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"Paper Cranes" Andrew Bayer

Chapter One

Ten Years after the Metarex were destroyed.

Tails the Fox pulled his goggles onto the top of his head. He held his motorcycle helmet underneath his right arm and brushed some hair out of his eyes with his free hand. He looked up at the night sky, which twinkled and darkened, almost as if in greeting to the fox. Tails smiled up at the sky. "Hey, Cosmo. Hey, Shine." He looked at two specifically bright stars that sit beside each. He had dedicated the stars to his lost friends after they returned in the Blue Typhoon.

He sat on a grassy cliff that over looked a large field with grass up to his waist. His blue eyes softened under the hair that almost covered them. Tails did this almost every day, if he had the time. Just so his friends who died knew that they weren't forgotten.

Feeling especially nostalgic, Tails got up, pulled on his fingerless leather gloves, and sat down on the motorcycle he had made from scratch. He pulled his goggles down and slipped his helmet on. He revved the throttle and pushed off the ground, propelling him forwards.

Almost in silence the bike move through the peaceful countryside. Tails enjoyed the last eight years. It had taken him two years of his childhood to get over the past, though. But he was older. He knew the past can't be changed. The only direction you could move now, was forwards.

Swerving through dirt roads, he slowed to a stop in one of his garages. Setting the black helmet on the bike, he walked towards his other garage. He slid the behemoth door open, moonlight filtering in. Dust danced in the moon's shafts. Tails slowly walked in, towards the massive ship that took up most of the garage's space.

Blue Typhoon sat motionless. It was no longer in it's prime. A thick layer of dust coated the top of the ship, giving it a dirty brown look. Tails leaned against the rail that surrounded the ship. He was tempted to go inside, but he didn't want to stir up old memories.

"Tails?" The fox heard someone call him, and he turned around. Shadow the Hedgehog stood in the doorway, just a silhouette, due to the moon's light.

"Yeah?" Tails moved away from the railing. He voice was deeper now. Tails had changed quite a lot.

"There's a letter for you."

"A letter?" Tails frowned. Letters didn't come often in this town. People lived close enough to each other that you could walk over to their house. "From who?"

"Hard to say. It's sealed with wax though - Pretty formal."

Tails and Shadow walked back to the house after closing up the garage. Shadow's scars were still prominent as ever. Not exactly something people wanted to see, but Shadow learned to get over it. Tails has noticed that the black and red hedgehog been more on the bright side since...

"Is there an insignia in the wax?" Tails asked so that his mind wouldn't wander.

Shadow hesitated. "Why don't you go see for yourself." He said after a moment.

Tails frowned again. Strange. Either Shadow didn't know what an insignia was, or Shadow couldn't explain what it looked like.

Shadow opened the door, letting Tails inside the house first. In the living room, Sonic the Hedgehog and Simon the Panda sat on couches across from each other. Simon looked up at Tails. "Hey, man! Long time no see!"

"Hey, Simon, you crazy old coot." Tails waved at him. The panda that sat in front of him has aged incredibly so. He now had slight crow's feet by his eyes. He was aging gracefully, short of his mind, we he had promptly lost like a sock. "It's only been a week since you last visited."

Simon dazed off for a second, then blinked and looked at Tails again. "Hey, man! Long time no see!" He cried out.

"You've lost your mind." Tails looked at Simon skeptically.



"What about me?"

"You've lost your mind."

"I did?"


"... I'm sorry, what? I kinda dozed off there."

Tails sighed. "Bye, Simon." He walked down the hallway, towards his room. As he opened his door, he heard Simon say "Who was he talking to?"

Tails couldn't help but laugh. Every week the Panda comes here to visit and every week he seems to have lost more braincells.

On the black sheets of Tails' bed, a letter lay. It was facing up, so the wax was visible. Tails picked it up and studied the insignia in the wax. All it was, was 'K.' in cursive writing. Tails frowned. Not a signature he recognized at all.

Carefully breaking the wax, Tails opened the letter and pulled out a single piece of folded paper. He opened it and looked at the bottom for a signature. He sighed. No such luck. Who ever wrote this letter really didn't want Tails to know their identity.

He read the letter and narrowed his bright blue eyes.

The letter read:


Meet me at the Brown Dog Cafe tomorrow at 8 A.M.. I have something important to speak with you about. Table two.


Tails stared at the letter, trying to figure out who it could have been from. But no one came to mind. This person, however, went through great troubles to get the letter to Tails without anyone finding them out.

The fox set the letter down on his side table.

"So?" Shadow's voice came from the doorway. "Who's it from?"

Tails turned to face his old friend. "I'm not sure. They didn't exactly leave a lot of information for me."

"What do they want?" Shadow blinked his good eye, his arms crossed over his scarred chest. There was a single circular scar on his shoulder, where he had been shot.

"The want to speak with me about something." Tails picked the letter up and handed it to Shadow. "Do you know who it's from?"

"Well," Shadow murmured "They're obviously not from town, or they would have just come to the house to tell you this. So this person is someone from out of town. I just want to know how they know you." He handed the letter back to Tails.

"So do I..." Tails set the letter back down.

"Are you going to go?"

"To the Cafe? Yeah. I want to know who this guy is, especially since their from out of town." Tails shrugged. "We'll just have to see."

:D Tails... and Shadow... together in this story... both... sound incredibly hawt... ~Just saying. Also, it's legal, he's 19 now. Oh wait. Fuck... I'm only 14... TAILS YOU PEDO~