A Rift in the Continuum

Author: Aralanthiriel

Disclaimer: All things Middle-Earth belong to Tolkien, and the X-files belongs to Chris Carter, FOX, and 1013 Productions. This is not for profit, so please don't sue!

Rating: PG-13 for some mild violence and swearing.

Summary: What happens when a simple conjuring spell goes wrong, and Melkor is called up along with Legolas? Can Mulder and Scully save the plot continuum, or is it already too late?

Author's Note: This fanfic was started in 2002 in honour of the X-files series finale. Unfortunately, real life circumstances prevented me from working on it until recently, almost 2 years later. Chapters 5-6 were written sometime in 2003. The last chapter was written in 2004. All chapters prior to that were written in 2002. I've done some editing on all the chapters, so hopefully, there won't be too large a discrepancy in style.

Feedback: I welcome all sorts of feedback. Keep in mind, though, that since I've already spent so long on this fanfic, it is unlikely that I will go back and do any major revisions for it now. However, any constructive criticism will be taken seriously and I will try to incorporate reader suggestions when I write future fanfics.

Reference Information: If you are unfamiliar with any characters or facts in this fanfic, check the Appendix. It should be the very last chapter of the fanfic.
Chapter One - Unintended Results

Wakefield High School
Arlington, VA
May 20th, 2002
12:23 PM

"No, you go talk to her!"

"It was your idea!"

"But... but..."

"Look, do you wanna go through with this or not?"

"Fine!" Candace flipped her hair back and walked off in a huff towards a red-haired girl. Following at a discreet distance, Daisy tried not to laugh out loud at the thought of Candace talking to that...freak.

Candace approached the red-haired girl cautiously and cleared her throat.

"Hey, um... Agatha, is it? I, uh... need your help with something."

The girl turned around and glared at Candace. When it became clear that Candace had no intention of going away, the girl sighed and responded.

"First of all, my name is Ash. And second... What the hell do you want from me?"

"Well, um... You're a.. a.. witch, aren't ya? You can do those spells thingies and call up spirits and stuff?"

At that comment, Ash shook her head in disgust and turned away from Candace. Stupid morons, always wasting my time.

"Oh my God, don't be so touchy! You know how to conju..conju...? Um, conjugate stuff, right?"

"Oui. Je suis. Tu es. Il est. Nous sommes..."

"Cool! Is that, like, a spell?" asked Candace. "What does it do? Is it in Latin?"

"No," replied Ash, deadpanned. "That was a conjugation of the verb 'ĂȘtre' in French."

"Nooo! That's not what I meant! I meant that other conju-word... umm... oh, conjure! Yeah. That's it." Candace smiled widely, proud that she finally found the right word she wanted to use. Ash didn't know whether she wanted to laugh or cry.

"So what if I can 'conjure' up stuff?" asked Ash, wondering where this was going.

Candace looked around to make sure no one was listening, and said, "Well... Me and Daisy kinda want to conjure up something."

"A brain?" remarked Ash snidely.

"Actually, we want to conjure up Legolas!" replied Candace, oblivious to the insult that was hurled at her.

"You want to conjure up... who?" asked Ash, staring in disbelief. The theme song for "Attack of the Fangirls" immediately began to play in the back of her mind. Well, actually, it was just the "Star Wars" theme with new lyrics she made up the other day. But still...

"Y'know, that totally hot elf from that movie Lord of the Rings?" Candace paused. "So... can you, like, tell us what to do?"

Ash looked at Candace for a few seconds, trying to decide if the girl had finally gone off the deep end. Ugh, I really wish these stupid airheads would learn that not all wiccans do spells and conjure up demons or something, she thought. Then suddenly... inspiration struck and Ash grinned.

"Sure. I can help out." Ash smiled. I always wondered just how much B.S. that girl will believe, she thought. So gullible.

"Really?" Candace was practically jumping for joy, as she ran over and dragged Daisy along to listen to the instructions.Oh. My. God, thought Ash. Are they actually going to buy this? Who in their right minds would believe that fictional characters can be conjured up?

"Well, if you want to conjure up Legolas, I suggest you first get in touch with a being with power and request thathe help you bring Legolas here."

