I do not own A.N.T. Farm or any of its Characters only the story!

It was a hot day in the ant farm because principal Skidmore refused to pay the A.C. bill

So Gibson the A.N.T. farm Supervisor decided to make that day a water day. So during free period everyone went home and got their swim trunks. On his way to his house Fletcher could only think of his crush Chyna. And how today would be the day that he made his move. He was finally going to kiss Chyna Parks.

On the other hand Chyna could only think about how fun the wait day would be. so she bolted up stairs and quickly opened the drawers to her closet and picked out her favorite two piece. Then she went into the bathroom to check herself out. She looked sexy. But as he was about to walk out the bathroom door she felt her private area getting wet. So she went to the toilet and sat down thinking it was urine so she got a square of toilet paper and wiped it but as she did she heard herself moan and her reflexes told her to pull back and went back to touch there but this time it felt good. So she threw the paper away and jabbed two fingers in and then three damn it felt good but as she did this she kept saying a name "Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletcher, Fletch- Then a white strand of sticky stuff came out of her vagina. Then from then until she came back to Webster High she could only about Fletcher and how one way or another he would be hers. To be continued…