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"First thing in the morning?"

"First thing in the morning." Ki'ilina confirmed.

"So then what should we do? Should we enact the escape plan now or-"

Ki'ilina shook her head solemnly, "I'm not sure, Bulma…I think we should talk to Vegeta about this before we do anything."

"Vegeta?" Bulma scoffed and shook her head defiantly, "We don't need his opinion!"

"Bulma seriously…you and Vegeta need to put aside your differences for this to work. If you guys can't cooperate then this is all for nothing!"

"Not until he apologizes."

"Okay. I'll get him to apologize. We need to get back to the cell before anyone sees us. This time we need to act like we aren't friends."

The two exited the laboratory after Bulma set the ki blaster back into the capsule. They didn't talk once. It felt very strange because they had always quietly conversed on their way back to the cell. Ki'ilina had slapped the handcuffs on Bulma's wrists with a little more force than required. She gave the blue haired human a look that said, 'Sorry, it was only because I have to look like I'm actually doing my job and trying to torture you.' As they neared closer and closer to cell 732, the Trexilian could sense Bulma's increasing tension. She could practically taste it in the air. Soon, they approached the cell door. Bulma stared at it blankly.



"Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine once we get this over with. The sooner we escape, the sooner I can get away from Mr. Asshole."

"K…" Ki'ilina removed Bulma's handcuffs and opened the cell door. She allowed Bulma inside. Making sure no one was in the hall, she also entered the cell, shutting the door quietly.

Vegeta was training as usual. His clothing was drenched from the excessive sweat and his hair had even begun to droop from the weight. He didn't bother to stop his training, "What?" He asked as the two females had a clear look of anxiety. Ki'ilina's was more noticeable since Bulma's was also shrouded in anger.

"What?" He asked again, this time with more authority.

Ki'ilina glanced at Bulma, who did not seem like she was going to answer him. "Frieza is switching out the prisoners. You and Bulma are included."

"Switching them?"

"Yeah. To different cells. I think this might have to do with you and Bulma…er…mating."

Vegeta's eyes narrowed, "Why?"

"Not sure. He didn't say. I'm sure you can get the opportunity to ask when you beat his ass into the next oblivion." Ki'ilina quipped.

The Saiyan prince smirked, "You're damn right I will." He then added, "When?"

"Tomorrow morning. Before breakfast."

"The lizard will without a doubt up the security and have a more watchful eye on us."

Ki'ilina shifted uncomfortably, "Um…he plans to separate you two."

"Separate? Why?"

"Because we fucked, you idiot!" Bulma suddenly spoke.

Vegeta snarled, "Would you stop being such a bitch because of that? I already fucking told you I was sorry!"

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Vegeta! I'm not going to keep explaining why."


"Ah, ah, ah…I already told you I'm not your damned woman!" She replied in a scolding tone.

"And I already told you we're mate-"

"Would you two shut the fuck up?" Ki'ilina nearly yelled.

"Ki'ilina…" Bulma lowered her voice in shock.

"I am getting really sick of hearing you two bitch and moan about this! It's been one day, no, not even a full day that you two had sex and mated each other! You two need to get over the fact that you hate each other now because of it. But I don't understand why. Bulma yes, Vegeta was your first and yeah, now you're mated to him but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing! I know you truly do love him, so why would being mated to him be any different?"


"Don't you 'Ki'ilina…' me, Bulma! Put aside your damned differences because we need to put the escape plan into action! If you don't work together the fluidity will be off and I'm pretty sure we'll be more likely to get caught!"

Bulma sighed, "I can't do that…"

"Why the fuck not?" Ki'ilina was turning redder than her skin.

"I just can't…" Bulma replied softly.

Vegeta phased next to Bulma. She jumped slightly, stepping away from him. "Do not come any closer." She warned.

"Bulma if we are going to go through with this escape plan tonight you need to overcome the fact that you hate me right now. We have to stay close together. As a group. If you are separate, you're more likely to be picked off by one of Frieza's men."

Bulma huffed, realizing he was right. "Fine. But only for now. When we get off this fucking prison, I'm going right back to hating you. You're lucky you have me because without my genius expertise, you'd be shit up a creek."


"Watch where you're going, woman!"

Bulma rolled her eyes at Vegeta's hushed yell. She had looked away just briefly, and she found her face suddenly buried in his shoulder blades. She retorted back in a whisper, "Oh yes, because it's my fault you stopped without telling me."

"Well if you-" Vegeta began, but Ki'ilina cut him off, "Shut up, you guys."

Currently, aside from trying to keep Bulma and Vegeta from getting into another argument, Ki'ilina was leading the two through the ventilation systems. It was the middle of the night and where there was an hour break between the next surveying of the prison. Vegeta wanted to do a full force frontal attack on the rest of Frieza's henchmen, but Bulma thought it would be better to go stealthily. After moments of deliberation in the cell before they left, they decided to go covertly. Ki'ilina kicked open a vent near the cell and along they went, traveling through the metal structure.

The talking between the group ceased and they fell into silence once more. They turned left, went straight at a four way, right, and then left again. They stopped at a grate on the floor. Ki'ilina peered through the holes and removed the lid. She stuck her head into the room below, searching for any signs of movement. She pulled her body back into the ventilation and smirked at Vegeta and Bulma. "Phase one complete. Time for phase two. Bulma, you're up."

Ki'ilina jumped into the room and began to scope it out. Vegeta quickly followed her, landing swiftly on the balls of his feet. He glanced up at Bulma, "Well? Are you coming? We need you for this part."

Bulma glared at him, "I'm working on it!" She dangled her legs over the edge and was preparing to leap from the vent.

"Are you planning on falling to your death?" Vegeta laughed as his tail danced lively behind him, "That is a much bigger fall than it looks."

Bulma stared down at the floor, trying to determine the length of the fall. Her eyes kept changing the distance, fooling her. She shook her head, attempting to make herself focus. Her heart began to race anxiously, "Uh..."

