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Eames cursed himself that he didn't have a car, and figured that Browning was going to send a SWAT team after Robert. Robert had one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and was probably ensured against kidnapping for a hefty price; a price that Eames certainly couldn't afford.

Robert reached up and touched his cheek. Eames smiled, and stopped walking on the side of the road to slowly let Robert down. Robert still clung to Eames though, like a desperate and lost child.

"You're going to need to let me go. We need to run," Eames said while shrugging Robert off, but grabbing his hand to offer some form of comfort.

Robert seemed unhappy with the gesture, but accepted it and attempted keeping up with Eames as he they walking at a swift pace.

"Where are we going?" Robert asked quietly, while Eames shot the billionaire a look before returning his gaze to staring in front of him.

"I'll take you somewhere safe," Eames promised as Robert nodded; Eames shifted his head away, trying not to show his fear because he had no plan, and no idea where to take Robert.


They walked aimlessly (well, Eames knew that there was no rhythm or reason, but Robert assumed that they were actually going somewhere) for an hour. Still not knowing what to do, he led Robert to where the team was hiding out. He would knock him across the head or something so that he wouldn't see the team and…

Eames shook his head as he slowly opened the door, leading Robert inside to the garage of their headquarters. Robert instantly grew worried at the sketchy area and unfamiliarly of the room, but was calmed down when Eames put a hand on his back.

Before either could say anything, Arthur hit Robert on the back of the head with a hardcover book. Robert stumbled, and fell face forward on the concrete floor, causing Arthur to dive to the ground to catch him, and then gently place the unconscious heir on the floor.

"Easier than expected," Arthur breathed out while setting the book aside, as he looked up at Eames.

"What the hell was that for? You could have killed him!" Eames shouted defensively, as Arthur let out a rough sigh.

"Well, why did you bring him here? If Cobb sees-" Arthur began, but Eames cut off the other man hastily.

"He's mentally unstable-"

"Which is none of your concern. He's the mark, Eames! You're not supposed to get this involved. You're messing up the mission, especially by bringing him here," Arthur began scolding, as Eames held back saying anything and decided to let Arthur continue. "You either get him out of here, or I'm telling Cobb and you're off this case."

Eames instantly shook his head in protest, but Arthur wasn't in a sympathetic mood, so he brushed it off and went off in search for Cobb.

"What do you think he'll say when I bring him back to his godfather? 'Oh thanks for that. Let me just let you off the hook'? No! He's going to call the police, and I can't handle any more arrests or tickets," Eames nearly shouted, but tried to tone down his voice in fear of anyone hearing him.

"Figure it out," was all Arthur said, as he went over to the door leading to another room and was just about to enter, but he looked back at Eames.

Eames let out a rough sigh, as he scooped Robert up, whispering a delicate, "I'll keep you safe, love," in his soft, deep brown hair. Eames carried Robert to him and Arthur's room, and gently closed the door.

Arthur stood in the same place for a while, deep in contemplation until Cobb threw open the door and nearly bumped into the other man.

"Was that shouting I heard earlier?" Cobb asked with a raised eyebrow, as Arthur shook his head.

"Nope. You're losing it," Arthur replied while scurrying off to him and Eames' room; shutting the door behind him.

He found Robert still unconscious in Eames' bed, with Eames standing by the young man's side; watching protectively. Arthur looked from a distance, but Eames kept his back to the other for awhile.

"Did you tell Cobb?"


"Are you going to?"

"I can't."

Eames finally tore his eyes away from Robert to look at Arthur, who was looking uneasily at the floor.

"Why?" Eames was hesitant to ask this because he didn't want to be too pushy, and was shocked when Arthur lifted his gaze and stared at him dead in the eyes.

"Because the way you feel about him is the same way I feel about Ariadne," Arthur said in a slow and soft voice, as Eames smiled and went over to Arthur. "But you can't tell Cobb I told you that!" he said sternly, as Eames laughed a little.

"As long as you keep this whole Fischer thing to yourself, I won't tell anyone about your little crush," Eames promised while sticking his hand out for Arthur to shake, as Arthur smiled, and grasped the other man's hand.

