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Kurt= Bella

Sebastian = Edward

Blaine = Jacob (Blaine and the warblers won't show up till chapter 3)

Burt = Charlie

Carol = A Renee type

Finn = His own character

Rachel = Jessica

Tina = Angela

Mike = Eric

Artie = Tyler

Santana = Rosalie – Brittany's mate

Quinn= Combo Rosalie/Alice – she has a husband who will be an Original Character named Sawyer.

Sawyer (Alex Pettyfer) = Jasper/Emmett combo – Quinn's mate

Mercedes = Alice – Sam's Mate

Lauren = Another Rosalie – Puck's mate

Brittany = Another Emmett – Santana's mate

Puck = Emmett – Lauren's mate

Sam = Jasper – Mercedes Mate

Will = Carlisle, Emma's Mate

Emma = Esme, Will's mate

Warblers = Werewolves, no specific roles yet





God how did we end up back here, of all the places for dad to want to start fresh with our new family he chose to return our boring town of Forks. Rolling my eyes as I drove my blue BMW X6 carrying my new brother Finn and myself into the parking lot of Forks High School I quickly noticed the eyes of intrigued students following our car as I brought it to park next a very nice black Volvo XC90. Getting out and admiring my baby, another factor of why I didn't understand Forks to be our new home hit. The fact being that my dad went from being a one garage, middle class mechanic to a well known, and rather rich businessman with over thirty garages, and ten car dealerships all around Washington and Florida. This lead him to have money to move us wherever he wanted in Washington or anywhere yet he said Forks was home, and that was that. Shit we were still two months away from closing on our home in Miami, and yet Burt Hummel couldn't wait to get us out of sunny Miami and into rainy Forks.

"Kurt!" Finn screamed bringing Kurt back to the real world. "Jesus, what?" Kurt asked turning to his brother who just gave him an amused smile. "Come on man, stop staring at your car and let's get going, class is about to start." Finn said as he walked up the steps that led to one of six entrances to Forks High. Mumbling a few choice words under his breath Kurt quickly followed Finn into the school. Once inside Kurt noticed they only had ten minutes to find their classes, not that it should be to hard since they had already come in a week earlier and gotten a tour and their personal schedules. "Finn, what's your first class?" Kurt asked as he kept speed walking towards his English class, which thankfully was only four doors away from the entrance. "Um… I have Chemistry." Finn replied looking a little puzzled where to go. This didn't surprise Kurt at all, in fact he knew this would happen. This was mainly because instead of paying attention to where all the classes are located, Finn was to busy flirting with tour guide. Their tour guide being none other then Kurt's former neighbor who thought way to highly of herself Rachel Berry.

"Finn, the science classrooms are on the second floor." Smiling at his brother's help Finn quickly thanked Kurt and made his way up the staircase that was located in the middle of the hall, leaving Kurt to make his way to his classroom alone. Finally making it outside the class, Kurt took a deep breath and prayed to god these teacher's wouldn't make him do the typical new kid protocol that most school's had. This of course, being standing in front of a bunch of strangers and telling them horribly insignificant things about yourself, while the whole class stared at you and judged you on everything. Not that these people could judge Kurt on anything, he was superior to all of them, yet he told himself he would play nice with everyone and not act as though he was better than them. After a minute passed Kurt took a deep breath and walked into the classroom, and of course his presence caught everyone's attention. As he looked around the room was surprised to see the faces of his new classmates held not hate or judgment in their eyes, but curiosity and was that kindness he sensed?

"Hello you must be our new student, Kurt Hummel right?" The woman he assumed was the teacher asked with a genuine smile. "Yeah, I'm Kurt." He replied with a small crooked smile.

"Well it's great to meet you Kurt, I'm Mrs. Reynolds and this AP English 11. Now Kurt being new some teacher's would have you say something about where you lived before and all that other stuff. However I moved around all the time as a kid therefore I know how annoying that is, so how about you take the empty seat by Mike, who I have also assigned as your partner for our project this year, don't worry all the information is on your desk." The woman let out in one breath before turning towards her projector to start the lesson. Kurt quickly turned and found an Asian boy who sat by the only empty desk waving him over, moving quickly to his seat he barely made contact with the seat before the boy next to him began talking.

"So since we are partnered up I should probably introduce myself, I'm Mike Chang." He said with a warm smile and his hand reaching out to Kurt. "Hi Mike, Kurt." He returned with a strong handshake and a smile of his own.

"Oh trust me everyone in this school already knows who you and your brother Finn are, we don't get a lot of new kids from out of state. I think you are your brother are the only students other than the Smythe kids who haven't lived here your whole lives." This wasn't shocking to Kurt, Forks was small, it was your typical small town where everyone knew everyone's business. Another thing Kurt wasn't thrilled about, though he wasn't shy by any means he liked to keep some sense of privacy in his life.

