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Good Night

The Justice League had watched confused when Flash had appeared from the zeta beam carrying the prone body of a blonde civilian, her blonde hair was speckled with blood and trailing nearly to the ground, and then they were very much shocked when the good natured joker began yelling at the heroes in an enraged voice to move out of the way. The Flash didn't do angry; inappropriate, funny, charming but never furious. Then there was the question of the woman who was clearly not part of the League and, therefore, did not belong in the Watch Tower medical bay but in an average human hospital. They watched silently as the Flash demanded she be treated first despite the gushing wound on his left leg and severe burn on his right arm shouting angrily as the doctors tried to pry the girl wearing the shirt with Green Arrow crest from his arms.

Eventually though the woman had been stabilized and the now treated Flash had stopped pacing a trench in the floor and the heroes watched mystified as the red clad hero snuck into the woman's medical room and crawled into bed with the civilian – then it all made sense.

The heroines finally understood why Flash always flirted with them but never asked them out, and the male heros finally understood why Flash never stayed in his room on the Watch Tower always making his escape back to Earth as soon as possible. Some of the older superheroes who understood the delicate relationship between the pair smiled slightly (don't tell Batman you saw him) as the boy now man pulled the blonde's body flush against his and buried his face in her hair and quietly fell asleep.

However, by the fourth day of the "girlfriend's" coma it had taken half the league to force Flash out of the infirmary and into the cafeteria in order for the exhausted man to eat something. As a bitter Wonder Woman dragged the struggling superhero into the dining hall for the eighth time Nightwing longed for the days when Flash's ability to vibrate his molecules through solid objects had given him a headache and a bloody nose because no sooner would they sit him down then he'd have vibrated his way back to the infirmary planting himself firmly beside her prone form. But it appeared that Flash was finally tiring and the prospect of food was overcoming his implicit desire to be beside her so Nightwing gently patted his friend's shoulder and handed him a cheeseburger.

He was halfway through his fifteenth burger, ketchup smeared across his lips and his cheeks full of food when a timid nurse approached the table he was sharing with his former teammates. She had barely said the word awake before Flash had vacated his seat sending his friends' meals to the floor with the velocity of his take off, he had flashed them a cheesy grin of apology before zooming off and then M'gann had asked the question,


Wally was absolutely furious, no, he was not just furious he was livid, aggravated, pissed off... In fact there was no word in the dictionary to describe how angry he was with Artemis. She was retired, out of commission, not on call, supposed to safe and sound in their apartment when he was not around but oh no little miss archer had to go and play hero. But when he saw her form propped up against the pillows looking pale and weak but alive he had to force himself to wipe the happy smile off his face. No matter how beautiful she looked with her hair down he was going to give her a piece of his mind and with those final fleeting thoughts he sped into her room.

"You have shit timing," he commented when he skidded to a stop beside her bed, "Both in archery and in waking up." He saw her tense clearly annoyed at his comment before responding,

"Eating Kid, really?"

"Ugh, is that the best you got? We're not fifteen!" he snorted using his thumb to wipe the ketchup away from his lips before glowering at her, "We agreed! No. More. Fighting. You promised! I confiscated your bow!"

"I saved your life."

"You fell off a hundred foot building, Arty! A hundred feet!"

"So I fell off a building, it's happened a hundred times before. I would have been just fine!"

"You would not have been fine!" he hollered, "You would have been a smudge on the sidewalk!"

"Good grief! I can take care of myself!" she scowled angrily at him and she paused running her eyes over his disheveled figure, "Could you please take that god awful costume off, it's hurting my eyes!" Wally squinted at her from behind his mask trying to decide if she was being serious or sarcastic. She'd always been the first person to rub in the fact that his costume not only showed every crevice of his toned body but also made him a living target with its vibrant color palette.

"Secret identity, remember?" he responded sarcastically waving a hand at the observation window, "Won't be a secret if I rip the spandex off." He would have tacked on a comment about her wanting to see his muscular body in nothing but his skivvies but that was when both parties noticed the crowd of curious League members who had gathered around the window. Now to be fair they were all new members who were not privy to the knowledge about the relationship the two shared but neither occupant of the room were happy that they were being made a spectacle of in front of some of the most powerful gossips in the world. Flash groaned before gently tapping the side of his head causing a link that hadn't been used in years to crackle to life.