She was about to leave the edge, when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her body and float her down on the ground below. "You're welcome." Vegeta said, calling over his shoulder as he landed on the floor and following Ki'ilina. Bulma growled low and chased after them.

She found the other two standing before a large system of computers and screens. On both sides of the computers, there was a mass of electrical switches. "So you know what to do right, Bulma?" Ki'ilina asked, looking at the screens that displayed pressure systems and temperature regulators among others.

"Sure do!" She flung herself under the desk and pulled open the control panel box. A large tangled mess of wires stared back at her. "Great..." She sighed and got to work. She pawed through the wires, removing and cutting certain ones. The computer system began to shut down and Bulma crawled out of the mess and grinned triumphantly. She then stepped over to the switches, studying them carefully. They were labeled in a foreign alien language and they didn't have time to decipher it. She shrugged and tugged down all of the switches. The lights shut off, startling the occupants of the room.

Vegeta and Ki'ilina suddenly stiffened, freezing in place.

"Bulma, hide under the desk," Ki'ilina said quietly.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just do it!" Vegeta snarled.

Bulma complied and slid back underneath the desk. Ki'ilina hid behind some boxes while Vegeta quickly leaped back into the ventilation. Footsteps entered the room and an eerie silence fell about them. Bulma desperately tried to hide her heavy nervous breathing as the footsteps came closer. A second pair of feet came in the room. Next, one body hit the floor with a pained grunt. The body's head landed near Bulma's hiding place and the eyes caught sight of her, reaching for Bulma. A foot stamped on the body's neck, snapping it in half. Bulma suffocated a yelp that wanted to escape her lips.

"You can come out." A voice spoke.

Bulma said nothing, hoping they would just leave. Suddenly, a hand shot out and grabbed Bulma by the arm, yanking her from her spot. Bulma struggled in the assailant's grasp, "No, no, no! Let me go!"

The stranger shook her roughly, "Calm down."

Bulma's eyes locked on to this being, staring at them with scared eyes. "Hertue?" She gasped. "Did...you...?"

"Yes. I killed him."

"B-but why?"

"Oh, I always had a feeling that you and Prince Vegeta would be planning something like this." Bulma gulped and her heart dropped, in fear for the ruined plan. Hertue continued, "I want to help. I want out of here, just as much as you."

Ki'ilina and Vegeta removed themselves from their places, standing by Bulma and Hertue. Vegeta narrowed his eyes, "How do we know you won't just turn us in?"

"Frieza is a bastard lizard. I never wanted to be a part of his army. He killed my mate and I want revenge." Hertue replied simply.

Vegeta chuckled, "Well, first of all, you aren't nearly as strong as I am. Secondly, on that fact, you'd get your ass whooped. Thirdly, I'm going to kill Frieza."

"I trust him." Bulma stated. Ki'ilina and Vegeta stared at her due to her sudden trust. "What? He killed that other guy who would have surely captured us!"

Ki'ilina nodded, "Bulma is right. Besides, Hertue knows the prison just as well as I do. This also prompts opportunity for me." Ki'ilina walked to the door, stepping into the shadows.

"Wait! Ki'ilina, where are you going?"

"I have some business to do concerning a green-skinned rapist."


Ki'ilina raced down the darkened hallways, silently dispatching anyone she came across. She had only one destination in mind and nothing was going to stop her. Years she had been waiting for this moment, for this opportunity. Before Bulma arrived, she was beginning to lose hope that she was going to get the chance and now it was coming true. Her body was laced with anticipation and her blood was racing with excitement for her revenge that she was finally going to extract.

The room she'd been looking for came into view and she slammed it open, waking up the occupant. "Zarbon..." She growled fiercely.

The being in the bed rose to a sitting position and a sultry voice spoke, "Mmm...Ki'ilina...you've come to me this time? What a surprise...are you ready for a nice fucking?"

"No, but are you ready to get fucked up?" She replied icily.

"Ooh...harsh, are we?"

"I have been waiting for this moment, Zarbon! I'm going to destroy you."

Zarbon sneered, "Oh, really?" He phased from his bed, reappearing in front of Ki'ilina. "Give me your best shot."

Ki'ilina let out a yell, throwing a kick at Zarbon's gut. He blocked it, catching her leg with his hand. He twisted her leg around, turning it painfully. Ki'ilina used his weight against him, twisting her entire body to launch another kick at him. It landed square in his stomach, causing him to rear back. Zarbon growled and unleashed an onslaught of attacks, violently swiping and slashing at her. Ki'ilina was caught off guard at his sudden outburst and she flew back into the wall. The force made her bite down on her tongue and she fell to her knees.

"Is that all you've got?" Zarbon taunted, giving her a 'bring it on' motion with his finger.

Ki'ilina took a deep breath and stopped to regain her concentration. She returned Zarbon's gesture, matching it exactly, motioning for Zarbon to attack. Zarbon vainly brushed a hand through his hair and attacked the Trexilian. Ki'ilina stepped aside as Zarbon threw a punch. She jumped up as Zarbon tried to kick her feet from under her. Ki'ilina utilized her energy and flew up in the air while Zarbon also took flight. The man brought his hand up to punch Ki'ilina in the stomach but she caught his fist and pushed him back.

After catching several more punches and kicks Ki'ilina smirked, "It's my turn again." She growled before she started pummeling the green skinned man. She took her time beating into Zarbon's green-skinned body. Ki'ilina grabbed Zarbon on the front of his uniform and pushed him away to stand on his own feet. "Transform. You're hardly a challenge for me right now." She ordered as he stepped closer. "I know you can transform, Zarbon. Do it!"

Zarbon chuckled, "Well, if you truly want a death wish..." The man gave a grunt as his body shot out of its proportion and grew in size. The man's once beautiful face reshaped to a form that resembled a toad. Ki'ilina burst out laughing, "Huh. Looks like there's not much difference between this form and the other one." She sneered.

Zarbon growled, "You are going to regret that." He snarled before he attacked the Trexilian again. Ki'ilina smirked as she saw she got the upper hand almost instantly. She tossed Zarbon around without trouble.

