Summary: Sena isn't small. He's fun-size. Or so Mizumatchi says. Many others agree.

Warning: cursing, illegal weapons, smoking, fluff, glomps, fighting, killing, zombies, lying, alcohol, ect.

Pairing: Mizumatchi/Sena. This pairing needs more love, yo! And others/Sena. They need more love too (I'm working on it).

Disclaimer: I don't anything.

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Timeline: Dream-Team.


Sena wasn't small. Or tiny, Mizumatchi concluded.

Kakei, who was there at the time, just blinked at him.

"E-excuse me?" He stuttered-unusual, but not unexpected.

"Yeah! He's more like..." Mizumatchi blinked and stopped, turning around to see the tiny runningback on the field once more, getting ready for the offensive side.

Other players around the bench leaned in a tad bit closer.


Kakei blushed furiously, trying to hard not to cough up all of the water in his mouth as he frantically tried to regain composure.

Instead, Kotarou beat him to it.

"Not smart, man!" he said, furiously brushing his hair with a red-face (or at least as red as Akaba's hair), and then said, "He's too smart to be said in words!"

"Fuu, I agree," Akaba said, taking his glasses off to stare at the male on the field, already scoring a touchdown, "Only music can describe him.

Everyone turned to the male.

"Not smart! Sena isn't as not-SMART as to be compared to music!" Kotarou sneered at the very word like it was Ibarada.

"Yes, I do see where that can come into play," Taka nodded, agreeing with all this.

"Eh?" Sena came off the field, and everyone turned to the male, who was conversating gently with Gaou and Banba.

"Yes," Banba nodded, "If anyone, it can be only you."

The brunet, blushed softly, gently twidling his fingers, "B-but still, concerning everything else-"

"There is no one else but you," a rare moment of Gaou's pure honesty in a sober moment, "Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. It is your strength."

The bright look in Sena's eyes was revived and the blush turned darker.

"Oh... Um... You shouldn't expect so much out of me-I... I'm not the best. It's not like I hold down the field or anything."

"But you resist it," Marco said, easily joining in on the conversation, "Then you win in the most critical moment, and that's more than good enough, I'd say," he smiled.

The brunet blushed further and nodded.

Kakei smiled softly at the kind-hearted male that had stolen the Christmas Bowl from them (although he couldn't say he minded too much).

"See! Kakei agrees with me too! Sena's fun-size! Imagine what we could do to him!"

Kakei did not just have a nosebleed. No, he did not.

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