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It took a couple of days for Jessica to recover completely from Klaus attack. Damon had been with her most of it.

She still had to figure out what to do now that she was staying at Mystic Falls longer. So she ended up as a waitress at the Grill. She already had some experience at it so it was easy to get used to it. She worked in the night turn, Damon would pick her up early in the morning before the sun was up.

She remained inside the house for the day. Beside the time she spent with him the rest was boring. She missed looking for a prey, but she had agreed that she would eat only from the packed blood.

They hadn't hear anything about Klaus after the incident.

It was nearly time for the annual Masquerade Ball at the Lockwood mansion. Damon had invited her to attend it and she had to admit that she was really excited about it. It had been almost a week since she stayed and he hadn't really asked her to go out, they would just spend most of their free time inside the house making out and she didn't mind but she hated staying in one place for too long, she had done that when she was human and she would never go back to that boring life.

It was the night of the Masquerade Ball and Jessica could not be more anxious.

She put on a new dress she bought just for the occasion. It was a blue strapless dress with little golden beads on the bust line. She chose a golden mask to match. She had her hair curled carefully and it flowed down to the right side of her head.

Damon waited for her in the living room. Elena and Stefan had already left a few minutes ago, he was feeling a little nervous taking Jessica out on what would be their first proper date, he was pretty aware of that fact. It's not that he didn't wanted to take her places but she couldn't leave the house in the day and then she was working all night so he never found the time to. Luckily the masquerade ball was one of the festivities that took all the town's attention so the Grill closed early.

He heard steps coming, when he finally saw Jessica he was mesmerized. Jessica took a few steps towards him, she was holding on one hand the golden mask.

"You look beautiful" Damon kissed her hand sweetly and she smiled shyly. She looked at him as well, he looked really handsome in a suit too just as she thought he would.

"Shall we?" Damon extended his arm so she could take it and they walked outside the house.

Jessica felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of people attending the party. What amused her most was the look on their faces when they saw her grabbing Damon Salvatore's arm. She had realized by now that he was a heartbreaker.

She took a glass of wine to cope with the emotions.

"So, what do you think?" he untangled his arm from hers and moved to be in front of her then he took a glass of wine too.

Jessica took a sip of her drink, "It's all too fancy for me to be honest" Damon laughed a little, she had told him about her life before becoming a vampire, he figured she had never attended an event like this.

"This town, you would be surprised by the number of celebrations we have" he gave her a grin.

Soon they became the talk of the night, people wondered about the nature of their relationship, they wondered who that redhead was. He ignored the looks and just introduced her to a few people, among them was Bonnie. Bonnie already had a talk with Elena and she told her that Damon looked really interested in the girl. But it was only when she saw them at the masquerade that she realized how much he seemed to like her which actually surprised her a lot.

The night proceeded as it would normally do, Damon had to leave Jessica alone a few times to go to talk to some insisting people. Jessica just stood there, sipping from her glass when Bonnie approached her.

"That's a pretty mask" she pointed to the mask that Jessica was holding on her free hand. She used it a couple of times through the night specially when Damon left her side.

"Oh, thanks" she answered nervously, she knew Bonnie was a good witch but still she had too many bad experiences with witches that prevented her to feel completely safe around her.

"This is your first celebration at Mystic Falls, hope you're not getting bored" Bonnie smiled gently, somehow it made Jessica feel a little less nervous.

"Well, I can't complain, I don't have much going on anyway since I can only go out at night" Jessica looked a little sad when she told the last words, she probably shouldn't have mention that but she didn't realize her words until it was too late. She just stood there searching for Damon while holding nervously the half empty glass of wine.

Bonnie felt sorry for her then she realized she actually liked her. She stood there in silence for a few seconds and then she decided to talk again.

"I hope I don't regret this but… maybe I can help you with your sun issue" Jessica stared at her surprised by the offer. She never expected her to be willing to help her, she never even thought of asking.

Bonnie waited for Jessica to reply to her offer. It wasn't just that she liked Jessica but also she thought that she would be good for Damon, he had been a little off since Elena returned with Stefan and that worried her because he could end up doing something stupid like switching off his emotions and nobody wanted that.

"I swear you won't regret it" Jessica finally replied and jumped a little almost spilling her drink while doing it. Bonnie looked amused at her.

"Just promise me you won't cause any trouble" Bonnie looked seriously at Jessica.

"Oh, I promise you" she answered.

"What are you girls talking about?" Damon interrupted curiously.

Bonnie talked to him and explained that she would help her, she made sure to make it clear that if she ever decided to go "evil" she would not hesitate to stop her and Damon knew she wasn't joking about it.

He made sure to thank Bonnie. When Bonnie left he took the glass of wine from Jessica's hand and placed it on the nearest table.

"Come with me" he whispered and took her hand.

They walked to the second floor and went outside on the balcony that was carefully illuminated by some candles which made the atmosphere even more romantic.

They could hear the music from the party downstairs. He grabbed her by the waist and he guided her to the beat of the music. She was surprised by his sudden movement but then she held on close to him and they began to dance slowly at the beat of the song. She had a smile across her face, she was so lost in the moment.

When the song ended he looked her in the eyes and pressed his lips against hers. Her blue dress shined with the light of the stars in the sky.

The next morning Bonnie had come to the house and she enchanted a ring that Damon had bought for Jessica.

Jessica held Damon's hand tightly as he opened the front door. A ray of light shined and Jessica closed her eyes scared, it was the habit. Damon placed behind her and he whispered to her ear "It's ok, trust me" she felt her heart beating fast as she walked outside.

She opened her eyes completely, she almost felt like crying and she moved a hand to cover her mouth.

Damon watched her as she embraced the moment and he felt like everything would be alright as long as she stayed by his side.

He felt something he thought he never would feel again: hope.

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