She grabbed Zarbon's arm and bent it until the bones almost cracked. Zarbon gasped in agony and wrenched his arm from her hold. He held it limply at his side, glaring furiously. "What's wrong? Can't handle the fact that after all these years you thought you were stronger, I'm actually stronger than you?" She smirked tauntingly, "How's it feel to know you're the bitch now?"

Zarbon roared and began to attack her relentlessly. She effortlessly blocked punch after punch as Zarbon attacked her. She used her right arm to block a punch and grabbed his wrist with her other arm. Before he could react she grabbed the broken wrist and held them tight. Zarbon frowned as Ki'ilina pulled him closer and pushed her knee deep into his stomach. Zarbon doubled over and coughed in pain. She whirled him up in the air before she threw him down to the ground. Zarbon turned around in the air and bent his legs to push off from the ground again.

Ki'ilina watched him come closer and powered up to full power so she could throw a blast his way. Zarbon, however, suddenly sped up and reached Ki'ilina earlier than she expected. He smirked and pulled back his good fist to hit her cheek. He used the same fist to punch Ki'ilina again and again. She was pushed back with every hit and was too dazed to react and attack him with all her might.

Zarbon finished his assault by whirling around in the air and kicking Ki'ilina in the gut, sending her spiraling to the ground. Ki'ilina smirked back at him as she flew up until she reached his level. "Was that supposed to hurt? I barely felt it." She dusted herself off nonchalantly. Zarbon's lips pursed angrily and attacked almost immediately. She blocked a kick from him by bending her knee in front of her body. She countered by punching him but Zarbon blocked this attack. He tried to hit her but she managed to protect her cheek by placing her fist up to block the attack.

"Please, Zarbon. I thought you'd be tougher than this, guess I was wrong." She said, inspecting her claws.

Zarbon jerked forward, launching another kick directed at her head. She quickly blocked it, slamming a right hook into his jaw. Zarbon flew back into the wall, sliding down to the floor. He glared back up at her, holding his jaw with his good hand. Before Zarbon had a chance to retaliate, she conjured up a giant ki blast and hurled it at him. "Fatal Barrage!" Her ki turned orange as it flew at Zarbon. Half way to Zarbon, it grew larger in size and then without warning sporadically shot out red blasts, all aimed at him. Zarbon screamed as they connected with his body, exploding violently. The blasts created smoke, enveloping the room.

Ki'ilina didn't bother to wait till the smoke cleared, she knew he was deceased. No one could survive her ultimate attack. If they did, they would still be devastatingly injured. On her way out of Zarbon's chambers, her hand slipped on a hidden panel and unveiled a secret room. Her curiosity was raging and she stepped into the room. Her jaw dropped in amazement.

"Oh my..."


"Get down!"

Vegeta pushed Bulma out of the way of a blast. Without a pause in his step, he fired an attack of his own at one of Frieza's henchmen that had found them traveling along in the dark through the halls. There had been about twenty that had surrounded the group, but now there was only three remaining. Vegeta had mercilessly taken out ten of them, Hertue had killed five and Bulma had even managed to blast two on her own with the ki blaster that she finally configured to work correctly.

"Get down!" Bulma yelled this time, slamming Vegeta to the ground, as he was nearly struck by an attack while distracted with fighting another henchman. Bulma's body landed on top of Vegeta's with a thud. Her hair fell about her face, framing it beautifully whilst in the commotion that was going on around them. Vegeta smirked and leaned into her, whispering in her ear, "This brings back memories, doesn't it?"

Bulma scowled and smacked Vegeta across the head, stepping off of him. "Ass."

"Why, yes, I am. And you've seen mine." He gave her a cocky grin as he leaped in the air to fight off more henchmen.

"Jerk!" Bulma yelled at him, defending herself from an oncoming warrior. She quickly dispatched him with two shots to the head from her gun.

Hertue came up beside Bulma, "We need to move forward! We are wasting time battling them!"

Bulma huffed, trying to catch her breath, "I know! I'm sure that's Frieza's plan!"

"Vegeta!" Hertue called to the Saiyan prince over the ruckus, "We need to keep moving!"

Vegeta nodded and gave Hertue a devilish grin. Hertue caught on and grabbed Bulma by the arm, continuing to their destination. "What about Vegeta?" She asked, hurrying along.

"He'll catch up!"

Bulma nearly froze in place. Her heart sunk all the way from her chest cavity to her toes. She'd watched plenty of movies before she was captured to know what those words meant. He was going to sacrifice himself so they could get away! Bulma was almost sad she didn't make amends with him.

Hertue quickly took a side glance at Bulma as they ran and noticed her shaken composure. "What? What's with the face? I thought you hated him after-"

"You know about that? Did Ki'ilina tell you?" Bulma glared.

Hertue laughed, "No, she didn't. But it's not hard to see the relationship you two have."

Bulma's face fell, "Oh. It's...that obvious?"

"A bit."

"Ah...well...I...I love him...even though he's a selfish, arrogant ass." She admitted, her cheeks tinting pink.

"There's no reason to be embarrassed. Love is a beautiful thing and it should be cherished while it lasts."

"See that's the thing, he won't say it back, but he says we're mates. How the hell does that work?"

"I don't know much of Saiyans, but what I do know is that they don't recognize it as much as humans. It is possible for Saiyans to love, as much as they love to fight. But I believe if you and Prince Vegeta are truly supposed to be mates, he'll say it one day, Bulma. Even if he won't ever, I'm sure he'll find a way to non-verbally express it. Sometimes actions speak louder than words."

"Thanks." She smiled for the first time in almost twenty four hours.

"Having a heart-felt moment are we?" Vegeta cut in, surprising the two.

Bulma gaped at him, almost tripping over her feet. "Ve-Vegeta! You're...alive?"

Vegeta snorted, "Of course I'm alive, woman. What? Did you think I was going to sacrifice myself so you two would get away safely?" Bulma flushed, it was if he had read her mind. "If I did that, who would destroy Frieza?"

