath taking Black Rock Shooter. She was quite angelic when she slept. Raising her gauntlet she lightly stroked her cheek with her index claw. The soft song of rain filled the region. Possible promises of life coming to this place some day.

Dead looked at her clothes not finding them wet though she knew it has been raining for hours. She glanced upward and tried not to make a chuckle. The skull brothers were shielding them from the rain yet their eyes looked to the heavens giving them privacy. She has certainly trained her familiars well. And with that, she took a stand leaving the shelter of the skulls leaving the command of staying with her beloved while she went away.

Black and white filled her vision. The checkered board theme whizzed past her as she traveled between the rugged structures and crosses that littered this territory. Could this really be Black Rock Shooter's world? The sound of her dress whisked with her as she traveled at top speed. Sending out links of chains they provided solid steps to the horizon. With a strong leap she ascended above a few marble columns to examine their location better.

Like snakes moving in water the chains moved toward her giving her more of a boost. They begin to weave to a big spider web for her final step to her destination. Quite pleased with herself Dead Master increased her pace and with one final jump she flew to the web and with all chains working together they thew her up into the sky giving the tiny bird wings to fly.

Gravity had left her for a few seconds. Clouds passed right through her when she flew upward getting a better view of Black Rock Shooter's domain. The area was huge yet gave Dead a strange warmth to her heart. For miles on end there was nothing but scattered scraps of many things that are now unrecognizable. Feeling the acceleration decrease Dead could only give a sad smile and felt gravity finally take it's hold of her and let her fall right back to the spider web of chains that just moments ago heaved her to the sky.

Dead Master had never felt so free and alive. Diving back down head first to earth she let gravity's greedy hands take her down. She opened her eyes realizing they were closed most of the descent. How silly of her. She was definitely having too much fun with this odd activity. Being careful she glanced down ward seeing the web not too far away. Though something was not right. Wait. What was that?

A red flare sparked catching her off guard. Flaming with a mission, a sword sped at her barely giving her enough time to deflect it. Her scythe ringed from the impact but was silenced by the harsh landing on the web of chains. Dead scrambled to check what had came at her but a few more of the spears and swords attacked her web causing her to fall.

Plummeting from the attack Dead reached out trying to get any link of chain to help break her fall. What seemed like hours Dead safely touched the ground again. Not much time to react she took a stance and thwarted a few other weapons that were randomly assaulting her. Now was she beginning to regret leaving her familiars behind. They could have scoured the area to see what she was facing. Can't look back into the past now. Taking up her scythe she was ready for whatever was coming her way.

Blood stained hair was what she first saw coming out from behind a cross. "Who's there?!" Beckoning to her call, a woman in shorts and a low V jacket and curved horns different from hers appeared. She had no idea who this was or why she was here but she had to protect Black Rock Shooter. Light on her heels she charged at the new comer not taking any chances.

"Yomi?" Dead heard her other name and pivoted to the right seeing Black Rock Shooter freshly awoken from her slumber. The red woman watched with interest seeing the relationship between the two. Panicking Dead Master hurled chains at Black Rock Shooter sending her soaring through a cross. She apologized under her breath of such a harsh reaction. Turning her attention again to the mysterious woman she was no where left to be found. Cursing quietly she sent her skull minions out to find her immediately.

Her guilty conscience got the best of her as she made her way to her probably angered Black Rock Shooter. The click of her heels sounded louder to her than usual as she made her way back.

"Mato!" Big mistake. Two large spikes shot up from the ground going through each of her calves making her entirely immobilized. Having been forcefully knocked down, her scythe skidded far into the distance. "Ahnnn...khh" Raising her eyes she peered at the metallic dangerously shaped boots of her attacker. The horned lady before her was watching her writhe in pain. Her eyes. Her sickening wine colored eyes. Was she actually enjoying herself seeing her in pain like this?!

"Yomi?!" Though they both heard the blue flame wielder's voice they still locked eyes. The woman dared to give her an enchanting smile. Dead master knew exactly where this was going and she was definitely not interested. With no help, she tried jerking her injured torn legs up off the spikes. It hurt like hell. Biting down on her lip she didn't want to scream out her agony at the lady who was still following her every move carefully.

