Life Of An Outer

An...another Michi and Ruka story...enjoy.

"The waves were strong today," Michiru said as the window blew through her hair, piercing her skin like a person on a skating wrink. "It felt like today was all a dream." Michiru looked at Haruka who was holding her close.

"I sense it isn't an enemy." said the taller girl who was dressed in a blue over jacket with a white shirt and pants on. "Now come on, Michi, it's cold here." The dark sky had glittering stars, but the waves bit the shore harshly creating winds.

"Haruka-papa," Hotaru said coming to the other two old girls. "I'm ready to go see papa, he's taking me out tomorrow with Jin-chan." Jin was a sweet girl for Hotaru. "Can you drive me there?" Haruka shook her head, her car had broken down and was under repair.

"No," she replied to the smaller girl. "We can walk, ne?" Haruka saw Hotaru nodded as the three girls got their jackets on to face the brisk wind. It was only eight at night, but very very dark. The three family members walked down the street.

"Mou, she's so cute," Haruka commented as Michiru looked at her and giggled. "What are you thinking?"

"You think Hotaru's prettier than me?" Michiru asked as Hotaru walked down the street spinning and singing Tuxedo Miagre. "I feel sad now."

"Nobody is cuter than you," Haruka said as Michiru smiled, the three got closer to Hotaru's. House in the real world but Michiru and Haruka were in their own little world.

"Can you prove it?" Michiru asked, her eyes twinkling from the moonlight.

"Later, when we're alone," Haruka whispered as Hotaru looked at them confused. The two had stopped while talking, not even noticing it.

"ARE YOU TWO GUNNA MOVE YOUR BUTTS?" Hotaru asked while screaming. "Come on." The two laughed and started walking again. The two older girls just laughed as Hotaru walked back and stood in the middle of the two older girls. "My Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama. I love you as my other parents."

"We love you too," both the older girls said. The rest of the walk was quiet besides for little talk Haruka and Michiru exchanged. Hotaru could hear some of the words being exchanged. "I don't need to hear some of this," she added later.

"Sorry Hotaru," Haruka said. "You are eleven now and will be hearing more of this in school." Hotaru's eyes went wide, the two older girls laughed.

"I will!" she exclaimed then seeing her father. "Papa." She ran and hugged her dad. Hotaru's father thanked them as the two other outerwear went home to their room.

"She truly is cute," Haruka said referring to Hotaru. Hotaru put on her baggy stripped blue pajamas. Michiru made an "oh" sound. "What?"

"Prove to me who's cuter, Ruka," Michiru said as Haruka knew what was going to go on now. She was well prepared.