Bulma mentally slapped herself. Kami, how could she be so stupid as to forget that important aspect? Besides, Vegeta didn't seem like the type who would willingly sacrifice so others could get away. Maybe if he was destroying the main villain he would sacrifice himself to protect others, but not some measly henchmen.

Vegeta bounded ahead of the two, who had fallen behind. He looked back, "Well, come on! We need to make up for lost time battling those pathetic weaklings!"

Hertue nodded, "We're almost at the destination. Phase three is nearly complete. When we arrive...Bulma, Vegeta, part one of phase four is all yours. Meanwhile, Ki'ilina and I will complete part two of phase four."

Vegeta's lips curled into another devilish grin as his tail twitched with anticipation, "I can't wait."

Along the way they passed more groups of soldiers that stood in their way. Easily dispatched they were and soon their destination quickly arrived at their sights. They stopped before it, catching their breath.

"Alright. This is it! I'm sure Frieza already knows you're here. I'm going to the slave quarters where I'll meet up with Ki'ilina and her family. Hopefully we'll meet you both at the docking bay to bid this place fucking adieu, once and for all. Good luck!" Hertue turned and ran down another hall.

"Vegeta?" Bulma glanced at the Saiyan prince.

He said nothing. His brows were tightly knitted together and his fists were clenched so hard that his knuckles were turning white. His posture was tense and she could practically feel his mind racing with thoughts.

"Vegeta." She repeated.

Still nothing.

"Vegeta!" She flicked him on the nose.

Vegeta snapped out of his trance, glaring at her. "What?"

"What the hell is wrong with you? You need to calm down."

"I am calm." Bulma could have sworn she saw one of his eyes spasm.

Bulma lifted one brow, giving him a skeptical glance. Vegeta hissed, "What? Why does it matter if I'm calm or not?"

"If you aren't calm and relaxed, you aren't thinking of what you're doing, moron. Vegeta, this is without a doubt, the most important battle of your life. You need to be focused or Frieza is going to notice and take advantage. One wrong move because you weren't focused could end your life and then this will all be for nothing!"

"Well it's hard to be calm knowing you are saving the entire universe from tyranny, the fact that you are about to face the person that committed genocide against your race and enslaved you for ten years of your life in a one on one battle to the death. I'm very aware that one screw up could be disastrous. This amount of pressure is unbelievable. I can honestly say, and I swear if you tell anyone I will rip you apart," He threatened. He then paused, dropping his voice low, "ThatI'mafraid."

"What was that? I didn't understand what you said." I do know what you said, dear prince. I just want you to admit it because I enjoy seeing you let go of your pride.

Vegeta scowled and responded without thinking as he nearly shouted at her, "I said I'm afraid!"

"Oh, Vegeta..." Bulma sighed and pulled him into a hug. He made no move to return the gesture, somewhat confused by her actions. Had she forgiven him? He simply stood there, allowing her to wrap her arms about his neck and placing her lips at his ear. "There's nothing to be afraid of..."

"Yes there is...what-what if I can't...defeat Frieza? The worst thing he could do is put us back in our cells, just to torture us. He is aware that we would rather die than be captive in this prison. I'll just die anyway. I know I've been training as hard as I can as much as I can but I feel it's not enough and like it will never be good enough. We'll be stuck-"

A loud slap resonated throughout the hall.

Vegeta stumbled back in an astounded manner, clutching his cheek. Bulma's raised hand fell to her side, burning from striking his skin.

"Shut up. Just shut up!" She shrieked, tears beginning to stream down her face. "I did not work my ass off for two months working toward this escape plan just for you to blow it off because you're afraid of losing! Are you really just going to ruin all of our chances of leaving this place because you're scared? Suck it up and be a man! Be a prince! Be a king! Be the Saiyan king that you should have grown up to be, instead of living in this place! A king protects his people from harm! Right now, Ki'ilina, Hertue and I are like your people. We're aiding you in defeating an evil tyrant who has run amok. Protect us. Protect Ki'ilina, her mother and her sister! Protect Hertue, who is risking his ass to help us!" Her voice fell to a barely audible whisper as her hair shadowed her face, "Protect me..."


Vegeta's response was cut off by Bulma's lips upon his own. He had no time to close his eyes to enjoy the kiss because her lips left his as soon as they had joined. "You can do this. I told you, I believe in you."

Vegeta was dumbfounded at her actions. One second she was yelling, screaming and cursing at him and another, she's kissing him. "You...are you accepting that we are-"

"No. That kiss changes nothing. I just wanted you to shut up about not thinking you're strong enough!" Bulma replied, brushing a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Vegeta scowled, he should have known that was just a ploy of hers. Damn this Earth woman, such an enigma. "And you thought kissing me would fix that?" He asked, crossing his arms.

"I was hoping but...damnit Vegeta! We are wasting time!"

She was right. It was now or never.

Vegeta breathed deeply and closed his eyes. He murmured his mantra, which he had been reciting when he first met Bulma. It began calming his wavering nerves and anxiety. He felt his pulse stop racing and slow to a steady beat. Calm and relaxed. Focused and composed. He reopened his eyes ever so slowly. Bulma was staring intently at him with her azure orbs.

"Time to kick some lizard ass."

Vegeta leaped in the air and kicked the double doors open with a loud bang. They ripped off of the hinges, slamming onto the floor. Vegeta's sight immediately found Frieza in the center of the room, sipping on a red beverage, smirking at him. Frieza drank the rest of the beverage in a flash and crushed the glass in his hand.

"Well, well, it's about time you showed up, Prince Vegeta."

"It's over Frieza! I'm going to destroy you!"

Frieza grinned gleefully, "Oh, really? I believe the last time you uttered those words to me, you ended up in the rejuvenation tanks for a few days."

"Not this time." Vegeta snarled.

