Ch.19- I'll keep you my dirty little secret

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It had taken a while for Ghirahim to get Link's Loftwing to trust him because when the bird realized that it had not been his master but Ghirahim who had whistled for him he began doing anything he could to try and throw the demon off his back.

After landing on Skyloft, the bird promptly shook Ghirahim off his back before giving an annoyed squawk as he flew off.

"Stupid ungrateful bird…" the demon muttered as he brushed himself off before heading toward the academy; Link had history right now, right?

Everyone had immediately looked up when Ghirahim entered the room and when Groose saw the demon, he instantly became tense.

"Calm down, Rat-hair," Ghirahim sighed as he noticed the red-head's apprehension before he glared at Owlan. "You too, plant boy."

Owlan appeared surprised by the term as he muttered hurtfully, "Pl...plant boy?"

Ghirahim slammed his hands on Link's desk, causing the boy—who hadn't even noticed Ghirahim's arrival—to look up at him in surprise.

"Ghira? What are you—"

"Link…I thank you for watching over me these past few weeks. We got to learn much about each other," Ghirahim glanced off to the side as he muttered, "Even with the dog around…."

The demon shook his head as he got himself back on track, looking at the blonde once again.

"Anyway, I've come to tell you that I really like you. It's such a strange feeling for me, love, but that is all I can describe it as."

Before the blonde could react, the demon leaned forward and placed a kiss on Link's lips.

The class gasped as Ghirahim pulled back and Groose fainted from shock.

When Link didn't respond, Ghirahim felt as if perhaps he had been wrong about the blonde's feelings towards him. Who could blame the blonde after everything the demon had done?

"I want you to leave, Ghirahim," Link said suddenly. "You're disrupting the class and I'm taking my final."



Ghirahim scowled slightly, but something in the blonde's eyes made him leave and he waited outside the door, leaning against the wall as he patiently waited for Link to finish with his test.

After what felt like an eternity, Link finally exited the classroom and before the demon could react, ran toward him and embraced him, surprising Ghirahim.

The blonde laughed, "I thought you would never return my feelings."

"Oh, please," the demon scoffed. "I'm much more attuned to your feelings than you give me credit for."

Link smiled as he placed a hand behind Ghirahim's neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

"So will you keep me?" Ghirahim asked as the blonde pulled back.

"Huh?" Link tilted his head to the side.

"Will you keep me as your dirty little secret?" Ghirahim gave a seductive smirk.

"We'll see…" Link chuckled.

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