"Look at you. Shaking, terrified. Alone. Lost like a little lamb," Spike grins devilishly. Buffy whimpers under his gaze and blinks her tears away. As Spike walks toward her, she cowers away, straight into a few packing boxes. "I love it," Spike smirks and slaps her across the face, causing Buffy's face to redden almost immediately. His fingers linger on the sensitive skin and he does a short caress of the whimpering damsel's face. The previous impact brings tears to her eyes. The gentle touch of his cold fingers, though, brings some sort of odd cold comfort that she keeps inside.

"Buffy!" Angel calls as he struggles against Spike's minions. He hates watching his grandchild torture his girlfriend, but if he doesn't defend himself from the minions he might risk a group feeding off of the now innocent slayer as he lays in a pile of dust on the floor.

Spike rolls his eyes and pulls Buffy's hair back with the hand that still lay on her face and jerks her body closer from the small of her back with the other hand. He leans into the crook of her neck and inhales deeply. "Mmmmm, the blood of a Slayer; I wonder why your bloke of a boyfriend never took a taste of you," He grins against the golden skin of the Slayer, "No, I don't wonder. He's all high and mighty with that shiny new—I mean unwanted—soul of his. He could never give you what you want, pet."

Buffy closes her eyes and a single crystal tear escapes from her eye and Spike, instead of biting her like originally planned, lays his icy lips on her neck. Buffy sinks into the kiss and a moment of pure bliss appears on her face. When she realizes that Spike is the vampire that wants to kill her, her euphoria and ecstasy turn into disgust and she chokes up again. The soft whimpers bring the bleached vampire back into reality and he pulls his face away at super speed. "You," he growls with a terrified look on his face. He vamps-out and lunges at the slayer's neck with all his rage put into this movement.

Just seconds before his teeth broke the skin of Buffy's neck, a pulse is sent through the room and the minions Angel is fighting turn back into young children and high school students, Army-Xander holds a plastic toy gun, and most of all, Damsel-Buffy turns back to normal. She roundhouse kicks Spike off of her body and both he and her wig fly across the room. "Hey, honey, I'm home," she says with a sarcastic smile.

She walks across the room too where he lay and kicks him in the gut repeatedly. After witnessing blood surface under his newly ripped shirt, she pulls him up to his feet. Buffy pulls his ear to her face, "You even think about touching me like you did—kissing me like you did—you'll regret being undead. I'll bury you." She pushes him back into the wall, watches him run away, and turns back to her friends. "Ya' know, this is what I like about being me."

"What the heck just happened here? It's giving me the wiggins'! And why was bleach boy here?" Xander sputters as he looks around at his surroundings.

Cordelia rolls her eyes, "Do I have to explain all of this again? I told you that you were an ar—"

"I get that, Cordy!" Xander says in exasperation. "I meant why. And, for your information, I remember it all."

Before a "lover's quarrel" could break out, Buffy steps in between the two. "Is everybody okay?" She looks at everybody to make sure there are no major injuries.

Angel shakes his head and steps toward his lover, "Are you okay?" He asks gently. She gives a nod as a response for she did not want to worry him. She had a sinking feeling deep in her gut that something was amiss in the world.

"Thank you for asking, Angel," Cordelia says, butting into the conversation. "I don't think I would have been able to survive tonight without you, you're my hero. A very…vampy hero, but still," she smiles brightly.

Angel completely ignores her, "Let's take you home," he tells Buffy. She once again nods, deep in thought, leaving Cordelia in awe.

"I thought I was talking, my mouth was moving…" She says quietly, still stunned from being rejected for Buffy.

Xander smiles weakly, "There's no getting in between them, Cordy," he tugs at her arm, "Now, come on, let's go home. This is enough excitement for tonight."

"I just don't understand," Cordelia says weakly as she allows herself to be led out by Xander. "Why would he choose her?"

Xander halts in the middle of the door way, "Where's Willow?"

. . .

Willow arises from the porch she lay on before she was ghost-afied. The "Boo" sheet is rumpled next to her and she moves to cover her skimpy clothing choices. She thinks about it, thinking about what had happened earlier in the night, then tosses the sheet onto the doorstep and walks confidently across the street.

Oz watches a smiling Willow from his band wagon and his mouth hangs open. "Who is that girl?"

. . .

Buffy walks into her room, scrubbed clean and hair in a ponytail. "Tada, it's just little ol' twentieth century me. Not very impressive, huh?" She walks over to her bed and plops down next to Angel.