The two warriors jumped into the sky, hovering in the air. They stared at one another for a few moments, waiting for the other to attack first. All of a sudden, they both dashed forward and met in a clash. The shockwave generated from their meeting managed to send Bulma flying back into the wall. Her head hit the wall painfully and she gripped it, rubbing the spot tenderly.

"Bulma, stay where I can see you!" Vegeta ordered, while still clutching the tyrant's fists. Bulma gulped nervously, she did not want to be anywhere near this fight. But she still followed his direction, watching the fight that would determine the fate of the universe.

Frieza was the one to go for the first strike, thrusting his fist at Vegeta's face. The three occupants of the room were all surprised as Vegeta swiftly dodged the attack. The fear that he had always felt towards the lizard tyrant was now long gone. He couldn't explain it, but Bulma's simple words of encouragement gave him the strangest sense that he could do this. He was absolutely sure he now had the power to destroy Frieza. The thoughts of failure had completely left as the Saiyan prince's mind was clear, his only goal being Frieza's infinite destruction.

Vegeta swung his fist at Frieza, but he avoided it with the same level of ease Vegeta demonstrated. The tyrant aimed a deadly kick right at Vegeta's jaw, but he flew high up into the sky to evade it. Frieza's eyes narrowed in annoyance as he raised his hand, pointing his index finger straight up. He fired a bright, narrow, pink beam from it, one aimed straight at Vegeta. However, the Prince moved out of the way quickly and then phased out of sight. He reappeared right behind Frieza and swiped his arm down, aiming a deadly blow at his neck. However, just when Vegeta's hand was mere centimeters from his neck, Frieza disappeared.

Vegeta's left eye twitched in annoyance, but he was otherwise unfazed. He could feel Frieza's ki emanating somewhere behind him. Vegeta quickly turned around to see Frieza, standing atop one of the beams that held the building together. His palm was burning with a deadly ki. Frieza fired the blast, but Vegeta managed to catch it. Vegeta grit his teeth as the blast forced him down to the ground. It was stronger than he expected as he didn't properly brace himself for it. He clenched his teeth tighter, forcing his ki to become controlled. Vegeta propelled the attack forward, throwing it back.

The blast hit the structure Frieza was on and exploded, turning the area into nothing but dust, a large hole in the wall. Vegeta lowered his palms and observed the aftermath of his attack.

It's a damn good thing this prison isn't in space.

"Very good, monkey. It seems someone's been training." Frieza chuckled. "But you still aren't stronger than me."

"We'll see about that, Frieza! I will murder you!" Vegeta barked.

Frieza closed his eyes and shook his head in mock disappointment. "Tsk, always so disrespectful. I'm not surprised though, you were always an insolent child. I was hoping enlisting you in my army would help," Frieza sighed dramatically, "But no, you stayed the same. As a result of that, the only other reasonable option for me was to just place you in this prison so you couldn't disrupt anymore."

"And how wrong you were, Frieza. You can't control me!"

Frieza smirked, "Oh, I'm very aware of that. I've heard of these crazy legends from different worlds and races where the women can control the men. That is why I began giving you female cell mates. Soon after, twenty cell mates passed and you were the same ignorant, rude and impudent monkey that you had been when you were eight." Frieza's eyes diverted to Bulma. She flinched at his gaze. "But then, this young human with striking blue eyes and such unique aquamarine tresses. I knew she would have a great affect on you. I was correct of course. You see, monkey prince...I'm always right."

"Even though you were right, it doesn't mask the fact that you were wrong to put her with me. Out of all the cell mates, Bulma is the one you should have watched more carefully. She may be just a human...but she's created a little device to increase my strength. And that, is your mistake because I am becoming a Super Saiyan!"

Frieza chuckled, "Oh, Vegeta, Vegeta, Vegeta. If only you knew. I knew that you two were bound to get close. You thought I wasn't watching, with what no cameras in the cell or the laboratory. It was all a part of my plan you see, I just wanted to see how you two thought you could conspire against me. By the way, I know that you two mated. Nothing gets past my ears. I could hear loud and clear…" He snarled at the last sentence, disgust clear in his voice.

"It's not like it matters, Frieza! I'm going to kill you."

"Well then, let's just see if her device has actually made you stronger as you like to believe in this...Super Saiyan legend." Frieza chuckled sardonically.

Frieza raised his ki, causing the room to shake and shudder. He and Vegeta flew straight at each other, once again clashing in mid-air. They threw several attacks, all of them colliding and yielding no satisfactory results, but being strong enough to make everything around them shake. Vegeta attempted to land a deadly kick to the back of Frieza's head but the lizard evaded it in the nick of time. He flew behind Vegeta and attempted to tear his head off with a swing of his forearm, but Vegeta managed to duck and dodge, preparing another attack. The Saiyan prince swung back around and tried to punch Frieza in the gut but the tyrant flew away backwards. Vegeta irritably hissed through his teeth and flew after him, drawing into a game of cat and mouse.

Vegeta attempted to land a hit on Frieza several times, but Frieza was a step ahead for each one. With each evasion Frieza made, Vegeta's temper rose up slightly. He threw a punch at Frieza with much more strength and speed behind it than before, but his fist instead collided with the wall. Vegeta let out a frustrated growl, cursing his inability to land a hit on the bastard, but was quickly thrust back into attention when he sensed the ki blast coming his way. He phased out of sight in the nick of time, and then reappeared behind Frieza.

"You're going to have to do better than that, Frieza." Vegeta taunted, raising his arm. He released a blast from his palm, but to his shock, Frieza jumped out of the way, avoiding the impact. He looked back up at Vegeta, an infuriating smirk present on his face.

"The same to you, monkey prince." Frieza shot back.

Vegeta shot Frieza with a piercing glare and then swung his fists at him. However, Frieza easily swatted it away and, in a belittling move, swung his tail at Vegeta. Vegeta was able to counter it, though, grabbing the tail with both of his arms. Vegeta's eyes locked with Frieza's with deadly intent. Frieza's eyes widened in surprise and he soon found himself being spun around at a dizzying rate. Vegeta effortlessly tossed Frieza right out of his grip, sending the tyrant flying straight into another wall. Vegeta flew up to him at great speed and then rushed at Frieza, feet first.