"Candace, this is ridiculous!" said Daisy. "Let's just go already."

"Oooh, so maybe we can call up that Gandalf guy?" suggested Candace, ignoring Daisy's protests.

"Actually, I know someone who would be much better suited for that job," replied Ash.

"Gandalf is dead anyways," muttered Daisy under her breath.

"I think that if you conjure up Melkor, he'd be more than happy to help you two out!" exclaimed Ash with a big smile. "He's one of the nicest Valar in Middle-Earth, y'know." If by nice, you mean evil, added Ash silently, suppressing a chuckle. I can just see the headlines now! Idiotic High School Girls Attempt to Summon Dark Lord, Claims He is "Nice."

"Cool! So how exactly do we go about conjuring this Mel guy?" asked Candace. Ash nearly choked. Is this girl incapable of saying any words beyond two syllables or what?

"I don't really have time to help you with the specifics, but if you go to Sparky's Store down the street, he has tons of books on this kind of stuff," said Ash. Yeah, Sparky could use a good laugh.

"Come on, Candace. I told you this wouldn't work. Who has the time to read these days?" said Daisy with an all-knowing attitude.

"But Daisy!" whined Candace. "Don't you want to see Legolas?"

At the mere mention of his name, the two girls immediately swooned, falling into a sort of dazed stupor. Ash began to back away slowly from them. Sure, Legolas wasn't exactly bad-looking, but he's old enough to be their ancestor for cryin' out loud!

"Yeah. So, good luck getting Melkor to help you out!" shouted Ash as she walked away, rolling her eyes. Yeah, Melkor will help them conjure up Legolas all right. As an orc, maybe. She snickered. At least he'd be the prettiest orc in all of Angband. Ash quickly stifled her laughter at that thought. Man, I have got to stop reading those "Secret Diary" fanfics.

23 Bay Street
Arlington, VA
May 20th, 2002
4:03 PM

"Candace, are you sure this will work?" Daisy was still skeptical.

"Duh. Don't you remember what that Sparky guy told us?" asked Candace.

"I dunno. I personally wouldn't trust a guy who calls himself Sparky," replied Daisy.

"Just shut up and draw those pentagram thingies already! Remember, this is all for Legolas!"

With that, the girls went to work drawing on the floor with their newly-bought "magical" chalk. After they were finished with the pentagram, they turned down the lights and lit up some candles.

"OK, wanna start with the incantation now?" asked Daisy.

"Here goes nothing!" Candace took a deep breath and began to recite the spell. "I call upon thee, Melkor, most powerful of all Val..Va.."


"No! No! Wait. I got it!" Candace took out a sheet of paper and began to read from it. "I call upon thee, Melkor, most powerful of all Valar... Show thyself!"

Candace and Daisy then proceeded as per the instructions to do a ritualistic dance. To any outside observer, it may bear an uncanny resemblance to the "Chicken Dance," but rest assured, it is part of every wiccan ritual. Or so Sparky had claimed earlier today. Happily, the two girls danced away and read aloud lines that sounded suspiciously like they were taken from the latest horror movie. Of course, Candace and Daisy spent the last of their money watching "Lord of the Rings" for the 50th time in order to drool over Legolas. Naturally, they didn't notice that anything was amiss.

Suddenly, a great mist began to rise from the middle of the pentagram, and a pair of red eyes glowered at the two dancing girls. They immediately stopped in their tracks. Finally, Candace mustered up the courage and spoke to the apparition.

"Hey, can you help bring Legolas Greenleaf to our world, please?" she asked bluntly.

"I think he's from the Third Age!" added Daisy helpfully.

The air shimmered for a second, and an image of Legolas conveniently appeared in the mist. Never mind the fact that Melkor wouldn't have known who Legolas was, nor would he have wanted to help out a bunch of silly girls. Just remember, fragile plot continuums are easily disrupted.

"LEGOLAS!" the two girls screamed out his name simultaneously and dashed towards him. A delicate chalk line was broken as frantic feet moved towards the bewildered elf. The last thing Candace and Daisy remembered was the searing heat scorching their skin as a tidal wave of air pushed them backwards.

Next Chapter: The Investigation - What has just happened?