Rock Mafia

"The Big Bang"*

"Morning Sun (Pimps and Hos) [featuring Miley Cyrus]"*

"The Last Thing I'd Ever Do"

"Fly or Die"*


Miley Cyrus

"Can't Be Tamed"*

"7 Things"*

"Fly on the Wall"*

"Who Owns My Heart"*

"Liberty Walk"*

"Two More Lonely People"*

"If We Were a Movie" (Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana)*

"I Got Nerve" (Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana)*


"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"*

"Forgiveness and Love"*

"Bigger Than Us" (Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana)*

"Bottom of the Ocean"*

"East Northumberland High"*

"Good and Broken"*


"It's All Right Here" (Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana)*

"Let's Dance"*

"Right Here"*

"See You Again"*

"Wake Up America"*

Selena Gomez& the Scene


"Off The Chain"*

"Rock God"*

"Summer's Not Hot"*

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know"*

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know (New Version)"

"Love You Like A Love Song"*


"My Dilemma"*

Demi Lovato

"Me, Myself, and Time"*

"You're My Only Shorty" feat. Iyaz

Sick Puppies


"You're Going Down"

"Odd One"

"So What I Lied"

"Master of the Universe"

"In It For Life"

"White Balloons"

"My World"



"What Are You Looking For"

"All the Same"

"Too Many Words"

"Asshole Father"


"Anywhere But Here"

"The Bottom"

The Beach Girl5



"Rabbit Hole"

"One More Second Chance"

"Lay a Little Sunshine"

Aly & AJ

"Potential Breakup Song"

"Chemicals React"


"Sticks and Stones"

David Archuleta

"You Can"

"Your Eyes Don't Lie"

Miranda Cosgrove


Hope 7


"I Want Everything"


"Another Dumb Blonde"

"I'm Scared"

"Perfect Day"

Vanessa Hudgens

"Hook It Up"*

"Don't Leave"*

"Come Back to Me"*


Patrice Rushen

"Long Time Coming"

Barbra Streisand

"What Were We Thinking of?"

Zac Efron

"Bet On It"