Frieza hit the ground hard, triggering a minor explosion.

Without a delay Frieza rose from the ground, looking as if the attack did nothing. "My, my, Prince Vegeta. Such anger you have. It's a shame it won't do you any good. Barely felt that one." Frieza grinned cockily, his tail lolling around playfully. His playful tone changed in an instant. His voice became grave, "Too bad I'm hardly using any of my power."

Vegeta's jaw dropped. "What? No!" He growled in disbelief.

"Oh yes, it's true. This? This is only about thirty-five percent of my power."

"You're bluffing!" Vegeta scowled indignantly.

"I'm not. Here, I'll raise my power to sixty percent...and then we'll see who's lying."

Calmly, Frieza raised his ki, watching Vegeta as he did. There was confidence radiating in Vegeta's eyes, which made Frieza chuckle in amusement. He had no idea what horrors were in store for him. Vegeta was always so assured in his abilities, and that was what was going to cost him his life.

Without warning, he was punched so hard he flew into one of the walls that had not been destroyed yet. Vegeta could only lie on his back, stunned silent.

I didn't even see him move…FUCK! No, I will not let this continue!

"NO! I refuse to lose!" Vegeta roared, raising his own ki. He would not let Frieza overpower him. He was a Super Saiyan!

Vegeta's ki exploded around him and he rocketed into the air. His ki continued increasing, his aura flaring out of control. The prison began shaking and quivering again, this time much more violently than before. Vegeta was letting out inhuman screams of rage. The building's structure was crumbling and the ceiling was cracking, breaking into pieces, all a result of the fearsome amount of power Vegeta was harnessing. Frieza lowered his arms, merely amused by what amounted to nothing more than a temper tantrum by Vegeta. This was by no means new to him.

Vegeta extended both of his arms out and cuffed his hands together. A violent, bright ki began forming around them, with sparks flaring about. Vegeta's eyes were clouded with anger, anger directed at Frieza for his power. He wanted nothing more than to blow the son of a bitch to fucking pieces.

"Vegeta stop! You're going to destroy the prison!" Bulma yelled fearfully.

Vegeta furiously shook his head. He didn't care about that. He didn't give a damn about the damned prison. He planned to destroy it once they escaped anyhow.

"I AM A SUPER SAIYAN!" Vegeta indignantly bellowed.

Vegeta grit down on his teeth so hard they nearly shattered to bits. His hands were shaking as sparks of blue electricity surrounded them. He was going to blow Frieza to space dust with his next attack; he was sure of it. He set his onyx eyes right on the lizard tyrant.


Vegeta fired a massive, blue ki wave that was clearly capable of destroying many worlds. A massive explosion of light occurred, almost blinding the room's occupants.

When the light faded, Vegeta lowered his trembling arms, panting heavily as he did. That blast hit Frieza dead-on. He squinted as he tried to look through the dust down below. When it began to clear away and Vegeta saw a figure standing tall among it, his heart sank from its chest cavity to his feet. Frieza was nothing more than simply singed and heavily bruised from his attack.

Frieza smirked at Vegeta, "Seems to me like after all of your talk, it did absolutely nothing. What a shame."

"NO! I'm not done yet!" Vegeta yelled defiantly. He began to throw more attacks, but Frieza blocked them all with ease. Vegeta's jaw dropped and he froze. He couldn't move and he couldn't think. All coherent thoughts left him. His eyes averted to look at Bulma. She was cowering in a corner, holding herself as she trembled in fear.

"Oh, but you are. I believe it's my turn now."

Frieza rocketed at Vegeta at a frightening pace, brutally slamming his fist right into Vegeta's cheek. Vegeta didn't even attempt to defend himself from the attack. He just floated in midair, take the absolutely staggering punch and falling to the ground in a heap. He didn't have the will to fight anymore. He now clearly realized that there was absolutely nothing he could do. Vegeta's eyes nearly bulged out of his head from the force of the attack, and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

For the first time in his entire life, Vegeta was quivering in fear. He had always known that Frieza was a fearsome individual but this was pure insanity. How the hell had he ever thought that he stood a chance against this monster? Bulma's little inspirational speech she had given him had provided confidence, but that amount of confidence he gained left him in an instant.

Bulma gasped in awe at the sight of immense power that Vegeta displayed. Before the smoke had cleared, she believed that Vegeta had won, but the thought and hope quickly disappeared once she saw Frieza still very much alive. Her heart dropped in agony. This was it. There was no more. Bulma could tell Vegeta put everything he had into that one attack and it seemed to do absolutely nothing.

They lost.

Frieza suddenly viciously drove his knee into Vegeta's stomach, causing the prince to double over in agony. He spat up more blood, some of it landing on the tyrant's face. Vegeta fell to the ground with a thud, his blood beginning to pool about his body.

"I told you Vegeta, you and your silly Saiyan race are inferior to me. That's all you'll ever be."

Vegeta lay in silence, just waiting for the pain to stop. He fell into shock when he felt his eyes begin to burn, as tears formed in his eyes. The weight of failure was slowly starting to crush him. He failed. He failed himself. He failed Ki'ilina and her family. He failed Hertue. He failed the universe. The person he failed the most was Bulma and it pained him the hardest to admit it. All of his ambitions, his training, his hard work, all of it was wasted.

He failed.

"As you seem to be no longer providing me a challenge…how about I beat it out of you?" Frieza chuckled maliciously.

Before Vegeta could even brace himself, Frieza unleashed an unholy shower of blows upon him. All of his training, all of his completed missions during his time in Frieza's army and beatings from Frieza, nothing had prepared him to tolerate such misery as this. Even combined, they could not compare. Vegeta was screaming louder and louder with each blow. He could feel his bones crumbling with hit.

