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They're Beautiful

Chapter 1: Creeper

An alarm started to beep in the silence of a small, two bedroom apartment.

"Faith, turn off your alarm clock," Nichole said sleepily.

Faith rolled over and mumbled something incoherently.

"What was that? Sorry, I can't understand you when you mumble."

Faith looked up at the black haired girl that was standing at the foot of her bed.

"Why are you waking me up this early?" she said in an agitated tone. "Have you forgotten already? We are going to South Korea today," Nichole said with a grin.

Faith jumped out of bed and grabbed her suitcases.

"I'm ready to go!" she replied excitedly.

Nichole looked at her and laughed.

A frown formed on Faith's face. "What's so funny?" she asked.

"You are going to go to Korea like that?"

Faith looked down at herself and noticed that she was still in her pajamas and laughed. "I'm so out of it today...it's too early to be up. I'll go change so we can get to the airport."

After they double checked their suitcases to make sure they didn't leave anything important, they called for a taxi.

Nichole and Faith have been best friends since elementary school. One wouldn't do anything without the other.

They recently graduated from a small high school. Their class was going on a cruise to the Bahamas for their senior trip.

As for Nichole and Faith, they wanted to do something different. They weren't interested in the idea of a cruise.

They didn't even like most of the people in their class because most of them were either stuck up preps or druggies.

Faith came up with the idea of going to Seoul, South Korea, for their own little senior trip and maybe even see a k-pop concert or two.

They took Korean classes at their school instead of Spanish like most of the other students, so they knew some Korean. They aren't experts at the language, but they aren't that bad at it either.

They were sitting in a small, yellow taxi on the way to the airport.

They were listening to a song called "Promise" by a Korean band called A. N. Jell

"I will promise you Du pa run no lan go sa ra gal ke A chi me nun to jam dun sun gan ka ji No ha na man gu ril ke Sa rang he I mal it ji ma, I love you forever!" They sang as loud as they could to annoy the moody taxi driver.

They both started laughing as the driver rolled his eyes and mumbled something to himself.

"Your Korean has improved a lot since last year," Faith said while smiling at her best friend.

"Well, I knew we were planning on going to Korea so I've been studying it like crazy." Nichole smiled happily at the thought.

They soon arrived at the busy airport.

"I'm really scared about getting on the plane," Faith said mainly to herself as she went through security.

"Just think of it as a ride at the fair," Nichole attempted to comfort her.

"I don't like riding on rides at the fair." she pouted as she got onto the plane. Nichole made her go in first so she couldn't chicken out.

Hours Later

Faith fell to the floor of the airport.

"I've missed you so much!" she said dramatically to the cold floor.

Nichole coughed and whispered, "Faith, get up! People are starting to stare."

She got up off the floor and followed her friend to the baggage claim.

A man with black hair and dark sunglasses discreetly followed them.

"Hey, don't you hate those moments when you feel like someone is following you?" asked Nichole.

Faith looked behind them and spotted the mysterious stalker.

"Creeper at 12:00," she whispered.

They decided to walk around to different places after they grabbed their bags to see if the guy was actually following them or if it was just a coincidence.

"Why can't we lose this guy?" Nichole asked.

Before they could walk any further, the guy stopped them. "Faith? Nichole?" he asked.

They stared at him in shock. How in the world does this creeper know their names?

"Uhhh...how do you know our names?" Nichole asked.

"I talked to your boss before you left America to ask if he knew any good stylists and he recommended you two," the man replied with the best English he could muster up.

A few days before they left for Korea their boss, Taylor, told them that they would have a small job to do in Korea.

This guy was apparently the person they would have to work for, but they didn't realize they would have to work so soon.

"I'm the manager of a band called A. N. Jell. Just call me Manager Ma, or Ma. Our current stylist had to leave on tour with another band so we needed to get someone here quickly. Are you two up for the job?"

Before Faith could open her mouth, Nichole quickly replied "No."

"But...but...why not?" Faith asked.

"Because this is our vacation. I don't really want to waste my time here working."

Before she could even blink, Faith and Manager Ma were on their knees.


"I'm begging you!"

Faith started to do her signature puppy dog face and Nichole couldn't say no to her.

She sighed and said, "Fine."

Faith jumped up with joy and hugged her. "Kamsahamnida!"

Manager Ma stood up and motioned for the two girls to follow him.

"I have a good feeling about this," Faith said.

They climbed into his car and their journey filled with friendship, fun, love and heartbreak began.

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