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By the time everyone was done eating, it was getting late, and Claire still needed to study. So

after saying night to everyone she headed up the stairs. She sat in her room for about an hour trying to

study, but it wasn't working for her. Her thought kept going back to her parents, the book, everyone's

reaction, and…Shane. It kept going back to Shane for some reason she didn't understand. She looked

over at the clock. 11:30. She wasn't sure if he'd be in there, but she walked over to his room anyway.

She had decided to take Shane up on his offer to talk.

Lightly she knocked on his door. She stayed there for a minute, and after she decided no one was there she turned away. She was half way to her room, when she heard a soft, "Claire?"

She turned. Shane, looking rumbled, as if he had been lying in bed, was standing at his door staring at her.

"Claire? What is it?"

"Uhhh…I just, I wasn't-it.." She realized she sounded like an idiot. Probably looked like one, the way Shane was looking at her.

"Look. You said we could talk, and I just….after telling you guys that story, I couldn't stop thinking about it…and…" she really didn't know what else to say.

In answer, Shane opened the door wider.

Claire smiled her relief and ducked into his room under his arm.

She didn't like to admit it but, Claire had never been in a boys room before. Well, her dads of course. But, she'd never dated a guy. Never kissed a guy….and she had no idea how the hell her mind had gotten there.

Shane closed the door and sat on his bed, looking at her. She blinked. Okay…maybe this wasn't the best idea. She wasn't here to make friends. She was here to kill. And for some reason, she kept forgetting that. Especially with Shane here.

"Uh, Claire? You said you wanted to talk?..." Shane had a bemused expression on his face.

"Oh, maybe…this wasn't the best idea…I'll just...go." She had her hand on the door knob when Shane spoke.

"My family was ruined by them too, you know. Vampires."

She took her hand of the doorknob and turned to face him, he was looking at the ground.

"It was all my fault, though. Alyssa. Mom." Claire slid down the door, facing him.

"The girl who threw you down the steps? Monica? Yeah, she killed my sister. She tried to…get with me; I rejected her, and she was pissed. So pissed she burnt my house. Alyssa was still in there. I…I tried to get to her. I swear I tired Claire." When he looked up his eyes were wet with tears. Claire stood up and went to him.

She stayed there as he told his story, Monica, Alyssa, the fire, running, his mom, and how he came to live here, with Michael and Eve. Claire hadn't realized she was crying until Shane looked up and wiped them from her checks.

"Hey, don't, don't cry. I don't usually tell this to people after I've known them for only a few days. I'm sorry."

Claire squeezed his hand. "Shane, don't apologize, I…just get emotional quickly. And I wasn't your fault, you know. None of it."

Shane looked down. She knew he'd always think it was, no matter who said what. Slowly she stood.

"Shane. Shane thank you. I'm sorry. You really didn't have to tell me that, but it… helped. I know that may sound weird, but it really did. Thank you."

Shane looked back up at her. "It's okay. It helped me too. It's been bottled up for so long…." He shrugged. "Plus, if it helped you, it was worth it."

Claire blushed and looked down. "Well….good night." She quickly slipped out the door.

That night, Claire still couldn't sleep. Not with all she'd learned. So, she grabbed her bag, and slipped down the stairs out the door. Time to kill something.

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