Frieza abruptly stopped his attacks and ever so slowly treaded over to where Vegeta lay, nearly lifeless. Frieza whipped out his tail and drew it towards Vegeta's neck, slowly rubbing against its skin. Vegeta flinched at the contact, clenching his eyes tight. Frieza slowly coiled his tail around Vegeta's throat and effortlessly lifted him up. Vegeta's arms dangled at his sides, unable to move.

"I bore of you, monkey prince. I suppose I'll just have to settle for someone else. Perhaps your mate?" Vegeta groaned in misery, aware of whom he was referring to. He attempted to lift an arm to stop Frieza, but Frieza knocked his hand away. He then promptly kicked Vegeta in the stomach, hurtling him to the other side of the room.

Frieza disappeared from sight and then reappeared in front of Bulma. She shrieked and ran away from him. Frieza chuckled at her actions, walking after her. Bulma turned as she ran, firing her ki blaster at him. They had no effect as they simply bounced off of his body. Bulma hit the floor as her back bumped into a being that felt like a brick wall. She flipped around rapidly, coming face to face with Frieza. Bulma screamed bloody murder and reversed herself, heading away from him.

"Oh no, my dear. You can't run from me."

Frieza grabbed Bulma from behind, pulling her up against his body. Bulma frantically struggled in his grasp, trying anything and everything to escape. She attempted to kick him. She had even bitten his arm. But all of her struggles and writhing around to escape did nothing.

Frieza's hand began traveling up and down her body, touching and feeling the soft skin. He marveled at how the slightest feel of her body stimulated his arousal with ease. His fingertips trailed up to her luscious lips, running the pads of his fingers over them ever so softly. Bulma flinched at his stroking appendages, shifting her head away from him. She whimpered as his lips then dipped down to kiss her neck.

"Vegeta! Vegeta please! Get up!" She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Frieza laughed darkly, "He won't be saving you, favorite prisoner of mine."

As Frieza's hand made its way beneath her top, Bulma elicited an ear-piercing scream.

By some all powerful being and for some unknown reason, Vegeta was still breathing. It was undeniable that he would have rather died than to keep enduring this un-measurable amount of torture. It was utterly impossible to defeat Frieza. He had given his all and it did absolutely nothing. Vegeta had never felt like more of disappointment, a defeated fool and humiliated in all his life.


It was then, when he heard his name being called that he snapped out of his downtrodden thoughts that he struggled to lift his head, seeing Frieza fondling Bulma. His Bulma. His mate.

Vegeta unleashed a primal roar of fury and rose to his feet. "Frieza…" He growled vehemently, throwing his head to the sky.

Suddenly, a huge, golden aura exploded around Vegeta that slammed Frieza and Bulma into a wall. Frieza's hands released Bulma, dropping her to the ground. She quickly took the opportunity of Frieza's distracted actions to return to where she had been. The ground began rumbling beneath Vegeta as a rush of gold swept through his hair before disappearing just as quickly. His control was dangerously slipping by the second as Vegeta released furious, animalistic hisses through his teeth. His violent shudders intensified as his ki grew to unforeseen levels. His blood was screaming out to him with overwhelming need to tear Frieza limb from limb.

Vegeta threw his head back and let out a blood-curdling scream that could be heard for miles, the fierce beast inside of him finally being released. An immense rush of power engulfed Vegeta, turning his gravity-defying black hair and brown tail gold, and his black eyes into a vengeful teal color. His previous ebony hair was now a vibrant golden, standing up even straighter and had a more defined look to it. His bangs still hung about his face, though much straighter. Vegeta was surrounded by a brilliant, gold aura, raging around like fire, the intense fury that was coursing through his veins.

Vegeta eerily lowered his head to set his sights on Frieza. He directed his violent, teal eyes at a horror-struck Frieza. His stare alone was enough to make Frieza cower in fear for the first time in his life.

Anger and power with which he had never known coursed through his body and he looked at his hands. He was panting with excitement at the feeling. His smirk widened as he looked at his clenched glowing fists. He threw his head back and shrieked with laughter at the feeling of power until he looked back down at his enemy.

Vegeta smirked murderously, "I told you, Frieza. I am a Super Saiyan."

Frieza's lips trembled as fear overcame him like a whirlwind. "N-n-no…it…it can't be! I refuse to believe it!"

"I wasn't lying, Frieza. Raise the rest of your power! Power up to full strength!" Vegeta commanded.

"Still asking for that death wish are we?"

"Not unless you are."

Frieza let out an amused laugh, "Very well then, death it is." Frieza grunted, unleashing all of his power. The structure shook as it had when Vegeta transformed. The building was nearly completely destroyed now. Bulma was in awe, what the hell was this building made of?

An intense, purple aura surrounded Frieza as he began pushing his power out as far as it could possibly go. With each push, Frieza's muscles expanded in size, trying to contain the rein of the tyrant's true potential coursing through his body. Violent electricity was sparking around Frieza, threatening to strike anything within its vicinity. Frieza's veins were throbbing, and the tyrant was laughing through his teeth the whole way through.

"This is where you die, filthy impudent monkey!"

Only a few more seconds passed by before Vegeta hit Frieza with the hardest punch he had ever thrown in his life, packing eleven years of anger into a single blow to the jaw that instantly rocketed Frieza back into a wall that subsequently crumbled. The lizard tyrant hit the ground hard, skidding dangerously as a dust obscured his figure. Vegeta caught up to him instantly, warping behind him and delivering a ruthless kick to his ribs, sending Frieza right back to the spot that he punched him from.

Frieza gaped up at Vegeta, completely in awe. No, this couldn't be happening! His brows furrowed deep into his forehead in frustration.

"Huh? What was that? My filthy monkey ears couldn't hear what you said. I think I heard, 'This is where you die,' but it seems to me you're the one dying today Frieza." Vegeta taunted, standing over the tyrant with his arms crossed confidently over his muscled chest.

Frieza yelled furiously, sporadically shooting out red beams from his fingertips. Vegeta chuckled at this pitiful display and knocked away all the attacks without breaking a sweat.

"This is truly disappointing, Frieza. I bore of you. How about I beat it out of you?" He mocked, repeating the words the tyrant had previously spoken.

