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Rukia Dressed In Blood

Full Summary: Ichigo is a ghost-hunter he travels with his family killing ghosts that have unfinished business when he hears of the legendary ghost Rukia who kills her victims wearing nothing but a white dress immediately this catches his interest and when they meet face to face it changes both their lives completely.

Ghost Hunter, One

Pitch Black, that's what he thought as he walked down the alleyway, it was about two in the morning he was tired, hungry, wanted to go home, but most of all he was pissed off.

He should have been done with the job two hours ago but his source had given him the wrong alley, so there he was having to check every single alley in this damn city and let's just say there were hundreds of them, so that explained why he was scowling angrily and why he was holding his dagger tightly showing it in the open not caring if anyone saw it and assumed he was just a gang member the mood he was in he didn't give a fuck.

The dagger by his side began to hum as he walked down the dark alley, this was it. He could feel it now the strong presence of a dark aura up ahead.

"About fucking time." He mumbled a dark look appeared on his face just as he crouched down getting into fight mode from what he remembered about this blood thirst spirit, anything was possible he learned that a long time ago when he came up against a spirit that was able to duplicate themselves, not only did he finish the job, but it was so messy that he didn't even want to think about it now. No, now his attention was on the blue glow standing ten feet in front of him.

"You know it took me a week to get information out about you not many people liked talking about you, scared you'd show up to kill them in their rooms but we both know you can't." he told the spirit showing him his physical appearance. He was nothing but an ordinary kid around his second year, he look awkward in the navy blue blazer that made it hang on him too big with the matching pants. He couldn't see his face much not with his glasses blocking his eyes, but it didn't matter he knew what kind of look the kid was giving him, it was the same one all killer spirits gave him. Revenge.

"After that it took me another week to figure out which alley you were haunting I checked six around your school got nothing, heard from a few of your old friends you liked going to the arcade, didn't find you their wanna guess how I found you?" he asked him. The kid still didn't say anything making him smile his lips curling up.

"I ran into your mother…she told me everything I needed to know funny thing is I never thought about asking someone in your family. My mistake, which won't happen again." He growled out the dagger out in the ready. The kid was now looking at him; his mouth opened exposing his teeth, saliva coming out now.

"You think you're so smart…than you know why I do this every Thursday night why I come out and kill any innocent bystanders who walk into the same place where I was killed. A tooth for a tooth isn't that what they say?" he asked.

"Your Mother sent you to the bakery; on your way you took a shortcut you've taken since you were a kid, only this time you ran into a gang beating. The guy they were about to kill took off and they took it out on you. Bad timing." He said. The kid narrowed his eyes at him; more saliva was coming out of his mouth.

"Bad timing…they robbed me of my life but it doesn't matter I got my revenge on them when they came back so stupid. Who comes back to the scene of the crime?" he asked and then he was laughing, throwing his head back laughing.

"Well it doesn't matter now, you'll be dead soon just like them, and just like the rest of them." The kid said as he extended both his arms out and then suddenly thousands of arms appeared.

"I'm going to rip you into tiny little pieces, more creative isn't it?" the kid asked. He narrowed his eyes at him.

"Really? The last person you killed was missing a head, a father wanting to hurry home to be with his loving wife and newborn child." He said softly. The kid just laughed.

"He should have known this place was cursed by me, you should have known too…you're a hunter." The kid said. He tensed for a bit, this was getting weirder most ghost didn't figure that out mostly the old ones but this kid had only been dead for three months now how could he have possibly figure that out?

"I ran into a hunter…after my first kill. Tried to save my soul pathetic I put him in his place. Didn't get a name though maybe I should get yours before I kill you." He said. The hunter stared at him in silence before uttering out a single word.


And all hell broke loose; Sou screamed angrily throwing his head back as arms appeared from behind his back, he was covered in a dark green glow his eyes rolled back as more saliva dripped from out of his mouth.

"You were an honor student; you had three close friends and a crush on the popular girl. You lived with your mother and younger brother. What would have you done if your brother walked here on the one night you unleash your wrath? You'd kill your own brother, or mother?" he asked. Sou just laughed.

"Does it matter now? I'll kill anyone who crosses my path, anyone!" he shouted and then he attacked but he was ready for him, he dodged a hand aiming for his neck, but he brought his dagger to his face blocking its path, slicing it, no blood spilled, the hand retreated, but more came straight towards him.

"You'll suffer the same fate as I did I wasn't suppose to die!' Sou shouted as one of his hands snuck underneath him taking a hold of ankle as it threw him up against the wall. He grunted he was going to be sore in the morning that he could tell but that wasn't important what Sou just said caught his full attention now.

"I get it now. After you got your revenge it wasn't enough you killed those innocents because you were jealous of them. They were still alive and you were dead, your more pathetic then I thought." He said. Sou face was no longer pretty; the saliva was now turning a dark red color, blood.

"We'll see who the pathetic one is after I rip you apart!" he screamed. Now here it was, time to end this.

"Zangetsu." He whispered softly placing his hand over the dagger a light blue glow erupted and then a cloud of dust rose, Sou stared as the hunter stood in front of him no longer holding a small dagger but a huge sword that looked ready to cut him apart.

"You plan to kill me with that." Sou said ready to attack. He didn't say anything; he just stood his ground in his black trench coat, holding out the sword in front of him.

"No. I plan to save you with this blade." He said, and then he attacked. Sou was now oozing out blood from his mouth, nose, and eyes, his entire school uniform was left unseen now, the arms coming from his back was ready to attack him, one of the hands transformed themselves into a sharp blade as both swords came crashing together.

"Looks like I won't be able to get your name after all." Sou said. He tried not to cringe at how disgusting the ghost looked now; it wasn't even human, or a ghost, just a monster. This was the spirits true form after getting the taste of his first kill this was what he turned himself into instead of just moving on with his death.

"Zangetsu!" he shouted as his sword turned a bright blue dispersing the hands to back away from him. With a thrust he shoved the blade straight into Sou's chest aiming at the heart.

"You had your revenge…you can rest now. You were scared, and regretted killing those innocent people who came after each moment you feared it would be your brother, or mother. Their safe now Sou." He told him softly. Sou's form slowly disappeared now being replaced by his original spirit form, the blood from his face disappeared as tears poured out his eyes.

"Thank you ghost hunter…please tell my mother I'm sorry." He whispered closing his eyes, and then he began to fade away slowly dispersing into tiny white crystals as his spirit moved on.

He stood there holding the sword, grasping it tightly as it went back to its original form, a dagger that could kill any vengeful spirit sending them to the next life. He didn't know where exactly that was, and if he even believed that the spirits he helped where in a better place, that wasn't part of his job. He moved from town to town, city to city hearing of haunted places where a spirit decided to unleash his wrath just like Sou. He stepped out from the alley placing the dagger back in its sheath; the moonlight caught his appearance as he walked down the street long black coat, bright orange hair that was spiked up, his bangs hanging loose above his light brown eyes. His name wasn't ghost hunter; it was Ichigo Kurosaki seventeen year old high school student, his occupation: killing spirits.

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