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I wake up from my very long nap in my old training center bed. Yesterday I had my wedding dress photo shoot; today we are announcing The News. I turn to see Peeta wide awake, "Hey Sleeping Beauty!" he says so sweetly I can't help but smile.

"What time is it?" I ask. "About Seven or so. We need to get ready we have to be out there in an hour."

"Do we not get a prep team?" I ask jokingly because they are nowhere in sight. "They're in the prep room waiting just for you." He Smiles.

"Okay" I got up and made the short journey to the prep room. As I walk in I am greeted by a "Hey Katniss!" by three enthusiastic members of my prep team. After taking a shower and made it to beauty base zero, the prep team was dismissed as Cinna came in.

"How's the girl on fire?" Cinna joked using the nick name he helped created.

"Good I can wait to announce my new" And I wasn't ether. It took a while for Peeta to convince me to be okay with it. I mean I never expected this to happen, once I realize that I loved Peeta it wasn't that hard to admit, but this was unacceptable on the Katniss scale.

"Well I can't wait," Cinna's words brought me back from my thoughts;" maybe you can give me a hint?"

"I guess it can't hurt..." I walked over to him and whispered in his ear" soon you will have to make my clothes bigger" First confusion took over his face, then he got it and looked excited.

"Well congratulations and I can't wait then" Peeta opens the door informing us we have been called down to the city circle.

As we walk to the elevator I fully examine what I'm wearing. It's a silver sleeveless dress with sequins that stops before the knees Cinna has given me silver sandals too, Peeta is wearing a black dress shirt and matching slacks. "Ready?" He asks taking my hand as we step into the elevator.

When we reach the city circle I realize they have set it up interview style. There are so many people surrounding the stage I can't see the ground. Then I hear Peeta mumble "Oh, Shit!"

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