Hey Rob, mind making things a bit more private for me and Blunder Woman here?

Wow. Never thought I'd hear your voice in my head again, came the sarcastic reply from the archer who watched him airily.

I must concur this is most peculiar, agreed Kaldur, It brings one nostalgia for the days when things were simpler.

Yes, we get it trip down memory lane and all, snapped Wally, But let's deal with the current situation. Doable or not Dick?

Please anything is doable for Boy Wonder aka Nightwing, came the confident reply, Give me a minute. Bats updated security since I last hacked it.

This is very sweet, the martian interjected joining the conversation accompanied by a grunt from Superboy, We should do this more often. Artemis allowed a smile to grace her features as she realized how much she had missed the voices in her head.

Alright, began Nightwing, I've turned on the two way mirror function for your room, you can see out but others can't see in, and I've blocked all transmissions in or out. You're good to go. Now kiss and make up.

Robin you little troll! hissed Artemis mentally pointing a finger at him, If I find out you've recorded this conversation or are lying and we're about to become the Watch Tower's new hot topic I will find you and end you.

I'm so scared! taunted Dick.

Enough, thought Wally his voice cutting through the mental link, Artemis we're setting some things straight right NOW. With that the link was severed by a giggling M'gann cooing about lovebirds and Artemis's eyes turned back to Flash as he pulled his cowl down revealing fiery green eyes that flared with rage and red hair that settled into a precarious mess of chaos.

"Happy now?"

"Well it is always so much easier to insult you to your face,"she fixed him with a sultry look of defiance which Wally ignored.

"God, why do you have to be so pigheaded?"

"If memory serves I'm not the one who was losing to the Joker, who's like fifty years old."

"Artemis, you do realize we're twenty eight, right?" he asked sarcastically.


"It's time to grow up. I'm the hero. I wear the target. You do not enter frays of villainous pandemonium to save me," he held up a hand to stop her from talking, "Even if you can take the shot."

"The Joker would have killed you."

"Well, he nearly did," she looked at him confused because she knew that once her arrow had whizzed past the freak's head the barrel of his gun had immediately found a new target; her form perched precariously out of that twentieth story window in one of Gotham's tallest high rises.

"The bullet didn't touch me, Baywatch. I just lost my balance, fell out a window, and hit my head on that stupid gargoyle that all those stupid buildings in Gotham have to have. Bottom line I saved your spandexed keister." Wally had gotten very quiet before he whispered,

"Watching you fall out that window nearly killed me," a strangled sound wretched from his throat, "Why can't you understand? I hate you! I hate you! Don't you ever do that again!"

"Woah there now, don't go getting all romantic on me."

"You're sick you know that," he huffed finally slumping his shoulders his fury dissipating as he sat beside her on the bed. She stared at him contemplating their conversation and the implications it would have on their relationship.

"You know I never realized how much your costume looks like glorified pajamas," she said absentmindedly tossing a pillow at him and shifting over in order to give him room to lie down which he happily did. This was safe ground – this was what they were used to. "So what do we do now?" she whispered.

"Well first I'm going to burn every bow, arrow, and piece of Green Arrow merchandise in the apartment," came his quick reply as he dodged out of the way of her hand, "And then I think its time we established this."


"You, me, us. This," he waved a hand dismissively between their bodies, "Because this might sound really dumb but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say we've been dating for a while?"

"Oh for years I suppose," she responded, "Although you never seemed to be able to work up the courage to kiss me, Kid Coward."

"And once all your pointy arrows are burned I will," he smirked inching closer in the cramped bed, "Because without ammunition I won't have to worry about getting stabbed for spontaneously making crazy passionate love to you."

"You do realize I could kick your ass any day of the week."

"I'd like to see you try." They both laughed at his comment their foreheads touching as they got closer until she was cradled in his arms and he was kissing her temple, her eyes, her cheeks, and finally her lips. She sighed through her nose relishing in the butterflies that filled her stomach as his lips moved tentatively against hers, it had taken a long time but it was so very much worth it. He pulled away nestling her face in the junction between his shoulder and his neck and they slept.

Good night.

And somewhere in an empty metal helmet Kent Nelson was laughing.