Street Lord & Fellsmarch Heir

Chapter 1

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Raisa's POV:

I stood looking over the edge of the balcony, my hair flying gently in the wind. The sun was setting over Hanalea, causing Ragmarket to look much spookier. I fingered the rowan talisman sliding it up and down my finger.

"Beautiful night ain't it your Highness?"

I turned to find the legendary Han Alistair standing in the doorway in his fine tailored suit. The Lone Hunter amulet was in plain sight, hiding the Demon King amulet under his nice cotton shirt. I held my hand out. He dropped a coin into my palm.

"I'm sorry you haven't been tutoring me lately, I've gone back to Ragmarket slang." Han grunted. I rolled my eyes.

"Indeed." I replied turning to look down upon the city. Han walked slowly and stood next to me resting his elbows on the rail and holding his head in his palms. He cleared my throat.

"What's on your mind?" Han questioned.

"Many things I'm afraid." I sighed.

"Do you remember the night at Oden's Ford where we laid on the roof watching the fireworks?" Han asked turning towards me.

"Yes. That was the time where we reunited and I agreed to be your tutor." I answered. "Do you remember the time you jumped out of my room's window to escape the clutches of Amon Bryne?" I questioned turning to look at him. His fair hair stood out almost glowing in the moonlight. The curve of his nose and the softness of his lips brought back painful memories. Han looked away embarrassed.

"Yes. That w-was an awkward t-time." He coughed. I giggled quietly to myself. "Follow me. I know a place where we can go." he exclaimed as he started climbing up the nearby window. Reluctantly I followed tearing my dress on a sharp loose stone. Han helped me up onto the roof. We laid on our backs watching the stars for several minutes. Han whispered a jinx. All of the sudden small fireworks boomed above us. I propped up on my elbow and faced Han. He turned to face me. I pressed my lips onto his. He wrapped his hands around my little waist. I raked my hands through his spiked hair. "Oh Raisa," Han groaned in delight. His kisses had wizardry in them. It tasted like brandy going down, making my brain go fuzzy. His kisses were full of urgency and lust, a whole lot better than Nightwalker or Micah. "Raisa." he moaned pulling away and looking into my eyes. His hand moved a stray stand of hair behind my ear. "I love you" he whispered.

I would have said the same thing but I didn't have to because, we both knew that it was true.

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