Redux of that scene from 6x10, which I recently rewatched. I decided I would make it a bit more Destiel-friendly. Hopefully I did an OK job!

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Castiel isn't entirely sure what's happening.

Meg's lips are on his, her hand inside his trenchcoat. From the corner of his eye, he sees Dean, staring at both angel and demon. His expression is a mixture of surprise, confusion, disgust and something… else. Something which Castiel can't quite place. The hunter's mouth is opening and closing as though he's trying to say something, anything, but his voice seems to have left him.

Meg takes a step back, away from the angel. She runs the tip of her tongue along her bottom lip, smirking. Castiel mimics her, frowning however at the taste which clings to his mouth. Sulphur. Sulphur and blood.

He glances again at Dean who's still looking at them both, slack-jawed. Adrenaline fills him, surging through his veins. He places a hand on Meg's shoulder and pushes past her. She is… unimportant.

His heart is thundering in his chest as he takes Dean by the lapels of his leather jacket and pulls him close, blue eyes boring into green. The hunter stiffens as his lips meet the angel's in a kiss. But then... Then he relaxes. And it is glorious. Dean's lips part and Castiel slips his tongue in. He's vaguely aware of the thud as he shoves Dean up against the wall. A soft moan escapes his lips as he relishes the feel of Dean's hands, wandering his vessel's body, unhindered.

It's Sam that separates them with a pointed cough. Castiel backs away from Dean, though his gaze never leaves him. Meg is watching them, with an expression caught somewhere between a smirk and a frown.

Castiel glances around at the questioning stares, "I learnt that from the pizza man," he supplies simply.

"Oh," Dean says, smiling slightly, the taste of Castiel still on his lips, "Well, A-plus for you, Cas."

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