Alvin and the Chipmunks 4

Road Chip

It was a hot summer day in L.A. Some kids kicked a football around while others just sat on the grass and talked. At the Seville house they sat outside absorbing the sun.

A certain red clad chipmunk had an idea; he sat up and tilted up his cap "hey, guys. Do you want to have a water fight?"

They looked at each other before the blue clad chipmunk spoke up "I'm not too sure, Alvin" he said scratching his chin "remember how it ended last time?"

Alvin smiled sheepishly as he remembered the events of the day "well it's not my fault, if Dave hadn't of stood there he wouldn't have got hit with the water balloon!"

"Well I just don't think it's a good idea, don't you agree guys?" Simon said looking at the other chipmunks for their support. They all nodded "I think he's right Alvin" Jeanette said.

Alvin slumped back onto the tree with his arms crossed "you guys are no fun!" Alvin got up and walked into the house looking for something to do. He kicked a red bouncy ball that was on the floor with all his might "ugh, there's nothing fun to do!"

The bouncy ball hit a table and rocketed towards him, he ducked and it narrowly missed his head. It hit the table causing the syrup they used on their pancakes to fall and splatter all over the cream walls, he gulped.

The other chipmunks came running into the house to see what had happened, Brittany slipped on it and fell on her back while Simon slipped and hit the table. The other chipmunks fell on their faces. Alvin tugged at his collar "I'm dead, aren't I?"

They all struggled to get up "you bet you are!" Brittany said through gritted teeth, Alvin gulped before running down the hall. Brittany got up and shook as much syrup off of her fur before running after Alvin, the other four just chuckled.

They sat up on the couch and turned on the TV, Theodore and Eleanor turned on the cooking channel while Jeanette and Simon just talked. They would hear the sudden out bursts or crashes of their other siblings who were running around wild upstairs, Simon shook his head "what are we going to do with them?" he asked. Jeanette smiled "well Brittany's got Alvin under control… sort of. I mean they're boyfriend and girlfriend, I'm sure they'll work it out!"

Simon put an arm around Jeanette "you always know how to calm my nerves" Simon chuckled "do you want to do go down to the lab?" Jeanette smiled and Simon took her down to their basement (lab)

Meanwhile Brittany had trapped Alvin under the covers of his bed while beating him silly with a pillow; she would hit him harder until she heard a grunt. She eventually let him up; he rubbed his cheek and innocently said "ow…" Brittany chuckled "come here" she held out her arms and Alvin hugged her before sneaking a quick kiss on her cheek.

They walked downstairs hand in hand as they laughed, Alvin kissed her other cheek and licked his lips "mmm, you taste sweet" he grinned. She then rubbed her cheek to find the sticky syrup was still there, she groaned "I'll be back; I'm going to get a shower". She quickly scuttled down the hall and into the bathroom. Alvin jumped onto the couch next to Theodore "what you watching?" he glanced at the TV screen to see someone chopping up tomatoes "why do I even ask?" Alvin said to himself before jumping off of the couch.

He walked around the kitchen before jumping onto the bunker, he swung open the cupboard. There was absolutely nothing in it, he groaned 'I hope Dave's getting the shopping!' he thought. He jumped down to see if Simon and Jeanette were anywhere, he walked past the lab door and heard them giggling.

He pushed open the door so he could squeeze through and not make a sound; they never let him in the lab unless they are using him for an experiment. He snuck down the spiral staircase but not all the way down, he ducked behind the banister when he saw Simon in his lab coat walk past with some kind of chemical in his paw.

Simon added the chemical to a pink one turning it dark purple, it even started to bubble a little. Jeanette took some notes in her mini clip board, Simon added more and more until the froth was over flowing. He scratched his ear "hmmm, if that is all that does I'll need to use more acid than alkaline to get the right effect!"

He picked up a jar that was filled with clear liquid; it was labelled 'Vinegar (not for food only experiments!'. Simon opened it with a 'POP' he walked over to the other chemicals and poured it in.

Alvin's eyes widened at all the colours it changed before turning a dark black colour, Simon gulped as the froth got out of control and the beaker started to violently shake. Simon ran over to Jeannette and grabbed her arm; he pulled her behind the table. The noise was deafening, Alvin couldn't even hear his own self think. Eventually the beaker burst and the liquid went everywhere, Simon shakily stood up "um I'll go get the mop.

He walked towards the staircase; Alvin quickly scurried back upstairs and out the door before Simon noticed him. He shot up through the hall and ran into the bedroom, he wiped some sweat from his forehead "jeez Simon, you could have killed someone!" he said to himself.

An hour later Dave came home carrying big, plastic shopping bags. He sat them on the table and started putting things away, Theodore and Eleanor would grab things that they would make for dinner. Dave sat down with a big cheery grin on his face "what's up Dave?" Alvin asked as he stood on the table in front of him.

Dave shook his head "I'll tell you all at dinner!"