Chapter 14: The final Chapter!

6 Weeks Later...

" Kagome Higurashi." The highschool principal called up.

Today was their graduation day.

" Go Kagome." Ayumi pushed her ahead a little.

Kagome took a shaky breath and went to the front.

Her parents and many other adults sat in their seats.

The principal smiled, putting his arm around Kagome's shoulders and faced out to the crowd.

" Even though Kagome Higurashi went through unimaginable sicknesses, she has made it through all of her classes, thanks to her friends, who have helped her through all of it." The principal spoke and handed Kagome her diploma.

" Thank you everyone for your support." Kagome said, and she headed off the stage to sit with her parents.

The rest of the day went on with everyone getting their diplomas and making their speeches.

Kagome invited her friends over for a graduation party.

" Congragulations sis!" Sota said. " I got you something!"

" Oh?" Kagome looked at her brother.

He held up a big sheet of paper.

Now Sota was a pretty good artist for his age.

" Sota, It's beautiful." Kagome gasped out.

Sota had drwan him and Kagome chasing eachother in a beautiful field with a rainbow in the background.

" You think so?" Sota asked.

" Yes, it is, I'll hang it up in my room, be right back." Kagome abandoned the party heading to her room.

She grabbed a roll of tape and began hanging it at the wall beside her bed.

After she was done, she noticed her window was open.

She went over to it, and before she closed it, she looked over at their shed where the well was hidden.

Kagome fished out a roped string that hung around her neck, and what was tied to it, hidden behind her shirt, was the Jewel.

She had kept it hidden on a necklace under her clothing all this time.

She examined the Jewel as it sparkled excitedly at her presence.

She could visit them after the party, it had been six weeks, too long.

No wonder that all day she had felt she needed to tell someone else about her graduating.

She went back downstairs to finish up the party.

When night fell, everyone left, exhausted.

" Kagome we are so proud of you." Mom hugged her tightly.

" Thanks mom, but I haven't told everyone my good news yet." Kagome gave them a smile.

She had never mentioned her relationship with Naraku, so they were only thinking about InuYasha.

" Oh yeah! Tell InuYasha I said hi, K?" Sota said happily.

" I sure will, I'm going to stay over there tonight, i'll be back sometime tomorrow ok?" Kagome said.

" Ok." Mom said.

The family was pretty much back to normal, now that Kagome didn't have to disappear for weeks to look for Jewel shards, her saying to go to the well was like saying she was just going to a friend's house.

" Bye mom, grandpa, Sota." Kagome called as she disappeared in the shack where the well was.

She stood before the well, holding her Jewel in her hand.

Taking a deep breath, she jumped in, disappearing in a purple glow.

" Yes, it still works." Kagome said.

Minutes passed and she felt herself land back on the other well.

Getting out, she knew all of this too well.

She walked towards Kaede's town.

Yep, her guess was right, the 'InuYasha group' was there.

Shippo was playing around with the children, Miroku and Sango were sitting together... Together?

And InuYasha was... Oh he was resting against a hut, Kaede's hut to be exact.

" Kagome is here!" One of the children said.

And everyone looked around alert.

" Kagome, what are you doing here?" Sango asked, walking up to her with Miroku at her side.

" Kagome! Where have you been!" Shippo asked happily as he bounced onto Kagome's shoulder. Boy he was growing!
" Come to visit I see." InuYasha came up to the group with his arms hidden in his sleeves.

" Guess what! I graduated from highschool! I actually did it!" Kagome said happily.

" Why, that's good Kagome." Sango smiled.

" Very impressive, it is always good to hear things like that." Miroku said.

Kagome noticed Sango's face had turned red, and all too soon, a bump appeared on MIroku's head.

" Still being a stupid Pervert as always!" Sango growled.

Miroku ignored her.

" Oh, Kagome, I have good news as well." Miroku said.

" What is it?" Kagome asked.

He held up his hand with the rosary beads, and within a blink, he took them off.

" MIroku what are you..." Kagome stopped.

She was expecting his Windtunnel to burst free and suck everyone in, but instead, his hand looked perfectly normal.

" What happened to it?" Kagome asked, picking up Miroku's other hand examining it just to make sure he wasn't teasing her.

Turned out, Miroku was indeed showing his hand that had once had the windtunnel.

" I honestly don't know. IT happened a few days after you left, you know, whether the beads are around it or not, I always feel the windtunnel, well one day the feeling just... Vanished. We looked at my hand, and it was gone." Miroku said.

" That's incredible." Kagome said.

" Yes, indeed it is." Miroku agreed, and another bump formed on his head created by Sango.

" Could you please stop touching my butt!" Sango growled.

" I am sorry, I have never been able to touch with this hand, for fear of the windtunnel, it still has a mind of it's own." Miroku said.

" Kagome, Ye Shikon Jewel safe?" Kaede cam out of her hut.

" Right here." Kaogme held up the jewel that was held around her neck by the string.

Suddenly, a random demon cam flying in the air roaring looking at the jewel.

