Fletcher and Chyna arrived at the same time.

After about 15 minutes of playing in the sprinkler Chyna decided to go see Fletcher. He was spraying Angus with a hose. But when Fletcher saw Chyna as wet as could be he ran up to her and began to talk. He was cut off by Chyna, she said Fletcher can I see you in the A.N.T. Farm I think I left my bag on the top shelf and I need you to reach it for me she lied. But Fletcher agreed to come and looked around for the bag but it was nowhere to be found. Then Chyna grabbed Fletcher from behind and through him on a near by couch. Then just as he was about to ask her what she was doing her lips cut him off and that shut him up. After about 3 minutes of making out Chyna through Fletcher over and slid down his body until her mouth hit his jeans button She used her teeth to undo the button and her lips to undo the zipper. Then she got her hands and put them on his underwear, which revealed the prize is 9.5 long shafts she took it in her hand, which sent Fletcher over the moon with pleasure. And then she put the shaft in her mouth and started to blow him. As she did this Fletcher took his hand on her head and started to push her head down. After about 5 minutes of this Fletcher screamed out with pleasure I'm cumming im cumming and then she took it out of her mouth and jerked him off. Then streams of cum hit her swimsuit mouth and hair. Seeing as she had cum on her top decided to strip for him she sexily untied her top and through it at him. And then said innocently oh did I hit you and crawled on top of him shaking her boobs in his face as she did so Fletcher grabbed Chyna by the waist and rotated her body so her pussy was facing him and took his hands and slid down her bottom. Seeing her shaved pussy he stuck his tongue in and out of it. Sending moans and screams of pleasure through her mouth. After 5 minutes of eating her out she finally came on his face and immediately Chyna rerotated (don't Know if that's a word.) herself and lapped up all her cum off his face. Seeing as Fletcher was hard again she sat herself on top of his dick and inched her way down. Until she felt his pubic hairs touch her ass. And then went up and down on his dick.

Finally Fletcher couldn't take it and finally came in her pussy but Chyna didn't care because she was on b.c. pills. Then after their little fun they both heard footsteps from the hallway… to be continued.