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Ritsu sighed heavily when he stepped off the plane. He stretched gratefully. The flight from Tokyo to New York had taken about fourteen hours and a half. He didn't really like plane rides very much. There was a creepy old guy kept watching him and licking his lips. The old guy even asked him to sit by him! He refused, leaving the creepy old guy scowling.

"Why do I attract to much unwanted attention now?" He muttered under his breath.

"Because you practically scream 'uke' when you walk into the room." A voice answered him. He jumped and spun around. Behind him, coming off the plane, was a young girl. She was probably his own age or younger. She chuckled at his reaction. She had long black hair with brown bangs, slightly tanned skin, and bright blue eyes. He knew those eyes held mischief. It took a second for those words to sink in, and when they did, he fumed at the girl.

"What makes you think—"

"You were saying 'oh…Masamune! Yes!' in your sleep. And unless this 'Masamune' is a girl…"She trailed off. "Er, sorry if I'm being rude. I call 'em like I see 'em. People find it annoying…" She trailed off again, sounding sad. He felt bad.

"N-no… I was just surprised. I'm sorry if I scared you." He blushed really badly before continuing. "Y-you're right…. I-I'm…Um…M-Masamune is m-my lo-lover." She giggled. "Is something funny?" He demanded.

"N-no, haha, it's just that… You! Your face is so…so…Kyaaaa! Totallay an 'uke face'!" Ritsu blushed even more. "I-I'm sorry! Anyways, where are you headed, stranger?" He sighed and handed her the card that had his hotel info on it. He didn't know where it was.

"Oh! I'm staying there too! But I'm going there for my company, maybe you've heard of it. It's called 'Marukawa Publishing.' We're doing a merger, and I was new to one of the southern buildings, so they offered to let me come here. I hope the new boss—Onodera Ritsu, isn't a hard ass. He sounds like-oh shit, you're him, aren't you?" Ritsu laughed at her expression.

"Yeah." She extended a hand.

"Angel Hurimo. Call me Angel."

"Ritsu Onodera. You can call me Ritsu, if you want. It's nice to meet you, Angel-san." He said, taking her hand in a light handshake.

"Same to you, Ritsu-kun. Here, let's go to the hotel together. Er, I mean, I, um… N-not like that! I j-just… Fuck it! You know what I mean!"

"Yeah. Hang on; I have to wait for my friend."

"Is it that 'Masamune' guy?"

"N-no. My friend, Miko, came with me. She had to promote her store…."

"Oh. What kind of store?" Angel asked, curios. Ritsu was thankfully saved from having to answer as he caught sight of Miko.

"Hello." Miko said coolly. Ritsu wondered why she was acting coldly, and realized he was still holding Angel's hand. He blushed and quickly let go. Miko would kill him if he ruined his relationship with Masamune—or worse… Tell him! If she even said they touched hands, Ritsu was sure Masamune would be on the next flight. Angel seemed oblivious to it though, and smiled at her.

"I'm Angel. You must be Miko-san! It's good to meet you! I'm going to be Ritsu-kun's co-worker for the next few weeks—"

"He's taken." Miko stated firmly, as if daring her to challenge it.

"I-I know that! He told me about Masamune a minute ago."

"He did? Oh, Ritsu! I'm so proud of you! Embracing your yaoi side—"

"SHUT UP! Sh-she just asked…"

"Uh-huh…." Angel got an evil glint in her eyes and said,

"And he told me that Masamune was hot, sexy, and—"

"No I did not!" He protested.

"Oooh~ Just wait until I tell Takano-san~!" Miko squealed. She and Angel would get along just fine. Ritsu sighed. It was 8 o'clock pm New York time, but only 6 o'clock am in Tokyo time.


Masamune got home and sighed. He wished Ritsu didn't have to be gone so long! They'd only moved a few of his things over. He supposed he could just move Ritsu's stuff himself, but he liked it better when he could watch Ritsu blush as he unpacked his stuff. It made him feel like it was real.

He tried to sleep, but he was having a difficult time. The bed just felt so…empty. He scolded himself for being a sap. He'd slept alone (mostly) for years! They'd only been dating for five months, and he was already feeling like he needed Ritsu to sleep. He was happy though. His Ritsu was moving in with him, and loved him back. He sighed again, realizing that he'd told Ritsu to call him when his plane landed, which would be around six in the morning. Oh well. He got up around that time anyways.


Riiiiing! Riiiiing!—whoever it was that was calling Masamune was about to die—Riiiing!

Call from: Onodera Ritsu


"Sorry for calling this early! I—"

"No, don't worry about it. I was already up."

"…No you weren't."

"And how do you know?"

"Because your voice always sounds a little scratchy when you first get up—unless you've caught a cold…. You haven't, have you?"

"No, dear." He mocked. "You sound like my wife—actually, I like it. Keep talking like that."

"Sh-shut up! I'm hanging up now!"

"No. You… I forbid you to hang up."

"Forbid it?"


"….Did I really sound like a house-wife?"

"Well… yeah. But I'm just glad you care about me. Are you worried? Maybe you should come home early…"

"Baka! I just got here!"

"How was your flight?"

"I-it w-was fine…"

"You're lying." Masamune's eyes narrowed.

"N-no I'm not…"

"Don't lie to me. You suck at it anyways. Just tell me!"

"It was no big deal… There was just this creepy guy who kept watching me. It was just creepy! He licked his lips a lot and asked me to sit by him, but I said no."

"Damn it! I could be on the nex—"

"No! I'm fine! The creepy guy is gone! Just focus on your work! He didn't touch me! I'm fine, really! I even met my new co-worker, Angel. She seems nice—w-what are you doing!" Ritsu shrieked the last part. Masamune heard a crash and his heart leapt to his throat. Was Ritsu okay? Was he being attacked? Was he—

"Hi, Takano-san! I'm Angel! Guess what! Ritsu told me you were really sexy!"

"Oh, he did?" Masamune asked, surprised. He felt a grin pull at the corners of his mouth.

"I did not!" He heard Ritsu call in the background.

"Give him his phone back." Masamune said. Angel did what she was asked. She was glad she'd done it though. The seme's voice sounded sexy!

"I did not tell her that you were s-sexy!"

"Sure… Just for the record, I think you're sexy, too." Ritsu groaned/

"Masamune! It was on speaker-phone!" He heard the girls laughing.

"So? I can say whatever I please about my Ritsu."


"Oh, Takano-san! You should get him a collar! I sell them in my stores! You can even get it engraved—" Miko began excitedly.

"Don't give him any ideas!" Masamune was about to reply, when he looked at the clock.

"Damn it! I'm going to be late. I'll talk to you later, Ritsu."

"O-okay, bye."

"I love you."

"I-I lo-love you too…"

They hung up, both feeling sad, but a bit better because they got to talk for a bit.

Only sixteen more days…

He remembered Ritsu saying something about that creepy guy. He hoped nobody else tried to come onto his lover….

I wonder how much a collar would cost….

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