All to soon, it was cut into bits and dropped to the ground.

" Don't mind them, they don't do much." Kagome looked around in the sky until she spotted Kohaku. He was riding on Kilala with a weapon in his hand and he disappeared in the skies.

" You've got this place covered huh?" Kagome asked.

" Yes, but InuYasha isn't the only demon here fighting to protect the jewel." Sango smiled.

Naraku? Kagome asked herself.

But when she looked up as a shadow covered them, she found she was wrong.

A large white dog demon was hovering above the group.

" Eh, he doesn't technically stay here, but he'll help." InuYasha said as he looked up at his brother.

" Lord Sesshomaru, Ready to go!" Rin shouted.

She was riding on Ah-Un the two headed dragon coming up to the true formed dog demon.

Sesshomaru looked at them, then they flew off into the horizon.

" I still would like to know why he keeps that girl with him." InuYasha said.

Kagoe looked at InuYasha and the group.

She had seen InuYasha, Shippo, Miroku, Sango, Kaede, Sesshomaru, Rin, and Kohaku, one more person she felt was missing... Naraku!
" So Kagome, are Ye staying for dinner?" Kaede asked.

" No thank you, there's one more person I have to see." Kagome said, and she turned to run off.

It was dark as she reached the forests, though she wondered how much farther she was.

" need a ride?" Kagura's voice came behind her.

Kagome turned and all too soon was raised up by Kagura's feather.

They raised up in the air at lightning speed.

" Naraku's been watching you by Kanna, apparently I'm not the only one he's looking out for." Kagura said.

" Naraku knows I'm... Here?" Kagome gasped out.

Kagura was going way to fast.

" Yes." She said.

Soon they reached the castle.

" By the way, welcome back." Kagura smiled and she disappeared on her feather.

Kagome took a deep breath before entering the doors.

" Kagome, I was wondering when you were going to show." Naraku said in the darkness.

" Naraku where are you?" Kagome was desperate to see him again, and him hiding in the dark was not helping her.

" Right here." He appeared in front of her.

" oh." Kagome said.

Oh? That's all she had to say?
" So, what are you doing back so soon?" Naraku asked, smiling down at her.

" So soon? Really Naraku? It's been six weeks!" Kagome said.

" Yes, and six weeks is too soon, I was expecting you back in 6 YEARS." Naraku said, but Kagome knew he was joking.

" I just came back to tell everyone that I got my graduation certificate, I am officially out of school now!" Kagome smiled.

" well, that sounds great. What's your plan now? hmm? You know I'm not gonna let you stay here." Naraku said.

" I am not expecting you to let me stay here, I just came to tell everyone my good news, I am going back tomorrow so if you don't mind me staying here for the night." Kagome said.

Naraku's hand went towards Kagome's neck, and he grabbed the string, and slid his fingers down until the Jewel came out of hiding behind her shirt.

" You still have it under you possession, I thought you would have lost it." Naraku said.

" You don't think I'm THAT irresponsible do you?" Kagome asked.

" I don't know, you do seem to get into trouble a lot." Naraku chuckled at her.

His face lowered to hers.

" So are you going to let me stay the night here, or do you want me to sleep outside?" Kagome asked, ignoring the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

" I think you'd enjoy it outside." naraku kept joking around.

" I don't know, the flight with Kagura felt pretty cold out there." Kagome played along.

" Hmm, then I guess you'll stay here for tonight, but in the morning you go home, deal?" Naraku asked.

" Deal." Kagome said, and she put her arm around him as he dropped his lips to hers, kissing her deeply.

Naraku released the Jewel to let it hang back down her neck, and he put his hand on the side of her cheek.

" I missed this." Naraku whispered.

Kagome lightly laughed into his lips as she kissed him back.

She felt his warm tongue play with hers, wanting it to play back.

She responded immediatley, as she pressed herself more to him.

Naraku lead her to his bed... His normal bed.

And they laid down.

Kagome sighed as she wrapped herself in Naraku's warmth.

He kissed her head softly, and as she fell asleep, he massaged her with kisses.

When Naraku knew she was asleep, he raised his head to look at her.

He didn't want her to go tomorrow, but with his assuring side telling him, she'd be back tomorrow, and if not tomorrow the next day, it's not goodbye forever.

Kagome sighed in her sleep wrapping her arms tighter around Naraku.

She never wanted to let go.

Naraku smiled, after she left tomorrow, he would wait for her, every waking and sleeping hour, he would wait for her to return to his welcoming arms.

Maybe someday, she could stay with him, but for now, she needed time, to think it over.

Naraku laid his head down on the pillow, he had it all to himself, considering that to Kagome, Naraku was her pillow, and blanket, and snuggle bear...

Naraku chuckled at Snuggle bear, and let his eyes fall, going into a happy sleep.

Well, That's the end.

Kagome goes back home.

I may make a sequel, of Kagome coming back to stay with Naraku forever, or maybe even some Jewel chaos. Anywho, leave some reviews, I enjoyed typing this. Truly I did...

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