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I'll Protect You, Fifthteen

Ichigo slumped inside his room feeling utterly worn out not only did he skip school this morning but he had caused his sister's to worry for him when he didn't come home and not to mention for the first time his Dad had given him a long talk about ghost hunting.

"Ichigo do you know what you're getting yourself into we made it clear what kind of hunts you were allowed to take." Isshin told him his face flat out serious. Ichigo just scowled, right when he walked into the door he got trampled by Yuzu and Karin who wrapped their arms around his neck and waist worried when he hadn't come home that morning. Isshin on the other hand didn't have that goofy look on his face nor did he try and punch him in the face instead he had taken him straight to the kitchen while he sent the twins to their rooms.

"Why do you care, you've done a lot of hunts in the past before." Ichigo shot back.

"Yes but I never got close to any ghosts like you have; and I was never on first name basis with them either." Isshin said. Ichigo just scowled deeply as he shrugged leaning against the chair.

"It's not like you never got personal with a ghost, you killed the ghost that took Mom. That was personal." Ichigo said. Isshin's eyes narrowed.

"What would you do if the Ghost Hunter Association decided to take out Rukia, would you just stand by and let them?" he asked. Ichigo stood up in a flash his eyes looked like they were on fire.

"I take that as your answer." His Dad said letting out a tired sigh as he shook his head.

"Listen Ichigo I really don't care what your relationship with this girl is but remember she's already dead. You can't save her, the only way you can is if you kill her and help her move on don't forget son you still have a job to do." He said. Ichigo just looked at his old man nodded and then walked up to his room, so there he was lying in bed and all he could think about was Rukia.

"Hey, what kind of guy are you making your sister's cry like that?" Kon asked as he came in jumping on the bed. Ichigo tried not to groan but it came out as the small pushy stood over him.

"I don't have time for your crazy talk I'm tired and I need a nap before I go out." Ichigo said closing his eyes.

"Going out, you're going to go see that ghost again!" Kon half yelled.

"That's none of your business, but yeah I am I have to make sure Rukia is alright." He said.

Kon jumped off the bed watching Ichigo as his breathing slowly slowed and he knocked out he couldn't understand this guy at all, first he comes in and almost tries and kill him and then traps him in this stuffed animal, and now there he was getting way too attached with some bloody ghost.

"I'll never understand hunters." Kon said as he walked away to go head to the twins room so he could have Yuzu hug him tight like she did the other night.

Ichigo slept like a log he didn't wake up until after his phone went of waking him up around nine at night, it was Keigo calling to ask where he was that morning and what happened to Orihime.

Ichigo told him he was fine, just a bit tired and that Orihime had come to see if he was alright. He didn't tell the guy about Ishida and Orihime helping out with trying to get Rukia to talk about her past, the less the kid knew the less he'd be involved Ichigo could still see his haunted face after what happened to Kira, they didn't need to scar Keigo for life but something wasn't right with Orihime she was taken all of this too calm. Something must have happened to have caused her to want to help out Rukia, but what?

Ichigo stood up and stretched his arms it was time to get some answers but first he had to go see Rukia, he took a quick shower and took off the front door, everyone was sleeping except for his Dad who was nowhere in the house or the clinic.

'Figures first he lectures me, and now he disappears someone has some explaining to do.' He thought as he ran down the street. It was getting easier now finding the old Kuchiki Manor in the dark as he climbed up the dirt hill and there it was and something was wrong. For the first time since he's visited the house, there was a light coming from the living room.

"Rukia." Ichigo said as he began to run to the house he didn't know why but for the first time he was scared for her, and as he burst through the door he was met with a surprised Rukia standing in the middle of the room…dancing. Her eyes went wide, and she was blushing furiously especially when Ichigo dropped to the floor laughing his eyes off. Rukia narrowed her eyes at him, and expressed it by slamming the door shut and turning the lights off.

"No wait, turn them back on." Ichigo said as he sat up wiping his eyes off. Rukia was still glaring at him her eyes flashing back from black to their violet self.

"Hey don't glare at me like that, you surprised me I thought something was wrong." He said standing up placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Jerk, I do this when I get bored there's nothing much to do to entertain yourself when you're dead." She said. Ichigo shrugged as he looked around.

"How can you dance with no music?" he asked. Rukia smiled softly as she waved her hand in the hair and a soft melody began to play throughout the room.

"One of the good sides when it comes to being a ghost." She said softly. Ichigo didn't know why but he suddenly felt shy just standing there with Rukia looking so beautiful under the lights glow, her white dress was clean of any blood, and somehow she was wearing light white heels that made her look a bit taller than usual.

"Truth, I don't know how to dance." He said looking down at his feet as Rukia laughed softly as she reached out and brought her petite hands to take a hold of his.

"Don't worry I'll teach you it's very simple even a hunter like yourself can at least master dance, who knows maybe you'll be better than hunting." She said smiling as Ichigo glared at her but he let her hands guide his as he placed one hand on the side of her waist and the other hand was holding Rukia's hand as she placed her hand on his shoulder and slowly guided him to a slow dance as they circled the room. Ichigo was also very aware of the close distance between them, and the way her eyes gazed into his. Something was happening and he didn't know how to feel about it.

"How are you feeling?" he asked. She stared at him with confused eyes that just made her look even cuter.

"You know getting shot with an arrow and all." he said. Rukia frowned slightly as her eyes wandered elsewhere.

"I didn't feel a thing, I guess that's a good thing being dead and all." she said softly. Ichigo frowned his hand on her waist tighten a bit.

"No, that shouldn't have happened you were in control Rukia. You saved me again when you pushed me away that arrow was meant for me not you." He said softly. Rukia looked up at his eyes, and she couldn't look away. Twice now she's grown to memorize the eyes of the hunter in front of her, at first she thought they were just regular light brown eyes, but there under the light, and so close they were a bright hazel, and she had already grown fond of the way they were narrow at her, or soften by a single word. Ichigo Kurosaki had awakened something in her, and she didn't know if she could handle it. For sixty years she'd lived trapped in this house killing innocents, feeling the guilt and yet here she was with a ghost hunter who was suppose to kill her and they were dancing together in her house. This really was a sight for sore eyes she thought.

"Why are you still here Ichigo? Why do you keeping coming trying to understand me I'm a killer and it's your job to get rid of me." She said. Ichigo could hear the confusion in her voice and also the desperation was Rukia beginning to feel that maybe there was a reason they couldn't stay away from each other? Was she also beginning to feel something for like he felt for her?

"Because Rukia, you may have called me here to kill you but I learned something about you. You're not a killer. What happened to you was tragic but it didn't change you at all your still you." Ichigo said softly as they stopped dancing to stare at each other's eyes.

"I'm here to protect you, I promise you Rukia I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you from here on out." He said firmly. Rukia's eyes went wide, and then she shook her head laying her head on his chest.

"Don't make a promise when you might not be able to keep it." Was all she told him, Ichigo just wrapped his arms around her bringing her in close, this was a promise he would take to the grave.

He wanted to ask Rukia whether or not Ginjo really killed her, but he didn't want to ruin the mood instead he just swayed to the empty air with Rukia in his arms, he'd ask her tomorrow but for now he was going to dance with the girl he was completely falling for.

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