Ok guys! I can no longer hide my little secret...

I like Naraku! I love his character, and, I know accuse me all ya want. But, LOL, Bad guys always have to be charming don't they? Well, maybe not Voldemort from Harry Potter, I like his attitude though! Anyway, Naraku is awesome, and I just wanted to know what it would be like if we made a little KagomeXNaraku connection.


" Kagome, what's keeping ya!" Inuyasha said in his usual rude voice.

Kagome was staring in the dark trees.

She could sense a Jewel shard,

" Kagome, what is troubling you?" Miroku asked, walking beside her.

" heh, just let her daydream, I'm going on ahead." Inuyasha said, then leapt in the air, on a tree flitting off.

" Kagome..." Miroku stopped, and stared out in the same direction she was.

" A demonic prescence." Miroku said.

" Kilala! Go find Inuyasha!" Sango said, then moved beside Miroku who was now in front of Kagome.

" it's Naraku!" Kagome said, preparing an arrow.

" Show yourself Naraku!" Miroku said, preparing his hand with the wind tunnel.

A light, way too familiar chuckle came from within the trees.

A figure showed, but was still a distant away.

A glow shown his body.

' He's got 5 Jewel shards!" Kagome thought.

' But... Why do they look pure?" Kagome asked herself.

Then realization hit her.

" WAIT!" Kagome said aloud.

Miroku and Sango looked at her.

" That's NOT Naraku." She said.

The 'fake' Naraku chuckled again, " Clever girl, but that does not mean I am powerless."

A tenticle shot out, moved MIroku and Sango aside, then wrapped tightly around Kagome's stomache.

" OH NO YOU DON'T! IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER!" Inuyasha's voice came, cutting the line between Kagome and the puppet.

" Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped relieved.

He stood in front of Kagome.

" Inuyasha, That's not Naraku, but he's got 5 jewel shards." Kagome said.

" Heh, the jewel shards are all I'm worried about." He said.

Before Inuyasha could pull out his Tetsaiga, a blast of Miasma came from the Naraku puppet.

No one could move out of the way in time.


Naraku stood... Or was crouched on a tree, smiling as the Miasma engulfed them.

When it cleared, Miroku had made a barrier.

Naraku growled, but his eyes focused on someone.

Kagome was unconcious in Inuyasha's arms.

" You can't keep that up forever!" Naraku looked over at his puppet self.

A tenticle shot out, easily breaking the barrier, knocking Miroku down.

Sango's Heraikotsu was knocked out of her hands, pushing her aside, then wrapping tightly around Inuyasha, lifting him off the ground, letting Kagome fall to the ground.

Another SHARP tenticle shot out, heading straight for Kagome's heart.

Naraku in the tree glanced back and forth to Kagome and the Puppet, then without thinking, he shot Miasma to the ground for cloaking, but also knocked everyone out, and he jumped from the tree right in front of Kagome, allowing the tenticle to go straight in his chest.

" M-Master." The puppet shook out.

Naraku pulled out the tenticle with only a gruny showing slight pain.

He shot out his own tenticle, and wrapped tightly around his incarnation.

" But, Lord Naraku, I thought you wanted me to kill her." The puppet said, struggling against him.

" I have a better plan, now return to me." Naraku said, and absorbed him.

Naraku turned, looking down at the girl.

' Why did he save her?'

He knelt down before her, his hand moved her hair out of her face.

She groaned lightly, her eyelids twitching preparing to open.

Naraku stood and leapt off into the forest.

When Kagome awoke, she felt... Warm.

She felt like somthing had touched her.

" Inuyasha! Miroku! Sango!" Kagome panicked.

Soon they woke up.

" Kagome, are you alright?" Inuyasha asked.

" Yes."

" Where's Naraku? Or the puppet?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome stood, looking out at the forest.

She knows she felt something brush against her cheek, but if everyone was unconcious, then who...?

" Kagome?" Inuyasha snapped her out of her thoughts.

" Hmm? Oh, I don't know where he went, w-We should just set camp here, we're all too weak to go any further." Kagome said, and they relaxed as the night came.

So, how was this? Am I the only Naraku lover here? Am I the only one who thinks he is... TOTALLY AWESOME AND HOT!.

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