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It had been a few months since the defeat of Demise.

Everything became peaceful and many Skyloftians now visited the surface, armed with a sword and shield to defend themselves against the monsters that still lurked within the three provinces.

Link and Zelda had decided on the name Hyrule for the surface, a sort of homage to Hylia, who still rested within Link's friend; he had gotten used to telling the two apart, being able to differentiate their voices so he knew whether it was Hylia speaking, or Zelda.

Link preferred Skyloft to Hyrule, staying at the Knight Academy and attending the classes that he had missed during his adventure; Gaepora had, of course, told Link that he didn't have to go to classes like the other knights, but Link protested that even though he was a 'hero' as many people had dubbed him, he just wanted to be treated the same way he had been before he had gone on his journey.

So everyone respected Link's wishes, though some did still call him hero which didn't bother Link now that everyone wasn't calling him that.

Link actually enjoyed attending his classes. It got a sense of normality going in his lift and taught him to slow down; after his journey, he couldn't sit still for more than five minutes before getting up to do something, anything, to keep himself busy.

He visited Zelda to check up on how she was doing, talked a bit with the slumbering Fi about how his day had been going, and helped Gorko build the house for Zelda so the blonde didn't have to continue living in the temple.

But what Link didn't expect was that an old enemy of his would come back….and in the most unlikely form.

Link yawned, stretching his arms above his head as he walked out of his history class, his classmates spreading out behind him and heading off to their dorms or to meet friends.

"Hey, Link?"

Link glanced behind him to see Owlan standing a few feet away, Oolo still clinging to his leg like he had done the entire class.

"Yes, Professor Owlan?" Link asked as he turned to face the white-haired teacher.

"Can you head down to the surface real fast and gather some notes on Deku Baba for my botany class?" Owlan inquired, handing Link a sketchbook. "I'm too busy today to head to the surface to get the information I need."

"Of course," Link took the blank notepad with a smile, "I got some time."

"Thank you, Link," Owlan bent down, pulling Oolo from his leg and placing him on his shoulder instead, "can you also sketch its variants as well so I can show the students?"

"Yeah," Link nodded as he began to head toward the academy's entrance, waving to Owlan as he got further away, "see you later, Professor."

"Goodbye, Link," Owlan replied, returning the wave with Oolo imitating him, "and remember to study for your upcoming test!"


Link headed down to the deepest part of Faron Woods, close to where Floria Waterfall was, since the majority of the Deku Baba species appeared there.

He sat down in a patch of grass when he saw the telltale leaves of a Deku Baba and hoped he was close enough to urge the carnivorous plant to slither up from underground, but not too close that he would risk getting bitten; the plant did have poisonous saliva after all.

As Link waited, he wrote down all he knew about the species, including what Fi had told him, before sketching a horizontal-mouthed Deku, then a vertical, and finally a Quadro Baba.

He glanced up when he heard a soft growl and spotted a horizontal-mouthed Deku Baba lightly swaying back and forth, mouth slightly parted to reveal its multiple serrated teeth.

Link looked back down at his notes, scribbling Deku Baba's teeth are serrated to keep a firmer grip on its pretty. They bite at anything that move, using vibrations in the earth to distinguish between prey and natural earth forces.

The blonde looked up, noticing that the Deku Baba wasn't focused on him, but staring intently at the grass in front of it, head barely moving as it tried not to alert whatever it was focused on to its position.

Link went back to writing, deciding the Baba thought a bug was more interesting than him.

The thorns on its stem act as defense, to prevent anything that would challenge it—like animals—from biting into its stem, which is its second weak spot next to its mouth.

The Deku Baba suddenly lunged at whatever had caught its interest and Link watched, ready to write anything interesting about how the Babas consumed prey smaller than itself.

The plant picked up the insect by what appeared to be the leg before giving a flick of its head, flipping the bug high into the air then stretching up as far as it could, mouth audibly snapping closed.

Link was just about to continue writing when a thought came into his mind and he stopped as he realized that the insect the Baba had held had appeared sort of human-like.

He began to panic as he thought the perhaps the Baba had eaten an injured fairy.

Link grabbed his knight sword, which rested by his side, and went toward the Deku Baba, hoping he wasn't too late to save the fairy.

Before the Deku Baba could even change its focus from using the acidic poison in its mouth that helped to digest its meal to the fact that something was approaching it, Link had already severed the Baba's stem from its roots.

The plant squealed as its head dropped to the ground, mouth opening and spilling green acid and blood on the ground.

Link began searching for the fairy, hoping that he did not find a half-eaten carcass.

"Come on, where are you?" Link muttered, growing more and more frantic as time went by, truly thinking that he had been too late to save the fairy.

There was a faint noise that sounded like a groan and Link's sharp hearing quickly pinpointed where the sound came from, spotting a small form nestled among the blades of grass covered in green slime.

"There you are," Link whispered, gently picking up the tiny body, which had to be only about six inches in length, and began to carefully clean off the sticky ooze with the edges of his shirt.

He wiped of the fairy's hair, turning it back to a white color, and then its clothes, which were also white.

Link wondered if maybe it was a white fairy which were rarely seen as they were a reclusive species unlike the friendly, human-oriented pink fairies.

As he cleaned off the last bit of fluid, Link froze at what he saw, his mind yelling at him to drop the being in his hand.

Lying curled up on his side in the palm of the Hylian's hand was…Ghirahim.

Just to make sure that he wasn't imaging things, Link lightly pressed his finger to the demon lord's back and watched as Ghirahim shifted slightly in his sleep.

Link quickly glanced around as if to make sure no one was around before he quickly searched his brown adventure pouches for an empty one, and soon found what he was looking for, switching it to the front of his belt before carefully slipping the white-haired demon into it.

He closed it tightly then picked up his sketchpad and pencil, heading to the nearest bird statue so he could return to Skyloft.

"Deku Baba!"

Ghirahim rapidly sprang into a sitting position, gasping as he searched for the carnivorous plant, before he sighed in relief.

"It was just a dream, then," he said as he took in his surroundings.

He saw a large door that looked like it belonged to a giant along with a bookshelf and a bed; he himself was sitting on the top of a huge desk.

"Ah, okay, I'm still dreaming," Ghirahim chuckled to himself, "cause there is no way that everything is bigger than me."

He glanced down and noticed that the right leg of his white jumpsuit was cut to his knee, revealing angry red dents in his ashen skin, covering the circumference of his lower leg.

Isn't this where the Deku Baba bit me in my dream…? Ghirahim wondered as he lightly touched the marks with his fingertips, wincing as the fresh wounds stung at the contact.

Gears suddenly clicked in the demon's head and he paused, slowly retracting his hand.

Dreams weren't supposed to hurt, were they?

He let that information sink in as he once again surveyed his surroundings.

Then that means… Ghirahim realized as he stared down at himself. …that this…isn't a dream…and that means I'm really…

"How in the name of the Goddess Hylia am I so small? !"

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