Lucky number 13! ALLRIGHT

Closure: Chapter 13

Ivan's POV

The world is leaving me. I can't see anything but I can feel that my surroundings are retreating from me. Oh yeah, I'm probably dying.

The memory slowly begins to form as I float into nothingness.

The hero call went off as Keith left the building and we went our separate ways. I was going to finish up and meet him on the bench by seven so he could finally say goodbye to Cis. But when I got to the scene, everything changed.

The hostage was a child. An armed team had stolen a flashdrive from a government official and taken shelter in an elementary school during a fire drill. The lightest of the three men grabbed a little girl and held her at gunpoint. The tension was alarmingly prevalent.

"Nobody come any closer or this girl dies!" The little girl's brown eyes grew and began to release the most fearful tears I have ever seen. She can't die. It's always different when children are involved. The man began to back up into the school along with the two others. Countless families could be ruined should a single shot fire. The police force was baffled. Dragon Kid signaled for me to follow her.

"You can transform into kids, right?"

"Y-yeah, I should be able to."

"I found an open window, Get the kid to safety and we'll come and help. This one's all on you."

My head nodded before the fear even began to creep in. One wrong move and that terrified little girl- No, I can't think like that. I have to save her. I transformed and climbed through the window. It wasn't long before he came into the classroom I was pretending to hide in.

"Another brat? You should have left with your teacher, little boy." And with that he forcefully dragged me along with the curly haired girl beside me. "Damn, you're heavy. Walk with me or I'll shoot." He walked into the office and locked the door behind him. I waited for the right moment before I transformed and grabbed his arms from behind. He shot but missed both of us. "A Hero?"

He had tried to break free but couldn't. Is this really it? I began to walk him out of the office. In a few short moments, he would be arrested and the heroes would be able to manage a few minor criminals.

The Heroes began to infiltrate from all sides a bit too soon. Footsteps began to echo from the hallway through the lobby and become apparent in my mind. I needed both my arms to keep his free arm behind his back. Why was I so weak?

Relief washed over me when I saw it was Blue Rose. There was a glass window separating us. The girl broke free and ran towards the Hero. Her face turned frightful when she looked towards me.

In my adrenaline rush, I had failed to notice that one of the accomplices was hiding in plain sight. Another man ran towards her, realizing that once the girl was safe, their lives were in danger. In a panic, he pulled a knife and lunged towards the girl as the man in front of me broke free and twisted my arm then hit the elbow in a way that made a sickening snap. The pain didn't register yet. The girl was in danger.

Keith's face flashed through my mind. Nothing could be done about a broken arm but as long as my legs could still move I would protect her. The adrenaline made the whole action feel like minutes when in reality, it must have only lasted a few precious moments. I threw myself at the girl. Something cold from behind me pierce through my skin from my back. It must have hit a lung, I couldn't breathe but felt my chest collapsing. It scared me that I couldn't even scream.

Hoping she could hear me, I whispered to the girl between gasps, " Blue...-R-r..." Terrified, she looked at me and nodded. She unlocked the door and ran into the Hero's arms who immediately yelled for backup as she brought the girl outside.

The man behind me blocked the door with a chair. "We're ruined." When I realized I was alone against two men, I panicked. My body tried to get up but I wheezed and collapsed onto the floor.

"That was pretty dumb, Origami Cyclone. Your power is useless for combat and you know it."

I did know it but I smiled anyways. A little girl is alive because of me. Even if I never find happiness, a little girl will.

"What are you smiling about? You're gonna die!" With the last word, I felt the man's shoe drive into my side. My body lurched into it and I began coughing. I couldn't breathe.

The pain was becoming apparent. This really is it. Such a sad death. Beaten to a pulp by low life thugs out of revenge. It kind of suits me though, doesn't it? It's what I deserve after all I did to Edward... to Keith. I guess I really do love him . He's the biggest thing on my mind when I'm dying.

The blows being dealt felt more and more numbed as I lost consciousness. I must have suffocated by now.

The memory seems far away and continues to leave with others. My life didn't flash before my eyes but death is strangely easy to accept.

While I float in this ethereal nothing, I begin to hear familiar voices pass by me.

A strong man's voice trying to wake me up after breaking a door down to get to me, a fatherly mentor holding my hand and begging me to stay on earth and the voice of a frightened woman calling a man. The man's name sounds important but I don't remember who it is. She sounds confused at his request to talk to me while I am unconscious.

"Ivan?! Ivan, you can't leave. Please..." He sounded desperate as if I am important to him. I must be if he sounds like this. My desire to remember him grows with each word he speaks. "don't leave me! I need you! You think no one does but I do!" His voice breaks and he begins to cry. For some reason, hearing him makes me want to cry even when I am void of feelings in this limbo. "I'm coming to you. I'm on my way."

The voice left. No.

The woman's came back talking to the friendly man holding my hand. The only word I could make out was ...Keith. I had to try calling for him. He had to come back.

When I tried it I heard encouragement from the two people in the car.

"Keith's coming, Ivan. Don't worry." The voice of the man belonged to... Kotetsu...?

Te memories slowly started flooding back into my mind. Keith. I couldn't die. He needed to know that I lied to him. That I love him. Even if he doesn't respond or won't accept it, he needs to know why I did it. Why I had to trick him and... but did I really have to trick him...?

Wasn't that just me being selfish again? I wanted his company so bad that I hurt him by continuing this act. I started to feel tired. Should I go to sleep?

"...van! IVAN!"

That voice... The world was enveloping me again and pain began to manifest itself again.

"Sir! please do not touch him! He's suffered multiple breaks and a punctured lung. It's a miracle he's alive right now! He's going into surgery."

"Don't die... Please, Ivan..."

Don't tell him I'm dying! Tell him I'm fine! His sadness hurts.

I felt a mask brush over my face and realized what was happening. Death won't claim me. I refuse to let it. Not before he hears the truth about Cis and why anyone in the entire world wouldn't want him. Why he was left alone last night... just everything.

The anesthesia began to take effect and my mind slowly began to rest.