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Prompt 2: Metaphor

Story: "Homework"

"Boooooooring." Mitsuhiko gently kicked the underside of the table at the park that the Shonen Tanteidan were collectively seated at, the group collectively staring down at their writing homework for the afternoon with mostly thoughtful expressions. "And we have to do five whole sentences, too. That's a lot to write." There were general mumblings of agreement from Ayumi and Genta before Shinichi and Shiho, the final two at the table, both gave each other an amused glance at Mitsuhiko's statement.

"Yeah, but we gotta do it." Genta sighed and looked around. "But where the heck are we supposed to find one of these metaphor things? I mean, they're not something we can just see, right?" The group glanced around to try and find inspiration for their assignment after he finished talking, the sunlight playfully winking through the park's trees and the wind gently playing with the leaves. It was a beautiful afternoon, and it almost felt like a waste to be stuck doing schoolwork when they could have been enjoying the amazing spring weather instead.

"Well yeah, we can't just find one like that. We've gotta make one up."Shinichi nodded in reply, carefully shoving 'Conan''s glasses up his nose as he spoke. "That's why we have to try and find something to write about that we can use." The shrunken meitantei shrugged his shoulders at his friends. "Hmm..." He scanned the area trying to find anything that might inspire a metaphor. Maybe Haibara and I can have one of our little competitions. Since the elementary school level work was always so easy and dull for them both, he and Shiho occasionally had contests between themselves to see who could finish their homework first while being as accurate as they could allow themselves to be. It stung Shinichi's intellect to have to deliberately get questions wrong, but they were supposed to be children, after all.

As if reading Shinichi's mind, Shiho glanced over to him with a knowing smirk before she spoke, her tone vaguely amused. "I know that look of yours. Challenge accepted, Edogawa-kun."

"Huh, Ai-chan? On for what?" Ayumi looked between the pair, clearly confused. "Are we doing something besides the homework?"

Mitsuhiko looked up, an eyebrow quirked. "Yeah, what's goin' on? If it's something besides this homework, I want in!"

"Me too!" added Genta firmly, crossing his arms and puffing his chest out a bit. "Anything but sittin' here or doin' homework sounds good!"

"I believe we were going to have a race to discover what we'll use for our homework first." The tiny scientist glanced over at Shinichi with that subtle smirk again. "Isn't that right, Edogawa-kun?"

Shinichi blinked before slowly nodding his head. "Uh, yeah, sure. Right." Well I guess it'll help this go by faster if nothing else...and besides, I had just been thinking about challenging her. Guess it'll just be all of us involved instead now...

"Oh it is ON!" Mitsuhiko leapt off the bench and raced off further into the park, a determined expression on his face.

Genta was hot on the other boy's heels and looking somewhat panicked as he ran after him. "NO FAIR! WE DIDN'T SAY TO START YET! WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEEE!"

"Uh..." Ayumi watched the pair race off and turned back to Shinichi and Shiho. "I think I'll look around here then." She smiled brightly and started canvassing the area around the bench they'd all been sitting at.

"Alright, let's do this thing." Shinichi gave Shiho a roguish grin and slid down off the bench himself after Ayumi was out of earshot, having wandered off towards a flower patch.

Shiho gave him an unreadable look before shaking her head and carefully getting down. "Do recall that you were the one that decided to turn this into one of our competitions when you lose, Edogawa-kun."

"And remember that you're the one that decided to accept my challenge when you lose, Haibara." Shinichi grinned widely and headed off into the brilliant afternoon, deciding that there was nothing wrong with an afternoon off from murder and mayhem and intending to thoroughly enjoy the day.

Just as he was finishing that thought a familiar boy's scream resounded from the woods nearby, kicking him into high gear as he raced towards it.

OK, maybe they wouldn't get the day off from mayhem after all.