Dear Megamind:

You are the best Overlord, EVER! Seriously. I love living in Metro City.

Your devoted fan,
*scrawled, unreadable signature*

P.S. Minion is the cutest fish! Does he have a girlfriend, cause my friend Debby is totally into sentient non-humans. She thinks he's hotter than a dolphin.

Dear Overlord Megamind,

I am writing because of an issue brought up by members of my congregation. We are concerned about decency in the city and we've noticed that Minion walks around the city completely unclothed. What sort of message does this send to the children?

We'd appreciate if you'd do something about this problem.

Thank you,

Rev. Paul O'Leary

Dear Lord Megamind,

I want to be an Evil Overlord when I grow up, just like you. Do you have any suggestions?

Yours truly,


Dear Overlord Megamind,

I am writing to you to enquire about employment opportunities within your organization. I am a level three telepath with minor telekinetic abilities. I specialize in espionage and interrogation. I was wondering if you'd have use of my skills.

I've attached my resume along with a list of references.

I hear Metro City is a beautiful town. I'd love to help you run it.

Your servant,


Dear Megamind,

My name is Hamilton Walker and I'm with the Society for the Advancement of Extraterrestrial Lifeforms. We are working to expose and shut down the shameful research facilities that prey on sentient non-humans like yourself. With your support, we hope to move one step closer to our goal of protecting the freedom and dignity of all sentient lifeforms, regardless of their planet of origin.

Thank you in advance for your generous, tax-exempt contribution.


Hamilton Walker

Dear Overlord Megamind,

We at the Alliance of Evil would like to congratulate you on your recent victory and successful takeover of Metro City. We are aware of the challenges faced by Supervillains transitioning to Evil Overlords. 78% are overthrown in their first year. To prevent that, we'd like to remind you that our extensive legal team and pool of unaffiliated minions and thugs are available for your use at reasonable members-only rates.

Please let us know how we can help you maintain your iron grip on Metro City.

Best of luck,

Lord Autumn