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She couldn't believe it. It was finally happening, the world was ending. Earth had stayed out of the war for some time now, but that sadistic tyrant finally took it over. He-or was it she? God, no one really knew what it was. Frieza controlled Earth for a year or two before he got bored and destroyed the planet. Only a few people that were deemed worthy of living under Frieza's command survived the destruction. Bulma Briefs was one of those people. Her father was Dr. Briefs a brilliant scientist and his daughter's mentor. Bulma hoped to grow up and discover numerous scientific ideas and conduct many experiments. That was only a distant memory now. Under Frieza's command there would be none of that. Her mother was a kind and compassionate woman, always with a smile plastered across her face. Bulma could remember exactly how she was captured.

"Bulma dear, can you hand me the screwdriver in the toolbox, this bolt just won't stay on!" Dr. Briefs called to his young daughter who sat at a desk, dutifully reading about astronomical physics.

Bulma took her head out of her hands that were propped up by her elbows, her aquamarine tresses fell around her face. "Oh, sure Daddy." She rose from her chair and walked to the toolbox, pulled out the screwdriver and placed it in her father's hands. She stared at her father's invention curiously, "What are you doing again?"

"Well, this is just another design for the capsules. I'm altering blueprints to allow them to fit more things inside them, so they are more efficient."

"What about the other thing you were working on?" Bulma pointed to a large machine in the laboratory.

Dr. Briefs sighed, looking at the machine disappointedly, "I don't know what is wrong with the gravity simulator. It just won't work. I can get the machine to give out less gravity but not more. I've been working on the damn thing for months."

"I'm sure you'll figure out a way to make it work, dad. You are a genius after all." Bulma smiled at her father and received a smile in return.

"Thank you, Bulma dear. You always brighten my day."

Suddenly, the lab doors flew open shocking the two occupants. Bulma's mother, Bunny rushed into the lab with a concerned and worried look. "Honey! The-the city is under attack!" She sputtered, trying to catch her breath.

Bulma let out a gasp of surprise, "What? But how? Mom, surely you're lying."

"No, Bulma I'm not! There have been explosions for the past ten minutes! You haven't noticed because the lab is underground!" She let a few tears fall, as Dr. Briefs ran over and held her.

"We're being invaded. We've avoided this for awhile, but I fear our worst fears have finally come true. Frieza has attacked the Earth! We must hide immediately."

He grabbed his wife and daughter's arms and dragged them behind him. They jogged as fast as they could to the only place they knew was safe. The underground bunker. It was composed of the hardest metal and it was five feet thick. There was only one way in and you needed a code to enter. Only the Briefs family knew the code. They approached the bunker and Dr. Briefs quickly punched in the code, releasing the locks and opening the door. The family rushed inside and were about to shut the door when an explosion erupted in the hall.

A group of burly aliens emerged from the debris and clouds. Bulma and her mother screamed. Dr. Briefs began to close the door again when one of the aliens caught it in his hand and swiftly ripped the metal door from its hinges. He tossed it to the side without any effort. He sneered down at the family that had fallen to their knees. They were all wearing armor that was white and tan with strange shoulder pads and black bodysuits. "So, which one of you is Dr. Briefs?"

None of the Briefs family responded, huddled together in fear. The alien growled angrily and grabbed Bunny by the neck, hoisting her up in the air. She whimpered, trying to release herself from his grip. "I'll ask you again. Which one of you is Dr. Briefs?"

Bulma knew they were looking for her father…but why? What could Frieza possibly want with her dad? If her father was taken Frieza would surely kill him. They probably wanted to kill all of the males because they were defending the Earth. What would become of her and her mother though? Bulma knew the alien was getting more irritated by the second with no answers. She knew she would infinitely regret this, but she would rather it be her than her parents.

"I'm Dr. Briefs." She said quietly.

The alien dropped her mother to the floor. Bunny cried out as she hit her head on the firm ground. "What was that, young one?"

Bulma turned her head up to stare at the alien with fierce eyes, "I am Dr. Briefs."

"Excellent. You'll be coming with me." He smirked evilly and wrapped his hand around Bulma's wrist, dragging her away from her parents.

"Bulma, no! What have you done?" Dr. Briefs yelled.

Bulma's eyes watered as she cried silent tears, "I'm sorry, daddy…I'm doing this to protect you and mom."

The alien holding her cackled, "Save them? There will be none of that." In a blinding flash, he fired a blast of ki from his palm and struck her parents dead on.

"NO!" Bulma screamed, trying to get the murderer's hand off of her wrist, desperately trying to reach her parents.

The alien's grip did not falter as he continued pulling her along. "Don't bother. They've been incinerated." They kept going along the halls, returning from whence they came. They exited the house entirely and Bulma gasped in shock of what used to be her neighborhood. There was a huge crater in the ground; all of the houses save for hers were obliterated. There was no debris left behind. Only dirt and earth were there in the destruction. People were yelling, crying for help and begging for mercy from their attackers. Screams that Bulma heard were quickly extinguished as soon as they were heard.

Bulma's tears kept falling as they took her aboard a ship and threw handcuffs on her. She couldn't believe her parents were gone. All of their wisdom and everything they had taught her would have to live on in Bulma's memory. She sobbed even harder when she realized the only tangible object she had to remember them by was a pair of diamond earrings they had purchased her in honor of her thirteenth birthday. They told her it was to symbolize her growing up and becoming a woman. They would never see her grow a day older to her dismay. Bulma touched her earrings sadly in memoriam.