"Actually I lived here for a little bit between ages one through five, that's when my dad got the offer from his buddy in Miami to start their own business and off we went." It seemed this was news to Mike. "Really? Well judging from how well off you guys now seems like that was a good choice." Laughing quietly Kurt gave a quick peek at the front to make sure the teacher wasn't aware of Kurt's attention being on his new friend and not the material being covered, and when it became apparent he knew the material already, he was about to turn back to Mike before his attention was instantly drawn to a blonde cheerleader sitting at the front of the class. How had he not noticed her before now? She was stunning, so much so her beauty caused a gay kid to stop and stare.

"Checking out Brittany Smythe huh?" A voice filled with amusement asked him. Shaking whatever trance this Brittany put him into he quickly turned back to Mike who smile had grown exceptionally large. "What?" Kurt asked not really sure of what just happened causing Mike to laugh out loud but quickly covered his mouth when Mrs. Reynolds told him to calm down and when it seemed he had she turned back to the assignment and Mike quickly turned back to Kurt.

"Hey man we've all been there, boys and girls alike, but I'm going to save you some grief, she's taken." Mike said with what seemed to be a sympathetic shrug, this finally brought Kurt fully back to reality making him realizing what Mike was implying. "Mike, she's beautiful I'll give you that, but she's not my type." Mike looked at Kurt with a look that spelled confusion. Sighing heavily, Kurt confessed the one thing about him that was celebrated in Miami but he expected would caused him to shunned in Forks.

"Mike, I'm gay." Kurt whispered closing his eyes, not being able to see the instant hatred he was sure was on the Asian boy's face.

"Gay? Huh well I guess I was wrong, but that's cool dude." The reply sent Kurt eyes shooting open and the shock was evident in his eyes. "Wait, you cool with me being gay?" Then it was Mike's turn to looked shocked.

"Why would I?"

"I just thought that it wouldn't be tolerated here." Kurt confessed embarrassed by letting his beliefs of small towns breeding small minds tainting his view on the people of Forks. "Kurt Forks may not be as big and bright as Miami but the people here aren't ignorant we accept everyone for who they are." Mike's response held sincerity and Kurt found himself thankful for one thing about Forks. "Thank you." Mike waved it off as nothing and quickly began to gather his things and before Kurt could question it the bell rang.

"Well that's class, let me see your schedule and cell phone." Kurt quickly handed both as he began to stand up.

"Shit we don't have any other classes together, but we do have lunch together so you and your brother come sit with me and my friends, k?" Mike asked as he went to work typing something into Kurt's phone. "Okay." Kurt replied as he followed the other boy out into the hall, there Mike turned around and handed Kurt his phone back.

"You have my number and I have yours. I don't talk school at lunch, but I'll text you after school. Really nice meeting you man, see ya." With that the other boy sprinted down the hall once again leaving Kurt to make his way to his next class which happened to be Chemistry. Unlike Finn, Kurt found the class quickly and was already meeting the teacher Mr. Knowles before the bell rang, and just like before he got several greetings from classmates as he made his way to the empty table in the back. However unlike English, Kurt realized he was alone at this table and having grown excited to meet more people like Mike couldn't help but feel disappointment. This didn't last more than a minute because before he could blink a boy had strolled into the classroom and began to make his way towards Kurt. As he came closer to him the teacher announced that they would be partners and that this boy, who wasn't just a boy but probably the most gorgeous boy Kurt had ever seen, had an equally beautiful name Sebastian. Kurt was once again put in a trance, this boy could rival the girl in his English classes beauty, and yet even though Kurt was thrilled that he had been blessed to have this god as his partner the boy's face and demeanor as he sat beside Kurt spoke the complete opposite. When Kurt turned to introduce himself he was shocked to find the boy looked almost angry he had to sit by him. Then anger seemed to turn into discomfort like having Kurt so close was causing some kind of inner battle in the boy's head. For some unknown reason, all of this caused Kurt's heart to ache. What the hell is wrong with this guy? It's like he hates me and we haven't even spoken two words to each other. Fuck, Mike said this was an accepting town but he also said they weren't from here. Great Kurt, you falling for homophobic prick. As his thoughts came speeding through his mind Kurt found himself growing more and more pissed and hurt as the minutes rolled by. Forty-five of the slowest minutes Kurt had ever experienced finally came to an end and just when he was going to confront Sebastian on his attitude the boy got up and all but ran from the classroom. Really? He fucking ran from me, he probably thinks he'll catch the gay. Ok that's enough Kurt you've been here two hours, one pleasant the other uncomfortable as hell, but it was just one hour, sure that guy is an obvious prick but there are good people here to. So no we won't let Sebastian Smythe ruin our day or year, we will suck it up and act like an adult and get through this horrible class with grace and dignity. After finally coming to a conclusion to his thoughts Kurt quickly made his way out to his next class, not realizing just how wrong everything he was thinking was. No Sebastian Smythe did not hate Kurt Hummel, Sebastian Smythe hadn't felt pain or anger, no what he felt with Kurt's presence was something he was sure he would never experience. That of course being the feeling of love.

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