"I still don't get it, why did you dress like that?" Angel questions. He was never good with women when he was alive, so being dead and talking to women is even worse.

Buffy smiles weakly, "To impress you? That's the kind of girl you used to go for, right? When you were mortal? Anyway, it was a stupid idea. I get it. I'll live through yet another botched mistake in life." When she says mistake, she flashes to when Spike kissed her neck and she actually liked it. It made her feel…she didn't know, but it was a good feeling. Like butterflies.

"I didn't like those girls. They were kind of stuck up in their high-society lives. I have only loved one woman. And that's you," He gives her a small smile and reaches for her hand. When she recoils, he knows for a fact that something is up. "What's wrong, Buffy?

She adverts her eyes, "Nothing, I'm just tired. Today was very…exciting, I guess. It's a lot to take in." She says, stretching her arms above her head. "I think I just need some sleep," she fake yawns and Angel does not notice her acting.

He gives her a sad look, like always, and gives her a kiss on the forehead. He moves from the bed and starts toward the window. Before leaving, he turns back, "Sweet Dreams." He turns back and jumps down into the tree.

As soon as Angel is gone, Buffy sighs and lies back into her bed. She couldn't get the past night's events out of her head. Every time she closes her eyes she can feel the rush of emotions from Spike's kiss and she can feel his hands touch her face. She felt completely safe in his arms even though his initial intent was to kill her.

Thinking about the kiss makes her shudder, and her eyes begin to droop. She then starts to fall into a blissful sleep. Her dreams are filled with visions of her bleached enemy and herself kissing. Once with rising music, more with a great amount of feeling** and passion in The Bronze, and lastly in what seemed to be the basement of a renovated Sunnydale High.* She sleeps the best she has ever slept since she returned to Sunnydale after she died.

. . .

Spike paces the room thinking about that night's events. He didn't know what happened, or what brought him to kiss Buffy tenderly. Drusilla watches him with great interest from her place on the bed, "I smell her, you know. The slayer. She hurt you didn't she?" She asks in her soft hypnotic voice.

"Course she did. She's the Slayer. Stupid bint, she's getting in my head!" Spike almost shouts. When Drusilla recoils and tears spring to her eyes, his face softens. "Oh, Princess, I didn't mean to yell. It's the damned slayer, she's getting to me."

"When I look at you, all I see is her. The slayer with the blonde hair. She's all you think about." She tells him softly, and then her face twists in disgust, "I used to see me. We would dance for hours and hours under the stars," she looks up at the ceiling, "Just like these stars. But now I see you and her dancing. I see you and her sleeping together. I see... horrible visions about you loving her*. Why?"

Spike looks at her with eyes wide with disgust. "I could never love a human—a slayer at that-I only care for you, luv." He says this as a reassurance as he attempts to push Buffy out of his mind. "You're still goin a bit crazy, don't you think? Your visions are being messed with. They're all wrong."

Drusilla's sorrowful and scared look turns into a look of anger, "If my visions are wrong, then why have they been right? I told you that the slayer was going to be different! And now, you're different! What did she do to my Spikey?"

"I don't want to talk about it," He says both stubbornly and quietly. He turns and walks to the door abruptly, "I'm going to go find a snack. If I find a good one, I'll bring you someone back," He says over his shoulder. He saunters out of the room, with the wings on his duster flapping around.

"Don't come back smelling like her!" She calls softly. She turns to one of her dolls, "Now let's get you changed, Miss Ailith. We want you looking nice for tomorrow's tea, or Miss Edith won't want to play anymore."

. . .

Spike walks along the streets of Sunnydale in anger-filled thought. He couldn't believe what his Dru had told him and he didn't want to believe it. He would never love the slayer, the thought of it is bloody insanity. "She doesn't know anything; she still feels a pull of love for the man that made her crazy, so her mindset is all crazy. I don't love the slayer. I can't stand the bloody bitch." Spike allows himself to mindlessly walk the streets, so when he bumps into a tree, he can't help but curse the world. He rubs his head where it hit the tree and he takes in his surroundings. His feet have taken him to his worst enemy. The reason for his stroll in the streets.

He currently stands in the front lawn of 0000 Revello Drive and his eyes fill with anger and hatred at the sight. "Bloody hell," he mumbles to himself. He can smell her all around and he flashes back to earlier that night again. She told him that if he even thought of kissing her, she would bury him, but he just couldn't help himself. He develops a strong urge to see her and he tries to turn around. Against his will, he begins the short climb up the aforementioned tree. When level with the roof, he jumps as silently as a cat to Buffy Summers's window.

