Woohoo! First chapter of the sequel! I hope it's not disappointing. Not really much happens, but ah well. BTW, the words like this are conversations that are in the mind. But my readers are smart. I'm sure yall would have figured that out. Love you guys!

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We were out of Earth atmosphere withing five minutes. This still didn't seem real. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I paced the main room until I realized from Seth and Sara's constant glances that I was probably distracting them, so I sat in one of the chairs behind them and watched out the huge window.

"Let us get further out and we'll be able to put the ship on auto-fly." Sara told me. So I waited. Finally, they stood from their chairs and came to sit by me.

"How long is this trip?" I asked.

"Approximately 46 hours." Seth answered. Oh, great. That's a long time to be stuck in a spaceship hurtling through outerspace. I could feel the claustrophobic panic creeping up on me.

"We have relaxers and sedatives if you need one, Sydley." Sara whispered. "But if you would rather just be distracted, I thought maybe we could start working on your powers." This brightened me up.

"Powers? Yeah, that sounds good. Let's do that."

"Since I'm a mind reader, I can look through your memories and find what your power is. You're lucky. Most people, well, the ones that don't know a mind reader, have to have this done by complete strangers."

"So, you're going to rack through my memories?"

"Yes. Back to the first few months of your life. THat is when you know your powers, even though you don't comprehend or use them."

I sighed. "Alright." I was a little comprehensive... My memories, my thoughts, are personal... But it's just Sara.

"Just relax. Try to clear your mind."

Ha. Right.

I didn't feel anything physically, but mentally, just knowing that she was going through my mind, i felt... violated.


And more silence.

And even more silence.

I guess seventeen years holds a lot of memories to sift through.

Sometime between the silence and the silence, Seth had grabbed my hand comfortingly. I rubbed my thumb across the back of his hand, a movement that had always soothed me.

Finally, "Oh! Sydley! This is great! I can be your mentor! Help you learn faster!"

"Wait, what?"

"Your power! It's like mine, in some ways. You can control everything with your mind! You can read minds, too! But, unlike me, you have the ability to project your thoughts! I can project my thoughts through touch, but you simply have to will the person to hear you, and they can!"

So, I'm a telekinesis. And a mind reader. And a mind speaker? Cool.

"Mind speaker? I like that. Very convenient."

"Oh, it is! Now, to learn to use your power is very simple. The first step is simply understanding that you have these powers."

Powers understood? Check.

"Then you must will yourself to be able to hear the other persons mind. Try it!"

Okay. Will myself to hear her mind... er...

Hear her mind, Sydley. C'mon. Sara. Hear what she's thinking.

I imagined a string, like a telephone wire, connecting from her to me. Her words traveling down the wire, into my mind. Her words into my mind. Her words, my mind.

She's got this! Come on, Sydley! Will yourself to hear me!

Bloody Hell!
It was weird, hearing her voice in my mind. Hearing her voice, but not seeing her mouth move. It was like it was bouncing around up there, echoing off of my skull.

"I heard you! I heard you telling me to will myself to hear you!"

"Really? That quickly?"

I imagined the wire between us again. Imagined my thoughts flowing into her mind. My thoughts, her mind.


The wire was still going strong, and I immediately heard her response.

I can read your mind anyways. Try Seth.

There was now an imaginary wire connecting Seth and I. C'mon, Seth. Hear me.


"Yes! Syd, I heard you!" He jumped up and grabbed my face into his hands. "How are you learning this so fast?"

"I don't know! I-" But he cut me off, pressing his lips to mine. I sighed into his kiss, savoring the sugary vanilla taste. I heard Sara stand and mumble something about getting food and walk away. I broke from Seth sheepishly.

"She didn't have to leave." I mumbled. Seth just laughed. He was completely different now that we were on his ship heading towards his planet. Happier. Touchier. "I'm really tired. Mentally. It's not a headache, really, but my brain hurts. Is that going to go away as I learn to use my powers?"

"Eventually, yes. you're using parts of your brain you didn't even realize you had before, so it will exhaust you at first. Like physical exercise."

Oh, joy. I fucking hate exercise.

"Do you need to sleep?" I nodded and we went to find Sara in the kitchen. After a quick meal of an apple and some amazing sweet tea, Seth took me to a room down the hallway from the kitchen.

"How big is this ship?" I was amazed at the size.

"Two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, two closets, a few mechanical rooms, and the main flight room. This ship was designed as a home. You could live in here, if you needed to."

"Will you stay in here with me?" I was scared to sleep alone. He nodded,

"Of course." And he opened the door to the room.

It was so... cozy. Comfortable. Nice, tan, curved walls. Red accents. A mirror and dresser. A full size bed. Nicer than my motel room I shared with Jack, that's for sure. I had been expecting a dark, cold, black and grey room. The only dark thing about this room was the sky I could see outside of the skylight style windows. Seth dug through the drawers of the dresser and pulled out clothes. Normal clothes. So, there's no weird alien uniform. Good. I had been a little worried about that.

"These are Sara's, but you can sleep in them." HE handed me a nice tank top and cotton shorts set. Very comfortable feeling. Nothing abnormal about them. Then he stepped out of the room so I could change. When I had gotten out of my clothes and into hers, I went and got him back in the room. He flipped off the lights and we crawled into the bed. Even though it was a full size bed and there was plenty of room for the both of us, we crammed together in the middle. One of his arms around my waist, holding me tightly to his now bare chest, one hand in the middle of my back, and my arms wrapped around him. Comfort.

I decided to see how far my powers would stretch.

Goodnight, Sara.

Goodnight, SydleyCompton!She replied, enthusiastically.

Now, that was freaking cool. I tapped into the wire connecting me to Seth.

Just kiss her! It's not like you haven't kissed her before! But what if she doesn't like it when I kiss her? What if I'm a bad kisser? What if I kiss her too much? I just can't seem to get enough of that taste. Like, peppermint and chocolate. Oh, just kiss her, you coward!

I laughed on the inside, turned my head to his, and kissed him.

"Good night, Seth."

"Good night, Syd."

I wish Alexander Ludwig was lying in my bed... D,X