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Korey Sylers Revenge Prologue: The Escape

I held my breath. The doctors passed with cages and cages of experiments, but only six stuck out. The human-avian hybrids. I was a human-avian hybrid but no one cared about me. Jeb Batchelder, one of the head scientists, only cared for the flock, not me. That's what they called the other six human-avian hybrids. Jeb never cared about anyone else, not even his son Ari. And he actually had a heart.

Only being three, Ari watched the experiments from a distance as his father devoted himself to them. He wanted to be like the flock but so did everyone else. He wanted Jeb to notice him like he noticed them. I felt the same way.

A scientist stopped dead in his tracks to look at me. he stared then unlocked the cage door. Instinctively, I threw myself at the scientist, knocking him to the ground. Twelve sets of eyes, including Jeb's, fell on me as I rushed out the way of a morphing Eraser- human-lupine hybrid.

I ran for the window, and not caring that it would hurt, I hurled myself out of it. Glass crashed around me as I fell three stories. I unfurled my large, black wings and began to fly away from the School- the hell I had lived in for fourteen years. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw Jeb frown slightly and Ari smile just barely. I smirked. I was finally free.

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