The first time he saw her was at Garcia's apartment, while the coroner was loading his long time friend/crush's body into the back of the van. She was standing there among the onlookers gathered just on the other side of the yellow tape.

Blending in and yet standing out at the same time.

She was wearing an emerald green knit sweater and some black jeans with black soft leather small heeled boots. Her long mid back length black hair was pulled back into a twist at the back of her head and held in place by a black and green butterfly clip.

She was a beautiful girl with her green eyes and smooth ivory skin and haunting features. She couldn't have been no older than sixteen or seventeen if he estimated right. And there was just something so strangely familiar about her that it tugged at his mind, piercing through the veil of grief clouding his thoughts.

He caught Reid and Hotchner staring at the girl and frowning out of the corner of his eye and scowled and shifted from the leg he'd been standing on to the other in a subconscious effort to block her from their view. He didn't understand why, but for some reason he didn't want the others to see her. Didn't want them to approach or question her.

He felt that that was his job. His and his alone.

However fate apparently had other things in mind because one of the two men trying to load Garcia's lifeless body stumbled and fell, dropping his side of the gurney causing his partner to yelp and try to compensate as he yelled out for help. If they wound up dropping the body, now safely sealed in the black tarp like bag, any rips or tears in the bodybag could cantaminate any evidence Gacia's body held.

He, Prentiss and Rossi started to run over to help when the girl he'd noticed slipped under the yellow tape and ran up and grabbed the other side of the gurney and tried to hold it up yet somehow managed to get pinned under it and Garcia's two hundred and twenty pounds of dead weight before they could reach her.

He was the first to reach her side and glanced at her for a second as he carefully lifted the gurney and Garcia's body up off of her. He was about to ask her if she was hurt when Hotchner came walking up looking pissed and started to demand to know what the hell the guys from the coroners office were doing, dropping the body of their dead friend.

Morgan grasped one of the girl's upper arms and pulled her to her feet while tuning out the sound of Hotchners angry voice as he asked, "Hey, you okay?" She looked up at him with a slightly startled look on her face and he wondered if maybe being trapped under Garcia's body had rattled her a little bit.

Some people were just creeped out by dead things. Whether it was someone they once knew or just an random animal hit by a car. The specifics didn't matter.

She opened and closed her mouth a few times then cringed a little bit and finally nodded her head. Well okay then. Morgan thought as Hotchner came walking up and looked the girl over for a second before repeating Morgans question. The girl managed to answer him vocally this time before Hotchner pointed out that she should be behind the yellow tape.

Again the girl cringed a little bit and rasped, "Yeah... Sorry about that. I'll just go now." Hotchner nodded his head as she gently pulled her arm from Morgans grasp and gave them both an awkward smile before making her way back to the yellow tape and ducking under it.

Morgan was about to say something to his boss about being a dick to the kid, especially after what she had done to try and keep their evidence from being comprimised. However the sudden relaxed look on Hotchners face stopped him as he called out to Reid and ordered him to get the girls name and to find out where she lived.

When he later asked why Hotchner was already on the phone to a florist, deciding that since he may not see the girl again after questioning then the least he could do was send her some flowers and a 'thank you' card for keeping the bag Garcia was in from being ripped or torn.