HetaOni- Eternal Three

Summary: "I want to stay with them… because they are both very important to me…" –America says a few last words to the two he loved.—

Rating: T

Warning: Some blood, not much. Tears shed.

(AN1:/ Inspired by

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"Yeah," America nodded, smiling lightly, turning his back to Britain and Canada. "We'll be fine, so just get out of here and get us reinforcements or something,"

"Wait! In the meantime, even you will get hurt beyond help—" Italy protested, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"It's fine. Besides, I want to do these two a favor and stay with them.


America sighed slowly. "No, that isn't it. They can't hear me anymore, so I'll tell you in all honesty. I want to stay with them. 'Till my last moment. Because they are both very important to me."

Italy stayed silent for a moment. "And because you're going to… protect me—"

America made a small laugh, "Haha, yeah! Even though I can't move anymore. But I'm not making a mistake. I regret nothing."

Italy didn't say anything.

"Go for it. I wish you luck." The American smiled again.

Italy then left, eyes too blurred with tears.

America sighed lightly, smiling to himself as he sat in between the beds the two were sitting.

He loved them both. They are the closest people to him; by blood almost.

"It's amazing, you two. We've fought so many times. Yet, we stuck together. I love you both. But… yeah… you guys aren't listening… I forgot. But I always talk to myself when I'm lonely so… bare with me. I'll be there with you guys soon. That was nice what I said, right?"

Alfred leaned against the wall, a tear dripping down my cheek. "Oh, look, England, I'm crying. I guess I'm the cry baby now, right Canada?" he laughs, wincing when his wounds throbbed.

"You know, your bloods are staining my clothing. This isn't good. I-I'm sorry," America started to cry slightly, wiping his eyes, almost like a child. "I didn't do enough, didn't I? I'll be up there soon; so you can scold me, England. A-and Canada… you can smack me around, I'm sure it won't hurt anymore."

His breathing quickened, the room silent except for his cries.

His own wounds started to hurt less as he calmed his breath. "I love them," he whispered to himself. "I want to stay with them… because they are both very important to me…" he smiled with more confidence. He held both of their hands tightly, taking a long look at Canada. Then he turned to look up at England, smiling to himself again before he swayed to the left and shut he eyes.

He never felt himself hit the ground.

All these were word for word from the original HetaOni.

But the part after Italy left him, the rest was from my own creativity.

Hope you enjoyed.

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