Ren and Haru's relationship begins to go south and it becomes evident that they can either be brothers or they can be lovers. Both is not working out…

Ren hung up the phone and began to get ready. He wasn't sure what one normally did on a date, but apparently, you're supposed to look nice. At least that's what the people at school told him.

"Dress nice."

"Wear cologne."

"Bring her a gift."

"Don't forget to pay her way."

Ren wasn't entirely sure why he had to do these things, but they were apparently unwritten rules to making a date go well. He headed out into the living room grabbing his coat. Haru just happened to be walking out of the kitchen at the time.

"Ren?" he said blinking. "Where are you off to dressed so nice?"

Catching the whiff of his own cologne he walked over to him wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "You smell nice too, is that my cologne."

"Sorry," Ren said. "I don't have any of my own. Is it okay that I borrowed some?"

"Sure, I don't mind," he said enjoying the feel of his warm skin. "So where are you off to?"

"A date," Ren said bluntly. It felt as though he had just been stabbed in the chest.

"A… a date! You're too young aren't you… I mean… who is this person. I should be meeting them before you go out on a date," he said bigger brother mode was kicking in now. Or… was it jealous lover mode. The line was so thin lately…

"I have to go," Ren said turning to the door his hand reaching for the doorknob, but Haru held it closed.

"Seriously this person could be someone horrible. You have no clue," Haru explained.

"Let him go, you're too protective nii-san," Aki said sighing.

"She's just a girl from school," Ren explained simply. Haru felt another stinging jab to his chest. A girl!

Haru turned, "I want her number."


"I should be calling her parents," Haru said. "It's my job as—"

Ren suddenly pulled hard on the door forcing Haru out of the way and he left the apartment at a quickened pace. "Ren wait!"

"Just let him be," Shima sighed. "Besides, going on a date will be good for him. He'll grow a little."


"Leave him alone, he's old enough to go on a date. Stop being so overprotective…" Aki sighed setting down the magazine he was reading.

Haru in the end did not chase after him even though every fiber inn his being was telling him to. Settle down. It's a date. Just a simple date.

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