The sight of her sleeping figure makes his undead heart melt. He watches as her chest rises and falls and as her eyes flutter periodically. Buffy gasps in her sleep, and Spike rolls his eyes for he thinks she is dreaming about her poof of a boyfriend. "Oh, Spike," She moans softly. She smiles and turns toward her wall.

Spike's jaw drops as he listens to the Slayer's dreams. Her words cause his hand to slip and bang against the window. Buffy stirs and sits up in her bed. Spike crawls away from the window and hides deep in the shadows. Moments after the darkness envelops the bleached vampire, Buffy opens her window and peeks out. "Angel?" She calls softly to avoid her mother coming to check on her. "Angel is that you?"

A low chuckle escapes from Spike's lips before he can stop it. He couldn't believe he was being mistaken for the bloody brooder. "Who the hell is out there?" Buffy calls out, keeping calm, "It's not funny. I know very well how to kill you!" With no response, she grabs the stake next to her window and sticks a leg out on to the roof.

When he sees Buffy's leg, Spike shimmies back into the dim light. "Don't get your panties in a twist, Slayer," He says softly. His voice and sight cause Buffy to jump a little and she loses her balance. She slowly slides down the shingles and yelps a little. She tries to claw her way up and fails. Spike, with his super speed, jumps at her and grasps her hands and to pull her up. When she is safe again, Buffy takes a much needed breath. She eyes Spike suspiciously and moves to sit on her windowsill.

"What do you want, Spike?" She asks, trying to seem annoyed. She was trying because when she jumped with surprise, her heart jumped with joy and she hated the feeling. His voice had brought her back to when he kissed her as well as her dreams and visions of other passionate embraces between her and the bleached vampire.

"What does it look like? Stalking my prey, pet." Spike sputters out after searching for a decent excuse. He did not want her to know that he was watching her in her sleep for reason unknown to himself. Her figure had enthralled him and he was shown a vision of a passionate embrace with rising music.*

Buffy rolls her eyes, "You're a terrible liar."

"Thanks for noticing, luv," Spike smirks. He loves watching her while she's annoyed at him. She does a little thing with her mouth that's in between a smirk and a smile. He falters a bit when he thinks how he loves something about her. He wasn't supposed to love her; he was supposed to hate her.

"You've seriously got to leave me alone, or I'll…" She trailed off as she thinks about a good threat she would never carry out. She could not bring herself to find a threat that would prevent her from killing the smug vampire.

Spike laughs, "You'll let Angel out on me? Oh, I'm so scared!" He laughs, and then brings himself into a serious state of mind. "What are you going to do when Angel leaves you? You know he'll never give you what you need," He quotes what he told her earlier, hoping to spark a good memory hidden deep within the slayer. He moves to where he's standing on the roof next to the windowsill, "Never."

Buffy closes her eyes, "Somewhere, deep down, I know that. But having Angel around makes me feel like I have a life out of my Slayer duties." She bites her lip, and a single tear flows from her eyes. The one thing she promises herself is that she refuses to break down in front of the enemy, even though she's been feeling a pull of desire all night, she swings her right leg inside of her room. "Just forget everything I said, I'm too tired for all of this; too tired for you."

As he watches Buffy's reaction to his word, Spike silently curses himself. He didn't want her to cry; he just wanted to see if she feels like he does about earlier. Apparently not. He reaches for her arm and his cold touch causes her to jump out of her skin, and she loses balance, again, and falls into his arms.

Buffy looks at Spike with extreme terror, "You just said 'sorry'," she accuses. "What would you be sorry about? You're a monster. You have no feelings!" She laughs wickedly and looks at him, waiting for an answer that would make her feel repulsed by his comforting cold grasp.

"For this," Spike hesitates for a second before leaning down and placing his lips upon Buffy's. Buffy gasps then sinks in to the kiss in delight and bliss. Tongues dance with tongues and limbs intertwine. Their eyes are closed with ecstasy and they feel like there is nobody else in the world.

Buffy's mind spins and Spike is filled with a soulful* happiness like he has never experienced. The two never want to end the kiss, but nature takes over and Buffy has to break away for the oxygen needed in her human body. She rests her head against Spike's chest and breathes heavily as he basks in what has just occurred. Buffy looks up into his cobalt eyes, "You're not forgiven," she breathes blissfully.

. . .

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