Vegeta phased in front of Frieza, making the tyrant jump from shock. He had barely seen him move.

"Get up." Vegeta ordered coldly, hatred coursing in his veins.

Frieza stood up without another word, glaring right back at the Saiyan prince. This was unforeseeable! This pathetic stupid monkey was beating him!

He turned around to face Vegeta but he had vanished. Frieza gasped in shock, as Vegeta was suddenly right by his side. Frieza retreated with several back flips but when he landed, Vegeta was already behind him. He cried with fear and teleported, bouncing up into the building's beams that held the structure. Much to his dismay, Vegeta appeared again very close to him. Frieza growled and twitched with rage and teleported again but got the same result. He teleported again but Vegeta appeared close to him just as before. He turned his attention to the wall and with a yell, punched it so that it crumbled into dust. When the dust settled, nothing was there.

Frieza yelled furiously, "You think this is funny, you stupid monkey? Stop toying around and fight!"

"Toying around? Toying around? Was it funny when you toyed around with me? When you touched me with those disgusting hands, torturing me, physically, emotionally and mentally? Was it funny when you enlisted me in your damned army when I was eight? Forced to kill people and watch them in pain and agony? Was it funny then?" Vegeta roared, venom dripping from his words. His golden aura flickered with rage, growing brighter and brighter. "No. It's not funny. Nothing is funny to you anymore. Do you know why?"

Frieza said nothing, angrily clutching his fists.

"You will never laugh again, Frieza."

Vegeta's hand lashed out, striking the tyrant in the jugular. Frieza's eyes widened even more and his mouth shot open as blood erupted from it. Frieza gasped and whined with pain before receiving a powerful uppercut to the jaw, sending him flying upward, blood trailing behind him. Vegeta caught up with him and dominated Frieza with a flurry of punches in rapid succession, forcing the Ice-jinn backwards at high speed. Vegeta ended the flurry with a powerful left hook that sent Frieza's head jutting to the left with a whine of pain. Vegeta appeared above Frieza and with two clasped hands, knocked Frieza to the ground with a grunt. Frieza yelled with pain as he soared back down to the ground. Frieza grit his teeth with rage as he lay there on the ground.

"Get up." Vegeta snarled as he teleported to Frieza's side once more.

Frieza made no intentions of rising to his feet. Vegeta reached at the tyrant's neck with a crushing grasp. He slowly pulled Frieza to his feet, his teal eyes staring hatefully into Frieza's crimson. Vegeta's tail moved behind him with anticipation, waiting for the long desired demise of the Ice-jinn emperor.

Vegeta's hand raised in the air in an agonizingly slow manner. Frieza's eyes locked onto his hand, his eyes fearful. Vegeta's hand moved…

"No, please, Vegeta don't!" On the inside, Frieza wanted to kill himself. To be degraded down to begging for mercy! Kami, it was humiliating to have come so far and end up like this. If Vegeta spared him, maybe, just maybe he could salvage something from this mess and continue expanding the Ice-jinn Empire. It would again, involve asking for forgiveness and benevolence. Frieza scowled, it was practically beneath him, asking for it. But alas, if he wanted to live…

"Vegeta, please! I beg of you, don't kill me! With this power you could be my greatest warri-"

Frieza's sentence was never finished because Vegeta slammed his fist into his throat, slicing his head from his spine. Vegeta then promptly obliterated the remains of the tyrant till there was no more.

Vegeta stared at the spot where Frieza had been, glancing at it emotionlessly. He didn't feel regret. He didn't feel remorse. He didn't feel happy or relieved. He didn't even feel the pain that he had been ignoring. As he collapsed on the floor, falling into darkness, he felt nothing. If he did indeed feel anything, it was indescribable.


"Vegeta. Vegeta, wake up."

A voice called to the Saiyan prince, coaxing him to awaken from his rest. His eyes slowly opened to focus on a mirror image of himself. Vegeta squinted in confusion, blinking rapidly. His eyes readjusted and the figure before him changed into an older version of himself with auburn locks and a moustache, wearing a billowing red cape.

"Father…?" Vegeta gaped in disbelief.

The figure nodded in acknowledgement and spoke in a deep baritone voice, "Yes my son, it's me."

Vegeta clenched his fists, "I knew that lizard bastard was lying. I knew you were alive! I never sensed you die…"

King Vegeta stepped closer to the younger Vegeta and fondly ruffled his son's hair. Vegeta yanked his head away in annoyance while his father chuckled, "Of course not. Nothing can break the bond between father and son."

Vegeta allowed himself to take in the environment he was currently in. He was lying in a bed, hooked up to multiple machines that displayed his condition. His body was heavily bandaged and he had absolutely no doubt there wasn't a part of his skin that wasn't covered. He ached everywhere and his head was pounding.

"Where are we?" He asked, sitting up.

"On a ship, far away from the prison."

"Where are we going?"

"As of right now we are simply treading space with no destination."

"How did you get out?"

King Vegeta chuckled again at his son's flurry of questions. "The Trexilian…Ki'ilina I believe she said her name was…she found me as I was chained and near death in a secret room in Zarbon's chambers. She released me and informed me of the situation. Soon after, I met up with another of Frieza's henchmen, Hertue and then Ki'ilina's family. However, the most interesting of the former prisoners I encountered was the uniquely aquamarine colored human named Bulma."

Vegeta's head turned in curiosity, "Interesting?"

The elder Vegeta nodded curtly, "Yes. I observed your scent on her."

Vegeta's eyes widened and his pulse raced. Oh, shit. I wasn't expecting this talk already.

"Vegeta, did you mate the human?"

"About that…it's a long story."


There you go an extremely long chapter! How many of you expected things to be resolved between Bulma and Vegeta? Hah, then the sequel wouldn't be much fun :p

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After escaping from Frieza's prison, once Vegeta has been reunited with his father, Bulma and Vegeta begin to realize how different they are. Can they come to terms with being mates or will they just push farther away from one another?

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