"So, what do you propose we do about rich boy?" Arthur asked after they had dropped hands, and had walked over to Robert.


When Robert awoke, he instantly grew worried about his surroundings. He saw the small room with two beds, two dressers, and a nightstand in the middle of the beds, separating the two. He noticed that the door was closed, and that there was a strange man sitting on the opposite bed, typing on a laptop.

"Awake there? Will you be wanting some water?" Arthur asked when he saw that the visitor was awake, as Robert instantly sat up and pressed himself against the back wall.

"Who… who are you? And where is Eames?" Robert attempted demanding, but he ended up sounding shaky and frightened.

Arthur set the laptop on the bed, and walked over to the young man. Robert grabbed the pillow for protection and put it in front of himself.

"Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. And Eames is just getting food for all of us. He'll be back soon," Arthur soothed in a calming voice in hopes that Robert would calm down, and he did only slightly by releasing his grip on the pillow, but remained looking wary.

"Who are you?"

"Arthur," he replied, deciding against lying and that telling the truth with him would be for the best.

"Well, I'm Robert," Robert said quietly while awkwardly staring to the floor, as Arthur sat down on his bed to put some space between him and Robert in an attempt not to frighten him further.

Arthur wanted to snicker that of course he know who the Robert Fischer was, but decided against it. Thankfully, Eames entered carrying a pizza box that he set down on the nightstand.

"Arthur treating you okay?" Eames asked while opening the box and handing both men a slice; Arthur taking the piece hungrily, but Robert took it and stared at it hesitantly.

After Eames had a piece for himself, he sat down on the bed next to Robert and stuffed the slice in his mouth. Robert watched both Eames and Arthur downed their pizzas in under a minute, while the young heir ignored his.

But neither seemed to pay no mind, as they both went on to grabbing another two slices and finishing them quickly. When Eames was done, he finally looked to Robert, who was staring at him with a scared look in his eyes.

"Hungry?" Eames asked with a raised eyebrow, as Robert opened his mouth and struggled to find the right words.

"Not exactly," Robert whispered while handing his uneaten slice to Eames, who shrugged, and began eating it.

Robert wrapped his arms around his knees unhappily. He didn't like how negligent Eames was being, but figured it was because he was eating. After the meal was finished, Robert hoped that Eames would be more affectionate and watchful.

Much to Robert's disappointment, Eames flopped down on the bed and closed his eyes.

"Arthur, watch Robert. I'm taking a nap," Eames slurred sleepily, as Arthur closed his laptop and headed towards the door.

"I'm not playing babysitter again. I have things to do," Arthur said while leaving the room; making sure to close the door behind him.

Eames popped his head up, noting how lost Robert looked; sitting small on the bed. Eames grabbed Robert's hand, causing the young man to jump and stare into the eyes of the older man.

"Take a nap with me."

But Eames didn't wait for Robert to fall asleep. The second his head hit the pillow, Eames was out, leaving Robert sitting on the bed with their hands interlocked.

Robert let out a soft sigh and contemplated on what to do. He didn't want to go to sleep; he wanted Eames' attention and love.

Robert slowly stood up, and hopped off of the bed. He opened the door as quietly as he could, and began walking around the warehouse. He wandered for a couple of minutes without seeing anyone, until he came across Arthur and a young girl sitting at a table.

"Um, Arthur, is that…" the young women began as Arthur shot his gaze over to Robert; instantly standing up and rushing over to him.

"You're not supposed to leave the room," Arthur said in an annoyed voice as he escorted Robert back to him and Eames' room.

They found Eames still asleep in his bed, but Arthur changed that as he lifted his foot and kicked him in the chest.

"You've got to pay better attention to your boyfriend," Arthur sneered while pushing Robert into Eames; with a final sigh, Arthur left the room and closed the door harshly behind him.

Robert chuckled a little at being referred to as Eames boyfriend, but stopped when he saw Eames' annoyed expression. "Come here," Eames said while moving over to make room for Robert, who instantly dove towards Eames and wrapped his arms around him. "Take a little nap, okay?" he whispered while also wrapping his arms around Robert, who snuggled into the other man happily.

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