In the year 2031 3 brothers, ken who is 21, Steve who is 18, and Joey who is 25 go though great challenges from winning a lottery ticket for $200 million, to facing war with china, Joey is a billionaire who spent billions of dollars to recreate the worlds trade centers. Ken is a scientist who won a lottery ticket for $200 million dollars. Ken also creates a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) and earns billions. The mother Cathleen is 45 and lost her husband to a car crash. Steve is 18 and he was in the car crash and is paralyzed in his legs. Uncle mike has 2 children who have a very strong bond with Steve and ken. Joey owns his own company and makes over $5 billion dollars a year. In this story the characters face challenges suck as, 9/12, ww3, and a zombie apocalypse.

Mom/45/born in 1986/healthy

Dad/born in 1987/ died in 2025 at 38

Mike/47/born in 1984/healthy

Joey/25/born in 2006/healthy

Ken/21/born in 2010/healthy

Steve/18/born in 2013/handicapped

Mayer- Adam east/57/ born in 1974/healthy

Bob/15/born in 2016/healthy

Warren/14/born in 2017/ADD

Brain/23/ born in 2008/ ADD, ADHD, OAD, and mental disorders.

China dictator Chini chi/50/ born in 1981

President Washington the 3ed/51/ born in 1980

Luck/born in 1996, ADD, ADHD