Odd Man Out

Together they were a clan. But without him, the three of them were a family.

A real one. Not the farce he and his father had projected.

Selene had reached inside of him and took hold of his heart; in more ways than one. In the beginning, he had believed himself in love with her.

Secretly, he hadn't wanted to find Michael.

She was fierce and strong and beautiful –and he had wanted her.

But then she did find Michael –or rather they found each other.

As much as he didn't want to like him, he found he had a grudging respect for the other man.

Michael had a way with Selene he knew he never would. The man wasn't a fighter by nature but David could see that he would fight –he would fight to his dying breath if it meant his family had a chance at survival.

Eve… He was glad he had once died for her. She was different. She was special. She was his salvation. She was the catalyst that took him from his life of frustrated obedience to this new life of adventure he'd always wanted.

As much as he liked his new clan, he couldn't help but feel like an outsider. He was an interloper –an intruder. He was seeing the dynamics of a family that shouldn't exist and he didn't fit.

He wouldn't leave them though. Because the blood that now ran through his veins meant that he shouldn't exist either.