"How beautiful.." It was the first time Dead heard the lady talk to her. "You are.. quite beautiful." Alarmed by this Dead Master's struggle was slowing down. Blurred visions crossed her mind. Has she met...this lady before?


No...no..please don't come Mato...it's dangerous. She will kill you. Then her world went blank.

"PUT HER DOWN! NOW!" Was that...Mato? Her eyes opened barely seeing she was being held. Where...where was she? She could see Black Rock Shooter enraged by something. What happened? I can't feel...my legs. It hurts. I whimpered. Make it go away. Make it go away.

"You dare shoot her along with me?" Who? Whose voice was that? Her head was killing her. What on earth is going on? Her senses were coming back and could feel her body being cradled carefully in strong arms.

"WAIT! Yomi!" Opening her eyes she felt her body being taken far away from Black Rock Shooter. Dead Master will never forget how her eyes looked. Helpless and terrified. She was reaching her hand towards her. The only thing she could think of was that she has never in all this time has seen Black Rock Shooter look so sad and desperate.

That was the last time I saw her. Tears smeared on my cheeks a I ran and finally arrived at the passageway. Strange as it seems, it looked nicer than any part she has gone through since she has been here. Taking cautious steps Dead continued onward for a door to lead her out of this place. The walls were aligned with mirrors and photos of other small girls. Dead Master began wondering who they were and why Black Gold Saw had collected them. Dare she even think more of the subject? With a shake of her head of the thought she continued her steady pace seeing double doors just ahead.

She could taste it. Freedom. Fresh air. Everything she has been wanting for these several days or possibly weeks is behind those doors. Her leisure walk went into a sprint of hope but skidded to a stop. Her breathing was held having felt her heart had stopped working. The strength to go on just left her body like a spirit that has died and gone to heaven.

"N...No..." Their eyes, their presence were all wrong. She knew something had happened to them. She felt it just days ago. Standing in her way were her close familiars the skull twin brothers. The sound of her scythe clattering to the floor just even made the nightmare more real. How could this have happened?!

Their eyes shined menacingly the same blood red color that matched Black Gold Saw's. This can't be true! The room was beginning to spin throwing her off balance. Before she could even mumble a single word one of the brothers threw itself at her. What made Dead Master's heart ache the most was that their smiles were condescending. With a sad smile she took the hard blow sending her flipping in the air. Her body hit the mirrors knocking the wind out of her making the situation much worse than it was before.

Something. Something was always in her way. She can not escape. She can not leave them behind. They have always been there for her through everything. As time ticked by she screamed and was constantly slammed against the walls of pictures the skull brothers flung her into. At this point even the hard floor seemed comforting to her. She was beginning to feel sick and like a prey being tossed around by two predators that were having fun of her misery.

They hovered curiously over her crippled body to see what she will do next. Flinching when they came close Dead Master curled into a pitiful ball not wanting any more. Pain seared up her right arm when one of the brothers chomped on it and dragged her up making her meet eyes with a very pissed off red horned lady.

Dead Master let out a cough making blood splotch Black Gold Saw's furious face. At this time, Dead wanted to be selfish and just hope for the lady to kill her. At one point she even asked her to kill her and get it over with but she got in return, "Now why would I do that? That would be too nice of me to do such a thing to my beauty. Besides..." her voice was distant as she thought then whispered, "you would not return to me once you go into THAT land."

Expecting a slap, some kind of punishment, Dead Master felt Black Gold Saw's hand with a gentle yet forced touch took a hold of her chin making her stare into her eyes longer. "Don't do that again...this is your doing." She pointed her finger at the skull brothers who grinned at their new master. "This is your punishment for trying to escape me. You can not leave me. I will not allow it!"

Black Gold Saw gritted her teeth then her eyes soon softened to love seeing the finally defeated Dead Master whose body, heart, and mind are now completely broken. The light in her eyes had gone out like a candle blown out from the wind. Maybe the shock of the brothers was too much.

She went forward and took Dead Master into her arms, cradling her closely as if a mother for a new born baby. With a wave of her hand she sent the brothers away to their posts to give them privacy. Sadness settled in her heart, she did not want this. She did not want it to come to this. Though she can't change what she has done. She was hers and that was that. And NO one was going to take her away from her. NO. ONE.

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