I love you, mom and dad. I won't ever forget you.

Bulma's thoughts were broken into when the alien who had killed her parents shook her roughly. "Hey! Snap out of it. We're here."

"Where is here?" Bulma asked quietly, looking around at her surroundings. She was still on the ship they put her on, but the exit was blocked by the alien.

"Here is where you'll be staying, little human."

He stepped aside to reveal the outside of the ship. There were words in a foreign language written on the top of a building before her. Bulma didn't need a translator to know where she was though. There were turrets of lookout stations where many soldiers stood, watching over the entrance of the building. He pushed her up off onto her feet and nudging her along. They walked into the building and Bulma's worst fear came true. There were many soldiers walking around the building guiding other handcuffed prisoners.

One soldier came to their side, addressing them. "Is this the one we were looking for?"

The alien that policed her quickly bowed slightly in respect, "Yes, Zarbon. This is Dr. Briefs."

Zarbon was undeniably attractive to Bulma, but she knew it would not be wise to cultivate feelings. He was one of Frieza's henchmen after all. Zarbon was light green skinned with an emerald shade of long flowing hair. He wore the same armor as everyone else, but personalized it with pink stockings.

Zarbon looked her up and down, grinning in approval. "Well, she is a bit young…isn't she? I thought this Dr. Briefs was supposed to be a world renowned inventor." He paused and ignored his previous statement. Young or not, she was part of the Briefs family which meant she was to know at least something useful.

"Nevertheless, she is quite attractive. If Lord Frieza doesn't want her, perhaps he'll give her to me." He chuckled.

Bulma gulped, leaning away from Zarbon. He noticed and laughed again. "I'll take it from here, Hertue."

Hertue nodded, bowed once more and turned on his heel, leaving Bulma in Zarbon's hands. Bulma didn't want to be alone with this man, she'd rather be with Hertue…at least he didn't hit on her. "Um…so where are we going?"

"To your cell. Where else would I be taking you?" Zarbon sneered.

He pushed her into motion as Bulma remembered to move her legs. They traveled down the halls for what seemed like hours in complete silence. Bulma kept her eyes on the floor but she knew that Zarbon would sneak peeks at her breasts every few seconds. She subconsciously pulled up her tube top tank, covering her chest more. Bulma was getting concerned when she noticed that he was leading her away from all of the other cells to an isolated area. Zarbon stopped at the end of a hallway where a large door with the cell number 732. It was so quiet in this hall; it was almost as if the walls in this part of the prison were sound proof.

"Why is my cell isolated from everyone else? I haven't done anything wrong…" Bulma questioned curiously.

Zarbon took out a key and removed her handcuffs, "No, but your cell mate is a trouble maker to Lord Frieza and likes to make things interesting."

"Interesting? What do you mean by that?" Bulma rubbed her wrists, trying to relieve the pain from the handcuffs. She didn't think of running away. She didn't want to know what Zarbon would do if she ran. Or rather what Frieza would do.

Zarbon smirked and opened the door to her cell, "Why don't you ask your cell mate. I'm sure he'll tell you." With that, Zarbon pushed her into the cell and slammed the door shut.

Bulma pounded on the door, yelling at Zarbon. She gave up after a few moments, leaning against the door. She sighed and slowly slid down and sat down on the floor. It was only then when she realized there was another person in the room.

He was sitting in a corner of the room with his back to her. His black hair was swept up into a flame shape and from this position that was all she could see about his appearance. The man sat in silence, with his hands together in a silent mantra. Unfortunately, Bulma didn't see that part as she spoke to him. "I guess we're going to be cell mates. I'm-"

The man cut her off in a harsh manner, "Be quiet! Can't you tell I'm meditating?"

Bulma frowned, putting her hands on her hips as she stood up and strode over to him, "Hey! I was just trying to be polite, seeing as we're going to be here for awhile."

The man growled low and stood up, facing her. "I don't need any of your politeness. As far as I'm concerned you are just another cell mate to me."

Bulma furrowed her brow as she held her ground, staring at the male before her. He was about her height, only a few inches taller. This man, as she thought, was just barely a man. He seemed to be maybe a year older than her. He had a couple bangs of his hair falling over his forehead. His eyes were fiercely glaring at her, obsidian orbs that were like a black hole she got lost in. His nose was normal, so she didn't look over that too much. His lips were placed in a firm snarl. Bulma's eyes trailed down to his clothing. He wore a pair of black training shorts and shirt, while his feet were bare. There was also this brown belt wrapped around his waist. That was a little strange. What was more, she didn't see it earlier, but this man was extremely muscular. His massive biceps and calves were exposed, revealing numerous painful scars and burn marks. Bulma nearly reached out and manuvered her palms across them in curiosity when he spoke again.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to continue gawking at me?" He growled once more.

Bulma mentally slapped herself for gazing too long. She had a habit of doing that. "Sorry. I guess. What's your name?"

"It's not important."

"Well…I'm guessing you don't care, but my name is Bulma."

The man rolled his eyes, "Yes, you're right. I don't care. What I do care about is getting stronger so I can get the hell out of here. You'd better not hold me back, woman."

"My name is Bulma!"


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